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Beyond the Shia “threat”

Umno and the Home Ministry, which the party’s vice-president is minister of, have proposed a constitutional amendment to stipulate that Islam in Malaysia is of the Sunni sect. Would such an amendment to the federal constitution be possible? And if so, what are the ramifications?

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The cost of saving <em>Utusan</em>

The cost of saving Utusan

IS there any incentive for Utusan Malaysia to stop reporting in a way that is racially polarising, defamatory and damaging to the nation? It would seem that the answer is ‘no’, not when Umno wants to bail out the ethno-nationalist paper, even at a cost to public interest and the nation.

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A place for affirmative action

A place for affirmative action

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has announced a new set of affirmative action policies under the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment (BEE) agenda. Does Malaysia need race-based development policies?

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<em>Uncommon Sense</em> with Wong Chin Huat: The two faces of Najib and Umno

Uncommon Sense with Wong Chin Huat: The two faces of Najib and Umno

OUR Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his government seem to have had a personality change. From human rights, 1Malaysia and helping Chinese Malaysians, Najib has re-introduced detention without trial, harped on Bumiputera empowerment and blamed Chinese Malaysians for BN’s poor election performance. What’s going on? The Nut Graph asks political scientist Wong Chin Huat.

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Wishing for another 13 May

Wishing for another 13 May

There are groups who seem to be spoiling for another 13 May to happen in Malaysia. Whether they are politicians from Umno or non-state actors, the signs are mounting that another racial clash is what these individuals and groups want to have happen. What are these signs?

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Surviving the sedition season

Surviving the sedition season

It seems sedition season is upon us again, with accusations flying back and forth about insulting religions and destroying national unity. Our leaders seem intent on engaging in divisive rhetoric, but how should Malaysians respond?

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