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Rosmah ad placed on govt’s behalf

PETALING JAYA, 11 May 2010: A recent two-page spread in the New York Times, costing thousands of US dollars and featuring the prime minister’s wife, was placed on behalf of the Malaysian government.

In an e-mail response to questions from The Nut Graph, the New York Times said: “The advertisement was placed by an ad agency on behalf of the Malaysian government.”

The response from New York Times executive director of community affairs and media relations, Diane McNulty, reveals that the ad was not placed by private individuals, as suggested by the last line in the ad’s congratulatory message.

McNulty, however, declined to disclose how much the ad cost, saying the company never discusses the cost of an individual ad as there are many variables and rates involved. These include the kind of schedule the ad purchaser has with the company, as well as the advertising category it falls within.

However, research on previous full-page ads taken out in the New York Times suggests that the cost of such advertisements ranges from US$180,000 to US$230,000. This amounts to between RM580,000 and RM740,000 for a one-page ad.

A two-page colour spread such as the one featuring Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor is expected to cost far more.

“Friends and family”

The ad was placed on 16 April 2010, on the last day of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak‘s visit to the US, to congratulate Rosmah on her being conferred a little-known International Peace and Harmony Award.

The ad welcomed Rosmah as Malaysia’s “First Lady” to New York, and carried the message: “In recognition of your effort to promote peace, harmony and understanding among the people of Malaysia and your courageous acts in making a difference to the lives of people and children around the world. Malaysia is proud of you.”

It was signed off: “Best wishes from family and friends in USA and Malaysia.”

The ad did not name the Business Council for International Understanding, the outfit that gave Rosmah the award.

Against a backdrop of controversies surrounding the hiring of media relations firm Apco Worldwide Sdn Bhd, and Rosmah‘s alleged interference in government matters, the two-page ad has stirred up gossip and blog postings about who paid for it.

It has also been noted that while Rosmah was prominently featured in the ad in a respected and established newspaper, US media coverage of Najib’s visit and meeting with President Barack Obama was scant.

Malaysian Ambassador to the US Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin Jarjis was pictured in Malaysian media showing US newspaper coverage in conjunction with Najib’s visit. But as the DAP’s Lim Kit Siang has pointed out, this appears to have been an advertorial in the Washington Times.

File pic of Jarjis and Obama (Public domain / Wiki commons)

The New York Times‘s McNulty would not reveal which ad agency placed the order for the ad on behalf of the Malaysian government in her paper. But if the Malaysian government has hired an ad agency, why is taxpayers’ money being used to promote Rosmah and an obscure award in the US, instead of the prime minister and the country?

Govt response pending

The Nut Graph contacted both Jamaluddin’s office in Washington, DC and the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya last week about the government’s involvement in the ad, and how much it cost.

Both offices confirmed having received The Nut Graph‘s questions, but neither has replied thus far.

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111 Responses to “Rosmah ad placed on govt’s behalf”


    Bring back Datin Seri Lestari!

    Where is she? Now that we truly need her??!!

  2. lils says:

    Hi TNG team – thanks for going the extra mile in checking the facts. Although other sites posted the story – there is still a doubt as to what the actual facts are. Good that you checked it out for us readers! Great job! Cheers!

  3. siew eng says:

    Good question!

    Re. Jamaluddin Jarjis’ visit to the White House, I never knew our Malay [Malaysian] officials would wear the Baju Melayu in full regalia – plus keris! – for such occasions. Security is that lax in the White House that a dangerous weapon is allowed in the presence of the president?

    • yalawela says:

      Perhaps keris is not all that “dangerous” after all? LOL!

    • neutral says:

      Hahaha..I can’t believe him [a] Parameswara lookalike in the White House but seeing is believing..[…] I just can’t stop laughing. Moreover, with the keris..I think Obama might have a good laught after all. Malaysia memang boleh lah.

  4. somethingStirring says:

    “…courageous acts in making a difference to the lives of people and children around the world. Malaysia is proud of you.”

    Courageous? Around the world?

    Imagined captions to the photo:-

    Jamaluddin Jarjis: President Obama, you know, you won’t make it in Malaysia with your type of skin.

    President Obama: I know, and you won’t make it in the States with your type of ability.

  5. Leithaisor says:

    So big money – some reports mentioned RM10m – of the rakyat’s money went to pay for some Rosmah-glorifying ad which was supposedly “from family and friends in USA and Malaysia”? Well this rakyat is certainly NOT her friend, and very glad NOT to be family.

    Not only is the “1st Lady” text allegedly “menderhaka” in nature and smacking of unsavoury intentions ranging from ampun-bodek apple-polishing by certain officials to self-praise, if true, how can such collosal waste of public funds be justified? Who approved the expenditure?

    How many poor families could that kind of money have been better used to help?

    How many scholarships for truly deserving students would that have paid for?

