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Soi Lek takes a break after being sacked from MCA

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 Aug 2009: Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek, who was sacked from the MCA yesterday, wants to take a short vacation with “family and friends” and rest.

Writing in his blog, the former party deputy president did not indicate if he would appeal within 14 days. Neither did he comment on speculation of an extraordinary general meeting as the next move.

The MCA presidential council last night endorsed a recommendation by the party’s disciplinary committee to expel him for having tarnished the party’s image after he was caught on video, having a tryst with a woman at a hotel.

“So friends, give me a chance to rest. People will be thinking that I will be working very hard, but as usual, I take everything in my stride. Hopefully, I can live longer to see another day and another battle,” he said.

The tough-talking politician, who was with the MCA for nearly a quarter of a century, said he was in a worse position than when he resigned from all his party and government posts in January 2008, after the video surfaced.

“I did not realise that the MCA disciplinary board, led by an aging lawyer, has deemed it fit to recommend me to be sacked, 21 months after I resigned from all party and government posts for the same reason as when I resigned in January 2008.

“If there is provision for sentencing to death physically, I am sure that the disciplinary board would have no hesitation in recommending me to face the gallows. The reason is obvious why I need to be sacked,” he said.

“Will my sacking boost the image of the MCA? I have to assume that the president today is as clean and clear as crystal. Only time will tell,” he added.

According to Chua, his telephone had not stopped ringing since last night and today, he spent some time trying to read all the SMSes.

“Probably, this is to keep me occupied since I am now party-less. The press has not stopped harassing me. It is actually quite funny and fun,” he said.

MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat announced the decision on Chua last night.

Ong said the presidential council, in a lengthy meeting, had collectively decided to accept the disciplinary board’s recommendation to expel Chua from the party with immediate effect.

Ong said that under Article 127 (A) of the party constitution, Chua could appeal against the decision with the central committee within 14 days. 

He said according to Article 128 of the MCA’s constitution, the decision of the central committee on matters of discipline was final and conclusive and shall not be subject to question by or in any court of law. 

“We did so with a heavy heart after giving much consideration to the damage inflicted upon the party’s image brought about by his sex scandal featured in a DVD.

“This decision has been made in the best interest of the party,” Ong said at a press conference soon after the meeting ended about midnight.

Ong also said he would explain the presidential council’s decision to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is also Barisan Nasional chairperson.

“We, as members of the presidential council will stand as one and we shall collectively be responsible for this decision,” he added, without responding to questions from members of the media, who had waited for almost six hours. — Bernama

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3 Responses to “Soi Lek takes a break after being sacked from MCA”

  1. Democratiziya says:

    The disciplinary board, just a bag of [rubbish], dishing out sandiwara(s) for your viewing pleasure.

  2. Andrew I says:

    The Historical Times today reported: In the night of the short knives, Caligula Chua Caesar was excommunicated by the Chinese Cultural Clan (CCC) for being uncultural.

  3. K.Sam says:

    The ugly side of politics. Only time will tell who the victor will be and till then sit back and enjoy the drama. I believe Malaysia is going into the drains with no direction. It is all the same both with the BN and PR government. With the world economic situation being left on our shores, do we need politicians who can’t govern and resort to issues that will gain wealth for them and their cronies?

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