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Wily Soi Lek

“Maybe by sacking me, Ong believes he can sleep better and the party will be more stable … I tarnished the party image. That is a severe crime. I am lucky they did not sentence me to death.”

DATUK Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, reacting to his expulsion from the MCA by the presidential council on the recommendation of the disciplinary committee. He was removed as deputy president and as a party member as punishment for a video recording of his extramarital affair. However, the party’s central committee later overrode the presidential council’s decision by overturning the sacking, and suspending Chua for four years instead. (Source: Soi Lek Sacked, The Malaysian Insider, 26 Aug 2009)

“For me, it’s simple. If people don’t undermine me, I won’t retaliate.”

Chua, after teaming up with Ong following the results of the 10 Oct 2009 extraordinary general meeting (EGM) in which central delegates reinstated Chua as a party member but not deputy president. A vote of no confidence, however, was passed against Ong.

Although Chua lost his deputy president’s post, he and Ong pledged to work together for the sake of party unity. At the same time, former vice-president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai, who was appointed new deputy president, started accusing Ong of not keeping his promise to resign after losing the confidence vote.

Liow and his faction, however, were caught off-guard when Chua eventually supported Ong for the party’s “greater unity plan”. (Source: Ong and Chua team up, The Nut Graph, 22 Oct 2009)

“It is the responsibility of all of us (leaders) at all levels of the party to put aside all differences and work together to make the plan work … If I can let go (of the past), a lot of other leaders can do that. My decision is for the good of the party and I hope all can do the same.”

Chua, after a party central committee meeting endorsing the Registar of Societies decision to reinstate him as deputy president. The meeting also discussed the unity plan, which Chua said was a good start for healing rifts in the MCA. (Source: Chua: A good start for MCA, The Star, 4 Nov 2009)

“I think it is unfair to say that I want to fix Liow. He is a minister and I am a nobody. It is very likely that he wants to fix me.”

Chua, denying Liow’s accusation that he (Chua) and Ong were out to scuttle a third force led by Liow. Liow and some central committee members were pushing for a second EGM to allow fresh elections. (Source: MCA: Unity plan is for all in the party, says Ong, The Star, 15 Nov 2009)

“No point in (just giving) lip service if you are not sincere and (show) no mutual respect.”

Chua, calling for unity amid continuing unhappiness over the absence of fresh elections following the outcome of the 10 Oct EGM. The central committee rejected a notice for another EGM by Liow‘s faction to call for new polls.

Subsequently, Liow and 12 other central committee members tendered undated resignation letters, in the hopes that other members would follow to force elections. However, they lacked support as 21 out of 31 members needed to resign in order for elections to be held. (Source: Soi Lek: Party unity is a necessity, The Star, 23 Nov 2009)

“When I resign, I will let you know.”

Chua, who by now headed a special committee on party elections, told a press conference his willingness to resign in his own time. He also hinted that fresh polls could be held in February or March of 2010, as he felt that more central committee members might submit their resignations after Chinese New Year. (Source: MCA fresh poll could be in February or March – Soi Lek, Bernama, 5 Jan 2010)

“Just do it lah. Don’t talk about fresh polls every day. People outside now hate us. They are saying MCA nothing to do except talk about fresh polls … If you want to be the big brother, you must behave like one.”

Chua, daring Liow to go ahead and convene an EGM to call for fresh elections. He said Liow should do this if he was confident of the central committee’s backing.

Chua continued to maintain that fresh polls were not possible until the requisite number of central committee members had resigned. At this stage, only 13 — Liow’s faction — had tendered undated resignation letters. (Source: Soi Lek dares Liow to hold EGM, Malaysiakini, 7 Jan 2010)

“We hope that the party leadership will call for elections as soon as possible so that the crisis which has plagued the party can be solved immediately … I have fulfilled my promise from the last extraordinary general meeting. I have said it before, no individual interest can precede the party’s interests.”

Chua, announcing his resignation just days before the MCA’s annual general assembly scheduled for 7 March 2010. Seven other central committee members resigned also, making it a total of 21 resignations required to trigger new elections, which must be held within 30 days. Chua had actually been receiving resignation letters since January.

A checkmated Ong said on his blog that he had “expected this long-anticipated development”, and that it was now time to conduct the election fairly and according to due process. The party went ahead with the scheduled AGM, but fixed an EGM for fresh polls on 28 March. (Source: Soi Lek quits, fresh MCA polls imminent, Malaysian Insider, 4 March 2010).  favicon

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5 Responses to “Wily Soi Lek”

  1. Andrew I says:

    Do you pronounce the first syllable as y or we?

    Practice makes perfect, or so it would seem, when it comes to the art of changing partners and resigning.

    Nice to see Chin Huat on NTV7, again giving a very deep analysis of possible outcomes. It reminds me of those soap operas of the eighties. It got so bad that you couldn’t own up to your friends that you were watching them.

    Then Joan Collins turned up, and it was a different story altogether after that… just like now.

  2. kingmaker says:

    Soi Lek the King Maker.. way to go […]

  3. Danna says:

    MCA is history. Greed, hatred and ignorance destroy the party. Greed, bigotry and abuse of power by government leaders will also destroy Malaysia eventually.

  4. Kong Kek Kuat says:

    I´m all excited, ye’all!

    If the speculation that´s making its rounds is anything to indicate the future, I can´t wait for […] to be MCA President.

    I mean, I can´t imagine myself looking at him with respect, let alone speak to him without a snigger in my mind.

    A […] MCA President. Wow. The man has no shame. […]

  5. You believe Chua Soi Lek can save MCA or Chinese [Malaysians]? Let me tell you, Chua, Ong and Liow are more interested in their own personal benefits. Do you still remember the sex DVD? Can people like Chua be trusted? Can people like Ong be trusted? Umno has the sex DVD. Chua knows this very well. If your tail is caught by your opponent, you can not move freely. So don`t dream that Chua can save you. Repent, brothers.

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