    How many lives could be saved if it was used for needy medical cases?

    Cheh! Macam ni ke 1Malaysia?

    (In my childhood, a favourite taunt hurled at anyone practsing self-glorification was “self praise is INTERNATIONAL DISGRACE”…)

  6. walski69 says:

    Good work in following this up! Yes, your estimates on how much the ad must have cost is pretty much what I had calculated it to be, based on the NY Times ad rate card, not counting design work, mock-ups, etc.

    Let’s see what the official responses to this are…

  7. guli says:

    Very simple. We, the tax payers, have been suckered again. Celaka.

  8. U-En Ng says:

    Hahaha. Nice work Laych!

  9. cheeky says:

    The dangerous weapon worn by JJ was a plastic keris. That would be the only way he could get through the metal detector.

  10. My friend,

    The keris is allowed as it forms the whole tribal uniform of the visitor.

    However, the picture is not full, he wasn’t wearing shoes.

    Shoes and presidents don’t go together.

  11. Mavericko says:

    The real First Lady, our beloved Permaisuri Agong, must be surely incensed, I hope!

    Some people have no shame at all.

  12. reza says:

    Disgusting. This needs to be explained. Props to TNG for keeping stuff like this out of the quicksand.

  13. NajisRostiuhaters says:

    Malaysians must pursue at all costs for this corrupt and totalitarian government to reply why we, the taxpayers, must pay for this […] publicity campaign. […]

  14. Chet says:

    The picture looks like a composite.

  15. Yeo Kien Kiong says:

    “In recognition of your effort to promote peace, harmony and understanding among the people of Malaysia and your courageous acts in making a difference to the lives of people and children around the world. Malaysia is proud of you.” + “And thank you very much for using the nation’s money to produce this wonderful poster while the nation is still suffering from social, economic, political as well as gender and sexuality deprivation.”

  16. navin says:

    Rosmah is buying her respect, which should be rightfully earned. This is the standard set by Najib and his administration: do stupid things, get rich, get famous and most importantly, GET AWAY WITH IT!

  17. Cadraver says:

    A little bit of internet research shows that the International Peace and Harmony Award has only been won once, and that no further information is provided on the criteria needed to win this award.

    It’s kind of reminiscent of Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize last year. Why again?

  18. talhah72 says:

    I’m a tax payer. And hey, it’s my money, too. As far as my tax money is concerned, I’m good with it. It’s a good promotion for Malaysia. Clearly the ad is for “the First Lady”, not for Rosmah as an individual.

    So all the salutations or puji-pujian is for the chair of the “First Lady” not for Rosmah in her personal capacity. Apparently Rosmah is the First Lady now – what to do?

    You personally may dislike Rosmah but hey, she is the First Lady after all. And I’m glad she, in her capacity as the First Lady, has done good work promoting Malaysia abroad. […]

  19. izr says:

    If Rosmah is the First Lady, then what placement does the King’s consort get? Permaisuri Agong is second? And Rosmah doesn’t even have a title … or blood.

  20. focussed08 says:

    Does this means that the BN government has committed DERHAKA against royalty – our KING????

    How will the wife of our Yang Di Pertuan Agong rank in Malaysia now???

    What a loss of face for the King!

  21. sham says:

    Is Jarjis going for war or what??? […] Hahahaha.

  22. Great job on the details. I guess they are adapting the “ignore and forget” tactics which they so often and overuse. It’s getting old, or maybe we should like place an ad in the papers to ask the public what they think ? LOL . I’m sure the main papers don’t wanna risk their printing licence, so no good can do, hah. Maybe we should ask the prime inister himself on this blog/website. 🙂

  23. adrain Phang says:

    Well done, The Nut Graph…That was good follow-up […]

    One wonders how much longer they can go on to waste our money for stupid senseless egoistic actions. […]

  24. benny says:

    Whoever paid for the ad, it was certainly a waste of money.

  25. d'enricher says:

    Thanks for the research.

    Now and always, we wonder why all this unnecessary expenditure. Will we ever get the answer???

    They think we don’t care or they just don’t bother?

    What next???

  26. Ida Bakar says:

    The first lady of Malaysia is the Raja Permaisuri Agong. Since when did we become a Republic of Malaysia?

  27. Beedavid says:

    Responding to Siew Eng’s post, maybe it’s only a plastic keris like the ones sold in toy shops 😛

  28. cdcruz says:

    The Secret Service probably did some background check on him and found out that he doesn’t have silat skill.

  29. Ferret says:

    Good job. TNG has always been tenacious about ferreting out the truth. Wish we could find out who actually picked up the tab for the shiok sendiri advertisement. Your Excellency, this is just too much.

  30. bee says:

    The Bodohland government will make this excuse – the ad is misquoted; it should be 1 Lady nor First Lady.

  31. allan says:

    So thick skin! The world is not so stupid lah.

