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“Staying in this town is good. Everything is cheap. Everyone is friendly. It’s a great place and it’s not dangerous. What else is there to ask for?” Vincent Ong, teashop worker, Malacca.

Film photography at The Print Room

A NEW photography studio and gallery is opening at 6.30pm on Sunday, 10 July 2011, and it promises to build awareness and enhance appreciation for film photography. Photographer Paul Gadd says The Print Room aims to reclaim and revive the techniques and rigours of classical film photography and the hand-printing process at a time when […]

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Rickson, who hurt his leg in a recent football game, can’t accompany his father to work the fields and looks after his niece instead. He is 27, and only studied till Form Three at Bario. It is one of the issues faced by young adults here: How do they earn a living in their village after their studies?

Life in Long Lamai, Sarawak

RAPE. Blockades. Native rights denied. Such topics inevitably come up in news about Sarawak’s Penan community, such as the recent highlighting of the rape, sexual harassment and exploitation of Penan girls and women by workers of logging companies. But there are also other less prominent issues that the Penan face day-to-day in their idyllic villages […]

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Images of Malaysians

Images of Malaysians

Yee I-Lann (Images courtesy of Galeri Petronas) ALMOST immediately, I was struck by two observations at the Imaging Selfs: Portraits by Soraya Yusof Talismail exhibition, currently on at the Galeri Petronas until 18 Jan 2009. One was the diversity of textures, colours, and looks of each and every one of the 78 prominent Malaysian artists […]

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