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Umno should reinstate Rulers’ immunity: Mubarak

KUANTAN, 12 Feb 2009: The Former People’s Representatives Council (Mubarak) has urged Umno as the pillar of the Malays to debate a motion on the immunity of the Malay Rulers during its General Assembly in March.

Mubarak deputy president Datuk Seri Abdul Aziz Rahman said the monarchy institution seemed to have been made fun of by certain people, and Umno should be responsible in reinstating the immunity.

He was confident that when the immunity had been reinstated, no one could bring a sultan to court.

“We are angry when DAP chairperson Karpal Singh wants to take a court action against Sultan Azlan Shah of Perak following the political scenario in the state but at the same time we have forgotten why he dares to do so.

“The time has come, we have to realise and reinstate the immunity to its original position so that people continue to uphold the sovereignty of the Malay Rulers’ institution,” he told reporters here today.

Aziz said the Malay Malaysians’ understanding on the Malay Rulers’ Institution seemed to be on the decline and it had to be strengthened again.

He said the Federal Government in 1993 decided to reduce the immunity of the Malay Rulers so that a Sultan or Ruler could be taken to court in a criminal or civil case and the Malay Malaysians at the time seemed to have supported the move on the grounds that their position would not be affected.

“With the incident that happens presently, it is very necessary for us to get back under the umbrella of the Rulers’ Institution, not merely for the Malay Malaysians but also all races in the country,” he said.

He said Umno could also bring the issue to Parliament so that the Dewan Rakyat could reach a two-third consensus to reinstate the immunity power to its original position. — Bernama


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8 Responses to “Umno should reinstate Rulers’ immunity: Mubarak”

  1. Lainie says:

    More evidence that Umno as a whole lacks a sense of irony.

  2. anak malaysia says:

    How can Mubarak believe that a human king can be above law and will never err? Only God does!

  3. Mitra Themis says:

    Hey wait! You’re are kidding, right? First, it was Umno that stripped the rulers of their immunity, and now, you want Umno to bring it back? That’s rich. Mahathir is right – Melayu mudah lupa.

  4. Seriati says:

    Tun Ghafar dulu menyatakan dari belasan raja yang masih bertakhta di dunia, separuh darinya ada di Malaysia. Ini ditambah pula dengan ramai pseudo-raja dari Umno. Actually, immunity has shifted to the pseudo-rajas. Nak apa lagi?

  5. anak perak says:

    PR tak sepatutnya tidak menyokong cadangan ini. Pada tahun 1993, Umno yang mencetus idea mengurangkan imuniti ini. Jadi sekarang, mereka perlu bertanggungjawab. Apakah tindakan mereka itu ibarat “senjata makan tuan”? Perlembagaan sudah dipinda, jangan dipersenda! Tidak ada siapa melebihi undang-undang. Setiap negeri dan daerah, Umno semakin “menikus”. Tunggu PRU13 nanti!

  6. PM says:

    It is because of the rakyat that the ruler’s institution exists, and not the other way round. So when a ruler makes an unfair judgment or commits a crime, he deserves to be ridiculed and charged in the rakyat’s court. On the other hand, a principled and wise ruler will always be held in the highest regard by the rakyat – and negate the need for immunity protection.

  7. Mr Smith says:

    And tell me how you are going to get the two thirds majority in Parliament to amend the constitution.
    With the latest development in Perak, there is more reason to reject outright this proposal by Mubarak, which I have never heard of.

  8. Janice says:

    The sultans need immunity because they have a history of being implicated in kidnapping (Terengganu), murdering (Johor) and fraud (Negeri Sembilan).

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