  32. P.A. Kuek says:

    […] Why is our money still being squandered so rampantly by the these demi-gods as if there is no tomorrow? The 13th GE will definitely see the real Axis of Evil that is BN, totally eliminated once and for all.

  33. Ah Meng says:

    So Malaysia wastes more money again and now we have a First Lady. By the way JJ looks like a little boy and Obama [has] got to be laughing on the inside. How much did Malaysia pay for this visit?

  34. aaron says:

    Obama is thinking, ”What the […] is wrong with this […]”

  35. hurricanemax says:

    Rosmah’s self advertorial aside. It’s tepuk dada shiok sendiri lah.


  36. bontakun says:

    In response to talhah72, I would like to point out Rosmah’s name is highlighted in bold in a larger font. Its almost as though the fact that she’s the first lady of Malaysia is an afterthought.

    To put things in perspective, have we seen any other democratic country buy expensive newspaper ads to promote their first ladies?

    Is there any specific reason for us to be proud of her? All I see in the message is a lot of generic and hollow platitudes.

  37. ♥First Man♥ says:

    Well you all know what???? […]
    1ROSMAH…. Rakyat didahulukan, Rosmah diutamakan.

  38. Malaysian Abroad says:

    What de …..??? Whilst I’m proud to be Malaysian, that baju looked terrible, like JJ did a bad job tying his sarong??!! And talk about MAJOR photo shopping of our ‘First Lady’ …. fuwah …. what a big waste of money only to be an embarrassment (?)

  39. Kong Kek Kuat says:

    I don’t believe in God, but OW MY GOD!


    Goes to show that voting for BN is voting for the end of Malaysia.

  40. reeza says:

    Siew Eng, in formal dress the keris the wearer nowadays wears is sometimes (actually, often) fake i.e. it doesn’t have the blade. only the handle protrudes out of the samping.

    This also avoid embarrassing moments when someone not trained to carry the keris, finds a long something pressing unto his, you know… well. I guess it pretty much represents what the Malaysian government is now – an empty shell.

    Love the country, hate the management..

  41. Paul Moloney says:

    “It’s a good promotion for Malaysia.”

    Sorry, but to anyone from outside Malaysia reading these adverts for politicians, the reaction of most people would be to cringe at this kind of self-promotion, more akin to a tin-pot dictatorship than a modern democracy. It really doesn’t say anything good about Malaysia.


  42. So sorry Laych sweetie…I couldn’t read till the end of the story. And that is NO reflection on you!

  43. Tan SJ says:

    If we spend half a million ringgit and maybe 100,000 New Yorkers now know where Malaysia is, maybe not too bad but this is super ridiculous. Now we will be known as the nation of big hair. And where is that award from???

  44. Mikazuki says:

    Gosh! This is another example of wasted taxpayers’ money. What will this two-page spread achieve? Basically nothing…

  45. Andrew I says:

    Obama seems to be fearing for something in that picture, and it’s not his nose.

    And this isn’t the only piece of earth- shattering news of late. A press conference to announce a certain baby’s gender. Now can you beat that?

    Posh, you’ve set a really bad example. Beckingham Palace… guess we’ll just have to think harder to match that one.

  46. kam says:

    Well done. Awesome piece of work as usual.

  47. Azhar says:

    Well done sir,
    Thanks a lot for your effort in finding the truth on behalf of Malaysians.
    The self-called first lady is really the first lady of the corrupted Umno, NOT ours.

  48. tunglang says:

    Who cares when the taxpayers’ money is not theirs […]. This shows their irresponsible, uncaring, indifferent, blood-sucking leech inclination and outrageous thick skin behaviour in high office.

    If this is the way for “Malaysia is proud of you” display of unwarranted affection, don’t ask us to pay anymore taxes to lavish your dastard narcissistic personality disorder in public!

  49. msla says:

    For the last 53 years, the taxpayers’ money have been use for their own benefit. I cannot see anything as a surprise anymore.

  50. John says:

    I think this Mr JJ’s work. He is known to spend government money lavishly to ampu bodek.

  51. MLP says:

    Did you check your facts correctly? I thought the ad was placed by Michelin.

  52. daniel says:

    Perhaps what is more interesting to investigate in detail is the kind of business deals Najib’s team was able / unable to secure from the US visit. The ad is clearly a very bad PR move but to describe the “Business Council for International Understanding” as simply an “outfit” is too shallow of an analysis.

    🙁 My net speed is too slow to do more investigation but it appears that the group specializes in helping world governments officials get chummy with the White House. The peace prize and the ads are probably clever ways for them to charge the handling of these meetings.

    Hopefully out of these meetings are deals / trade/ diplomatic agreements between US and Malaysia which are worth more than the cost of the ads.

