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  1. The contents published by Insight News Sdn Bhd on its website, or The Nut Graph, are protected under the Copyright Act 1987.
  2. Copyright for all contents generated by Insight News employees belongs to the company.
  3. These contents — article, photographs, audio/video clips and other creative works — whose copyright is owned by the company may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast for commercial purposes without the prior written permission of Insight News, or where the content involves third-party materials, the owner of that content.
  4. You may download material generated by The Nut Graph from the website for your personal or non-commercial use only. But it must expressly name the author, and prominently state that the source of the material was The Nut Graph, at the top of the material that was copied. Additionally, you must include a hyperlink to The Nut Graph at the top of the copied material on your website.
  5. For commercially-run publications, both traditional and online, you may only use the first five paragraphs of published content from The Nut Graph, followed by:

    Read more here [linked to the story on The Nut Graph site
    This article first appeared on [Day], [Date] in under the title [….]. Used with permission.Permission to reproduce any of our content must first be gained from [email protected]
  6. If you wish to download third-party materials published at The Nut Graph, please refer to the third party concerned directly.
  7. Insight News owns the copyright for contents it has commissioned and/or paid for, but an author is allowed to reproduce his or her work elsewhere three (3) months after it is published on The Nut Graph. Authors may consider themselves duly licensed by Insight News to reproduce their work for non-commercial purposes in accordance with this clause. However, should the reproduction of the work be for commercial purposes, Insight News shall be paid a sum of royalty, to be determined on a case-by-case basis, for the reproduction of the work. For avoidance of doubt, reproduction of the work in any medium which is not entirely free to view would constitute a reproduction for commercial purpose, even if the author has not received any remuneration for the reproduction of the work and notwithstanding that the reproduction of the work may not be for purposes of profit.
  8. For paid contributions, Insight News will, to the best of its abilities, credit the author with a byline.
  9. Contributors who provide their works to be published by Insight News for free retain the copyright to their works. Where work is submitted for publication to Insight News for free, Insight News shall have the irrevocable license to publish the work at its sole and absolute discretion in perpetuity. However, Insight News is bound at all times to name and credit the author of the works.
  10. Where Insight News has a content-sharing agreement with another publisher, the company has the right to share the contents it commissioned and/or paid for with the said publisher/s in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed between Insight News and the publisher concerned. In such cases, Insight News shall ensure, to the best of its abilities, that the author is named by the publisher concerned, and that the source of the work is stated as The Nut Graph.
  11. For unpaid contributions that are published on The Nut Graph, the author may in writing disallow Insight News from sharing his/her works with any other publisher. Should no instruction from the author be available, the company will endeavour on a best efforts basis to first seek the author’s consent before sharing the author’s works with another publisher.
  12. For paid contributors who have personal blogs or websites, content they generated for The Nut Graph can only be posted in full after the three-month duration. However, they may post a blurb of their contribution to The Nut Graph, of not more than 150 words, and provide a link to The Nut Graph’s site 24 hours after The Nut Graph has published their content.
  13. Works rejected by Insight News for publication may be published elsewhere in full once Insight News informs the author in writing about the rejection.
  14. Links to other websites are offered as a service to readers and Insight News is not involved in their production nor is it responsible for other websites’ contents.
  15. For enquiries, please contact [email protected].
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