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My beautiful canopy rental

I WAS utterly shocked after reading Malaysiakini‘s 18 Feb 2009 report, Police blow RM15 mil on KT by-election. It said: “A staggering RM15 million was spent by the Royal Malaysian Police for the deployment of over 3,000 personnel in the recent Kuala Terengganu by-election.”

This figure is utterly shocking considering what could be a huge economic downturn the country is facing. Is this how the Barisan Nasional-led government conserves money during times of economic hardship? If the police alone could spend RM15 million on such a small election, what was the total government bill for the whole by-election? A few hundred million?

Also, if the police can spend RM15 million on just one state, what happens in a general election? Will the figure be RM15 million multiplied by 13 states?

How did the cost of canopy rentals reach RM6 million?
(© George Bosela /

What is more intriguing is the breakdown for the RM15 million. An astounding RM6 million, the largest breakdown, was spent on the rental of canopies. How can mere canopy rentals come up to RM6 million?

I am resigning from my job with immediate effect and starting a canopy rental company. If a few days of work can rake in RM6 million, in a fiscal year, I can easily make few hundred million in profit. This is definitely the business I want to go into. The profits are far higher than for most Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange-listed companies.

I think the audit committee needs to look into the exorbitant spending by the police, especially the RM6 million spent on canopies.

R Ganesh
Petaling Jaya
19 Feb 2009

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4 Responses to “My beautiful canopy rental”

  1. Eskay says:

    It’s so obvious that the RM6 million for the canopy rental is entered to balance the account sheet for the KT by-election.

    Definitely, this insane amount would be broken up “some for me, some for him, some for them” etc.

    That’s how Bolehland does business with the rakyat’s money.

  2. pilocarpine says:

    Another 6 million canopy rental in Kedah,
    Another 6 million canopy rental in Perak,
    And millions of Malaysians suffering in economic crisis.

  3. Rahman says:

    Bear in mind the 15 million is from one constituency and not from one state. So you cannot say RM15 million multiplied by 13 states.

    It has to be RM15 million multiplied by the berpuluh-puluh constituencies!

    I think there are few hundred constituencies.

  4. miwaki says:

    Hi Ganesh, though it is ridiculous to spend RM6 million just for the rental of canopy, we as business people should not complain but just keep quiet because this is the figure we dream of when we are dealing with ignorant people especially the government who is poor in negotiation but excellent in asking for rebate.

    With such a generous pay-master, most businesspeople are willing to supply anything without having to negotiate about terms of payment so long as we are paid one day.

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