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“Official secret” used to reject MP’s query

KUALA LUMPUR, 15 June 2009: A question posed by DAP parliamentarian Liew Chin Tong on Defence Ministry expenditure has been rejected because it is an “official secret”.

“I understand if certain matters related to defence are kept secret, but I do not consider this an excuse if the question refers to information related to finances,” Liew said in a press statement today.

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Bukit Bendera revealed that his rejected question was intended for Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

The query requested Zahid to “state, in detail, the purchase list of equipment, assets and systems for the Malaysian Armed Forces that will be registered under the 10th Malaysia Plan”.

It also requested that this list be ordered according to type, name and allocation of funds.

Liew revealed that he was informed by parliament secretary Datuk Roosme Hamzah, in a letter dated 15 June, that his question had been rejected. Roosme cited Standing Order 23(1)(f), which states that “a question shall not seek information about any matter which is of its nature secret”.

Liew said the Defence Ministry was perceived as “not being transparent in carrying out its duties that relate to goods and services”.

“It is important to state that there is a need among MPs to scrutinise the spending of the ministry,” Liew said.

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3 Responses to ““Official secret” used to reject MP’s query”

  1. alex. says:

    Honesty will not hide anything. If someone hides, then very obviously there has been cheating and stealing and robbing. There can never be revelation of the truth with the people who have been robbing the people for the past 50 over years. Obviously, they fail to realise that there is God who will vindicate. All evil-doers who think they can escape from their evil doing sadly think that they have made it without punishment. Rest assured, boys and girls that at the right time you will reap your due reward. That is GUARANTEED.

  2. Our defence equipment expenditure is considered secret, especially if the MP is asking for in-detail information on the list of equipment, assets and systems used by the military, “in detail” being the operative word since it would mean that the question actually wants the specifications of our army equipment.

  3. CC Ong says:

    How much of the people’s money was spend is a secret? We want to know where is our money spent. If you don’t want to reveal how the weapons work or where they are, I can understand, but how much was spent? It’s ridiculous. There must be another can of worms like the PKFZ scandal. Keep up the pursue, Liew.

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