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Volunteers at the Seksualiti Merdeka festival, which was held from 12-16 Aug 2009. Despite external tumult and diminishing freedom, small groups of ordinary Malaysians still manage to carve out spaces they can call their own. All is not lost. Happy Merdeka Day! (Pic courtesy of Yeo Kien Kiong)

Signs of the times

MALAYSIA’S 52nd anniversary of independence is upon us. 2009 has thus far already been tumultuous for our nation, with political infighting, rising criminality, mysterious deaths in custody, delayed whippings, and by-elections galore. We’ve also seen crowds running in the face of teargas canisters. State assemblypersons under a tree, in full regalia. Clandestine camera phone stills […]

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Who wants 1Malaysia?

Who wants 1Malaysia?

I REALLY do not want 1Malaysia. The idea scares me. And I certainly do not want unity as suggested by the powers-that-be. In fact, “unity” is really an extremely dated, superficial and abstract concept — a “nice” word that means nothing in real terms. “Unity in Diversity“, “mutual trust and respect” — these are all […]

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<em>The Nut Graph</em>‘s Merdeka Awards

The Nut Graph‘s Merdeka Awards

IT’S Ramadan, yet another by-election has passed, and we are now on the eve of the 52nd anniversary of the declaration of Independence by Tunku Abdul Rahman. For The Nut Graph, this moment is tender and special, because the Merdeka month this year also marks the first anniversary of our publication. And so, we have […]

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THIS year, Merdeka falls on a Monday. Obligatory flags have been going up on most streetlamp posts and in most public spaces. Yet the number of cars sporting miniature Jalur Gemilang is notably sparse. It seems reasonable to believe that the fanfare surrounding Malaya’s 52nd independence anniversary will be muted. What has happened to the […]

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Can Malaysians practise civility?

Can Malaysians practise civility?

(Source: “CONFLICT is prevalent in all multicultural settings,” says Associate Professor Dr Alberto Gomes, an anthropologist at Australia’s La Trobe University. Quoting studies by other researchers, Gomes says it is common for different groups to have stereotypes about, or even dislike, each other. This question of conflict and civility between different groups is relevant […]

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Soi Lek takes a break after being sacked from MCA

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 Aug 2009: Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who was sacked from the MCA yesterday, wants to take a short vacation with “family and friends” and rest. Writing in his blog, the former party deputy president did not indicate if he would appeal within 14 days. Neither did he comment on speculation […]

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