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The world according to Zambry

“I keep on saying, who triggered this whole episode?… It’s not a question of who’s right or wrong … The wrong side is their side in the first place. And now they try to put the blame on us. They twist everything and tell the public we are the ones who rampas kuasa. But people should ask, who started it?”

BARISAN Nasional (BN)-installed Perak Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir, on claims that the BN state government is an illegal one after it wrested power through defections and desertions by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) assemblypersons. He is referring to the PR’s earlier boast that BN Members of Parliament would defect to the opposition in order to form the federal government by 16 Sept 2008.

Zambry was appointed menteri besar by Sultan Azlan Shah on 5 Feb 2009 after the Perak ruler met the BN’s 28 assemblypersons and the three “BN-friendly” independents to determine the majority in the state legislative assembly. (Source: BN and PAS face off in Perak, The Nut Graph, 1 April 2009)

“In the running of a democracy, we cannot allow the tyranny of the minority to decide for the majority.”

Zambry, on the “anarchic” behaviour of PR assemblypersons during the 7 May 2009 sitting. For most of the five-hour sitting, PR legislators had gathered around BN assemblypersons seated on their side of the gallery, heckling Zambry, speaker from the BN Datuk R Ganesan, and nine other assemblypersons suspended by the speaker from the PR, V Sivakumar.

Zambry said the PR had ignored the fact that the BN had the majority in the House, with 28 assemblypersons and three supporting independents. (Source: Zambry says tyranny of the minority should not rule over the majority, The Malaysian Insider, 7 May 2009)

“In the name of ‘media freedom’, I have asked the Information Department to allow all mainstream media, including the Chinese and Tamil press, to be allowed to cover the sitting. This also includes the new media, including bloggers.”

Zambry, in a blog posting after the hue and cry against restrictions on media coverage of the 7 May Perak assembly sitting. He said the initial directive to limit coverage to only 13 traditional media organisations did not come from him. Following his statement, over 100 journalists and photographers applied to cover the sitting, and almost all were issued passes, except for a few who applied late. (Source: Media dan Sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri,, 3 May 2009)

“My microphone was also turned off. Every time I tried to speak they (PR reps) came over and tried to stop me.”

Zambry‘s answer to a reporter’s question on whether it was fair that the microphone of Speaker V Sivakumar was turned off during the chaotic 7 May assembly sitting. Zambry said whenever he had tried to speak into his own microphone, PR assemblypersons who had crowded around his seat in the gallery would turn it off or shout louder to drown out his voice. (Source: BN-PR at odds over assembly sitting, The Nut Graph, 7 May 2009)

“Just as what we had done when the Kuala Lumpur High Court made its ruling, I expect and urge them to do the same. I hope they do not ignore this ruling just as what they did before.”

Zambry, on how rival menteri besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin should follow his (Zambry’s) example in accepting the Court of Appeal’s decision to grant a stay on the High Court’s decision declaring Nizar as the legitimate MB. Upon being granted the stay, Zambry said he respected the appellate court’s decision and would resume his duties as MB. The day before, he’d said he respected the High Court’s decision and would vacate his office. (Source: BN promises more intrigue in fight for Perak, The Malaysian Insider, 12 May 2009)

“Upholding the truth is not an easy responsibility. It requires sacrifice and determination. Nelson Mandela sacrificed his freedom for 27 years … Gandhi also sacrificed his life for the sake of India’s independence … Compared to these two figures, my struggle and sacrifice and that of my colleagues are not as theirs. At the very least I did not lose my freedom nor did I have to endure any physical harm in order to uphold the truth. … The struggle for truth does not require one to hold a position.”

Zambry compares himself with Mandela and Gandhi in another blog posting after the Kuala Lumpur High Court’s 11 May ruling that Nizar is the rightful menteri besar. While accepting the court’s decision, he said the ruling did not diminish his spirit to fight for the truth. He does not explain what he meant by “the truth”.

In the same posting, he also quotes American civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” (Source: Permulaan Sebuah Lagi Perjuangan, www., 12 May 2009) 

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12 Responses to “The world according to Zambry”

  1. Pratamad says:

    The chief clown of Perak circus speaking!

    And the people of Perak suffer in silence.

  2. statistician says:

    Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King are filing into their respective ‘courts’ to sue Zambri for defaming their honourable sacrifices!

  3. Dhanen Mahes says:

    This dude must be severely deluded to compare himself to Gandhi, Mandela and King.

    I wonder if anybody would actually buy this b*lls*it.

  4. Maozi says:

    Yes, as dear Kampung Pisang has said himself. He did not endure 27 years in jail, he was not assassinated, so how, what, where and why should he be compared with them?

  5. PM says:

    Zambry’s comments are so hypocritical but nothing beats the one when he compares himself to the likes of Gandhi, Mandela and Martin Luther King. These icons fought and cared for their people and their rights while Zambry’s fight is for himself and for trying to cling on to the power that was bestowed illegally on him. Until he takes the first step in agreeing that the rakyat should be the ones deciding the outcome of the Perak government, not the Sultan nor the Courts, then his comparison to these icons will remain the biggest joke in Malaysian politics.

  6. Lainie says:

    Zambry is struggling for the truth? It’s just so hard to tell, what with him looking like he’s fervently struggling towards the other direction.

  7. kip says:

    Hey, I wonder if Mr Z knows how to write the word ‘shame’ or understand its meaning?

    It is rubbish that you are talking. Garbage in, garbage out. This is what our education system is producing. Want to lie also cannot lie convincingly. Can be a bit more professional?

    Please! Don’t compare yourself to those noble people. You only ridicule yourself even more. Hahahaha. The best laugh I’ve had in a week. Goodness! Go and find a mirror to see yourself. If don’t have, you know what I am going to say next.

  8. Andrew I says:

    Nelson Mandela? Why don’t we ask Boy George and see whether he agrees with the comparison? Who knows, it might just revive his career after his early release from prison for good behaviour?

  9. Andrew I says:

    And for the dearly departed like Gandhi, it is said that some remarks might make the dead turn in their graves.

    Personally, I wouldn’t know how true that is.

  10. Hidup Umno says:

    Gandhi, Mandela, King are fighters!

    If you want to compare with them, be brave as a real fighter first. I as a loyal member of Umno feel shame to see current Umno not daring fight with Pakatan Rakyat, just like mouse seeing a cat.

    Dissolve the state parliament now! Fight in the battle as a real man!

    Hidup Umno.

  11. Fikri Roslan says:

    @Hidup UMNO
    I am a bit sensitive with the word ‘Hidup’. My great grandfathers died as freedom fighters during British occupation. My relatives died as they fought Bintang Tiga. I really cried when I saw the word “Tak Melayu Hilang Didunia” in one of the walls of the City of Glasgow. So we need to survive and continue to “Hidup”.

    One thing I disagree, although I am not an Umno member. BN should call to convene the state assembly to correct the current situation. Let the elected members be responsible to select their leader. I hate to see these politicians playing too much politics. They should work for rakyat and do not waste time to argue about the MB in court.

  12. Jason Sim says:

    Gandhi and Martin Luther King must be rolling in their graves right now … and Mandela? He’s rolling in his bed right now.

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