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Who wants PAS-Umno unity?

For an Islamic state

“Jika Umno dan PAS bekerjasama banyak perkara boleh dilaksanakan termasuk hukum hudud berbanding tindakannya bekerjasama dengan DAP dan PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) yang ternyata mempunyai dasar dan matlamat perjuangan yang berbeza.”

Lokman Nor Adam, who represented the Information, Communications and Culture Ministry’s special affairs department, commenting during an 11 July 2010 forum titled Can Malay Malaysians unite?. The former PKR member said it would be impossible for PAS to set up an Islamic state without cooperating with Umno to gain a two-thirds majority in Parliament. (Source: Malaysia mudah asal dasar Islam jika PAS, Umno bersatu, Utusan Malaysia, 11 July 2010)

For Muslim unity

“Semua pihak di dalam kedua-dua parti itu harus sedar bahawa kegagalan mereka menjalinkan kerjasama dalam isu-isu disepakati akan terus melemahkan kedudukan umat Islam di negara ini.”

Malaysian Muslim Youth Movement (Abim) president Razak Idris, suggesting the establishment of a special committee for Umno-PAS cooperation. He said both parties should set aside old grudges and work together to unite Muslims.

Following Lokman and Razak’s statements, Utusan Malaysia got both PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat and Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to comment on the idea. Both were quoted as saying they were open to cooperation between both parties. (Source: Wujudkan jawatankuasa khas, Utusan Malaysia, 12 July 2010)

For Malay Malaysian unity

”Kalau kita terus berpecah-belah, kita akan terima kekalahan (pada PRU-13), itu sahaja. Dan akan berlaku satu bentuk penjajahan baru.”

Perak mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, claiming that Malay Malaysians would lose power in the next general election if Umno and PAS still refused to unite. He went on to claim that leaders from both parties had consulted him about unity between both parties. (Source: Melayu hilang kuasa pada PRU-13?, Utusan Malaysia, 17 July 2010)

Umno: We can talk

“I do not want to make any more statements because the Umno deputy president (Muhyiddin) has already issued a statement … I just want to say that Umno is itself strong, and it is not that we are too weak that we have to forge a new friendship with PAS.”

Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, commenting on the issue of cooperation between Umno and PAS.

On 13 July, Muhyiddin said Umno was open to working together with PAS on economic and cultural issues apart from “building unity for the good of the ummah and country”. He added that non-Muslims should not feel threatened by these talks.

On 18 July, Najib said PAS should stop criticising Umno and imposing preconditions if the party was serious in wanting to hold talks with Umno on Malay Malaysian unity. (Source: Umno not too weak as to forge new friendship with PAS – Najib, Bernama, 14 July 2010)

PAS: Not a chance

“PAS is not open to any discussions with Umno. The issue is closed. We are with Pakatan Rakyat and that’s final.”

Nik Aziz, commenting on certain parties’ attempts to revive unity talks between Umno and PAS. Bernama also reported on 16 July that the Kelantan menteri besar was only willing to meet Muhyiddin to discuss cooperation between the state and federal governments, especially on the issue of oil royalty.

PAS vice-presidents Salahuddin Ayub and Mahfuz Omar also refuted Harussani’s claim that PAS leaders had approached the Perak mufti to help mediate talks between Umno and PAS. Both said their party would not work with Umno. (Source: Embrace Islamic policies first, Nik Aziz tells Umno, Free Malaysia Today, 16 July 2010)

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13 Responses to “Who wants PAS-Umno unity?”

  1. thokiat says:

    Seperti diperkatakan oleh Mahfuz (PAS), apabila UMNO sesak nafas, sentiasa diharapkan PAS dpt membekalkan oksigen. Kalau sudah melaung-laungkan Gagasan 1Malaysia, kenapa pula mengagung-agungkan perpaduan umat Islam, kenapa mengutamakan ketuanan Melayu. Bukankah 1Malaysia untuk semua orang Malaysia?

  2. Dr Syed Alwi says:

    Dear TNG readers,

    I fully and openly – support an UMNO-PAS union or unity talks. It is in the geo-political interest of Islam – for Malaysia to remain a Muslim dominated country. I make no apologies for this. Its got to be done in the interest of Islam and in the interest of the Malays.

    • Eric says:

      Dear Dr Syed Alwi;

      Please explain how it’d be good for Malaysian Malays? Umno, allegedly an Islamic party, has already been the leading party in the ruling coalition from Merdeka and all we can see is how it has only failed Malay Malaysian. This since there is still apparently a need for NEP-derived policies, not to mention all the shouting about Malays losing political power.

      Additionally, I fail to see how a notoriously corrupt and decadent Umno in power is in the interest of Islam. You may want to enlighten us on this.

      Finally, you seem to infer a PR-led federal government, with PAS as a senior member, would not be so favourable to Islam and the Malay Malaysian. Would you mind explaining why?

      • Dr Syed Alwi says:

        Dear Eric,

        My answer is unequivocal – to achieve political unity among Muslims and to allow the dominance of Islam.

        So while Umno may be corrupt – PAS however is unable to deliver its promised Islamic State due to rejection from the Non-Muslims.

        The future of Islam in Malaysia lies in PAS-Umno cooperation.

        • Eric says:

          Thank you, Dr, but I am afraid you haven’t replied my questions.

          1) How are Umno-PAS union or unity talks good for Malaysian Malays? There was a political “union” among Malaysian Malays prior to PAS spinning off Umno and while PAS was a BN member. I fail to see any notable improvement for Malaysian Malays back then. Am I wrong here?

          2) How is an Islamic state righteous if set up with corrupt motives?

