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Accountability a la Malaysia

Lainie Yeoh would like to see some accountability around here.

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3 Responses to “Accountability a la Malaysia”

  1. Mistress of the Universe says:

    “MP’s Expenses SCANDAL” – We Step Down

    “Jet Engines Stolen!” – All RMAF Top Bras Cleared!

  2. Tan says:

    In Malaysia, only the low ranking officers will be punished even if the amount involved is beyond their authority to approve. So far, not a single Minister resigns to account for misappropriation of funds or abuse of power since independent although such abuses had been reported by the AG and MSM almost daily. While in other countries, the Minister readily offers to resign when the wrongdoings have been exposed. The general perception in Malaysia is even with mega scandal, no one including the Minister will be responsible or accountable in their Ministry except low ranking officers.

  3. PoliticoCat says:

    It just goes to show that Malaysian politicians are stronger and better than their Western counterparts. No scandal (aside from politically backed ones) has ever caused the resignation of a Malaysian politician. Malaysian politicians are fireproof, bulletproof and Teflon coated.

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