          To follow up from your comment, I believe Islam in Malaysia has a future even if there is no PAS-Umno cooperation. Which appears quite likely from history. Malaysian Muslims may want to think about it, too.

    • rsuhaimi says:

      Let’s talk straight. Islam has nothing to do with [being] Malay. The majority of the Malay Malaysians are Muslim, so they have something to do with Islam as followers of Islam. [It is not] Islam following Malays. Islam is for all, black, brown, white, English, Chinese, Indian, Arab, etc. Islam is not for Malay or Umno alone. Let’s unite in Islam, not in Umno.

      • Dr Syed Alwi says:

        Dear rsuhaimi,

        And do you honestly think that the non-Muslims will allow PAS to set-up an Islamic State? PAS cannot deliver its promises regarding the Islamic State as the non-Muslims do NOT want a social climate which they consider is too Islamic.

        The non-Muslims want a Western-style, secular liberal democracy. They do NOT want an Islamic State.

        The best bet for PAS is in fact – a compromise solution and cooperation with Umno. Yes Umno is corrupt and definitely must clean up its act. I agree to that. But that does not alter the basic issues. Umno should clean up corruption first. And then there should be PAS-Umno unity.

        The future of Islam in Malaysia lies in an Umno-PAS unity….

  3. sam says:

    I am not a Muslim and thus not a Malay, but basically I don’t care whether Umno joins PAS or PAS joins Umno, or both merge to become a new entity to unite Malays and promote the interests of Islam as long as they will do away with corruption and provide justice for all. Yes, for ALL MALAYSIANS. Anything less than that, 2020 should be reset to 2040, 1Malaysia should be dropped and may God save Malaysia.

  4. Rhan says:

    Dr Alwi, in a country that upholds democracy, rapid production of babies is the ultimate factor to decide who will be dominant. And due to Malaysia’s strategic location whereby we can always export/import citizen to Singapore and Indonesia, your wish of Muslim domination would preserve, so no worries, unless you are having a similar mindset with the other Dr which I hope you are not.

    I also support the Umno-PAS union or unity talks for two reasons:

    1. This issue has dragged on for too long, the electorate needs a clear picture on who to vote for in the next GE, we need to purge the bad and retain the good.

    2. Umno and PAS will contest more or less in common constituencies or we shall call it the Malay majority area. I am curious to know how they allocate seats.

    Malaysians voters’ mindset is anytime smarter and more sensible ..[…]

  5. khidir says:

    A question the Malay [Malaysians] should be asking is not about perpaduan Melayu, but how much do the Malays [value] Islam and subject themselves to secular Umno.

    Malay proverb: Janagn pisang berbuah dua kali!”

    Hint: Malays claim Islam as their identity… and no Malay or “Hidup Melayu!” street chants in absence of Islam!

    • rsuhaimi says:

      Salam. Setuju, sdra Khidir. Jangan pisang berbuah dua, tiga kali, tak bangun juga. No “Hidup Melayu” in the absence of Islam. There are many Brutus in Umno. Backstabbers.

    • Dr Syed Alwi says:

      Dear khidir,

      Where is the Islamism promised by PAS ? The truth is PAS cannot deliver its promises regarding the Islamic State because the Non-Muslims do NOT want an Islamic social climate. They prefer Western liberal democracy and NOT Islam.

      Whether its Umno or PAS – you have to find a compromise solution. True – Umno is corrupt. And Umno must clean up its act and weed out corruption. That much I can agree.

      But that is the only issue. If Umno can clean up its act – then PAS must seriously consider unity talks with Umno.

      The future of Islam in Malaysia lies in an Umno-PAS unity……

  6. Osama says:

    Umno is just using PAS, Umno is just using unity talks to hoodwink Malays in the rural areas, to create disunity in PAS, and to create chaos in Pakatan Rakyat, to divert attention from many national issues as well as to cover up the deep split within Umno.

    Umno has never been weaker, this can be seen by the flip flopping of Najib on so many issues. Had Najib been strong and have undivided support from Umno, then, he would had acted decisively on many of his reforms which till now had not been implemented. There are just too many connected Umno warlords whom Najib had to kowtow to. The emergence of Mahathir, the kind of publicity given to him by MSM has considerably weakened Najib and Umno. Perkasa is another pain for Najib as Mahathir is behind it. Najib must be decisive, cut Mahathir out like what Tun Abdullah did, if he wants to govern well. But, the million dollar question is, will he, or is he brave enough? Too much baggage and is that the reason why he is under the thumbs of Mahathir?

    Umno is split right in the middle from Perlis to Johor, Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang and in Sabah. Umno is absolutely weak as PKR, PAS and even the DAP, especially in Penang, have managed to win support from the Malays. As it is Umno needs PAS more than PAS needs Umno. Umno has never been weaker, therefore their desperate acts to stir up unity talks, that does not exist as far as PAS is concerned.

    Umno’s performance after 308 is sickening. They are more interested in politicking than in governing. Funds are short, their warlords are raging as they are so used to be fed, therefore all the destabilizing efforts in Selangor, Penang and Kedah. Unfortunately, their desperate efforts are driving more Malaysians away from them. The road to Putrajaya for Pakatan Rakyat is very real indeed, only thing is PKR, DAP and PAS must get their act together. There is not going to be any easy win for Umno/BN in elections anymore! They need to wake up and listen to the needs of the rakyat, speed up reforms or the economy will suffer two years from now. Hungry voters are angry voters and this will not benefit Umno. Whatever it is, it is difficult for Umno to regain their 2/3 majority, never again! I hope my prediction without bias will be correct come GE13.

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