    Despite my dissatisfaction with BN, at the end of the day, I am interested that Malaysia maintain close ties with the US. I hope such relations mean that extremist / fundamentalist / conservative Islamic groups will not be able to gain ground.

    It is also interesting to note that Obama’s meet up with Najib is an indicator that Anwar won’t be receiving the kind of official US support he had from Al Gore years ago. In a globalized world, this is bad news for Anwar :/

  53. sunny says:

    siew eng Posted: 11 May 10 : 8.45AM

    Good question!

    Re. Jamaluddin Jarjis’ visit to the White House, I never knew our Malay [Malaysian] officials would wear the Baju Melayu in full regalia – plus keris! – for such occasions. Security is that lax in the White House that a dangerous weapon is allowed in the presence of the president?

    MY 2-Cent comment:
    Jamaluddin Jarjis’ right arm/hand is tied behind so he could not draw the kris to poke anyone. The US FBI/CIA took care of this danger. His left hand holds a piece of paper. If he tries to be funny to draw the kris with his left hand, he must first drop the paper […].

  54. nuke says:

    Alamak. There goes our money again – not enough that [our money buys] submarines with the wrong specs, but the consultant got millions for a job badly done, then millions on public relations to get Najib to the US, and now this ad? Damn, I still shudder when I think of government’s nuclear power plant plans. If history repeats itself, it’d have a budget that will balloon [but it] cannot function. Then ‘they’ move on easily. Sigh. This has gotta stop!

  55. shajima says:

    What’s with the tanjak and keris? Hahaha! So pai-sei!

    But kesian him a bit also, I’m sure he’s regretting it now. But if it’s Nik Aziz and his headgear why doesn’t it look weird ah? Is it because it looks ‘natural’ on him? Hmmm. Yeah, permaisuri’s the 1st lady. Wonder who did the text for this. […]

  56. shernren says:

    1Malaysia – Rosmah First! Republic now?

  57. Kok Yoon Lee says:

    I think this is a wonderful award full of meaning. So much so, I believe the ad is wasted if it is only shown in the US and on the net. Don’t you think we should show this in Sibu as well so that the voters there can see what a wonderful person Rosmah is?

  58. sheerin says:

    All I can say is that she really goes ALL OUT to blow her own trumpet, at the expense of her people, the Malaysians.
    On another note, is anyone going to speak out against the building of a NUCLEAR plant proposed by the Malaysian government? Hasn’t Chernobyl & Bhopal taught us anything at all? Most importantly, who’s going to benefit (whose pockets are gonna be lined) from this? Specifically, which minister/s?

  59. JC says:

    This farce must end. Now.

  60. Noel says:

    Since when did Malaysia really start having a FIRST LADY?????? I mean REALLY??? A 1st LADY???? Good god!!!!

  61. MK says:

    Look at President Obama. [Does he see] Jamaluddin as an Orang Asli or aborigine from Malaysia? Look at Jamaluddin […]. Does he represent all Malaysians? Do all Malaysians look like him?

    For the ad, that’s the Malaysian government. We wouldn’t know anything if you didn’t publish this.

  62. malikalmaut says:

    Rosmah will bring the downfall of Najib. Sad (sigh).

  63. malikalmaut says:

    When will SHE ever learn? Stupid pride!

  64. terkian says:

    JJ baru turun dari pelamin kot…

  65. Big Short says:

    ….keboooooooooooommmmmm !!!!! Sound of C4.

  66. ekompute says:

    “The Nut Graph contacted both Jamaluddin’s office in Washington, DC and the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya last week about the government’s involvement in the ad, and how much it cost. Both offices confirmed having received The Nut Graph’s questions, but neither has replied thus far.”

    What is there to reply? Better keep quiet and be thought a fool rather than open your mouth and confirm it is the best of advice.

    Hey, take a good look at the pic of Jarjis and Obama. The body language is telling.

  67. Wah, muka on the ad photoshopped to the max.

  68. nauseaadinfinitum says:

    Well…[to] the Malaysian voters […], we reap what we sow! So, those who want to vomit, just go ahead. It’s not going to change anything. Just look forward to the next money squandering clown act to follow.

  69. Janet F-P says:

    First of all, good job, TNG! God bless you guys! Our so-called 1st Lady sure has won “1st” place in this self-glorification contest! Malaysia betul-betul boleh that such a thing can be done in our nation’s name and [perhaps] with the rakyat’s hard-earned money! Tak malu ka? Spend lah the money to help our suffering rakyat – the hardcore poor/homeless (housing and food); the drug addicts (better rehab); those living with HIV (home and living skills) etc. Why on someone who has taken so much but has nothing to give!

  70. Vain says:

    Thanks TNG…Shame on these people…Don’t you ever feel any shame? This isn’t the first time…All your halal haram preaching? Is it halal to waste taxpayers’ money? Is it halal to use others’ sweat for your selfishness? […] Annoying!

  71. luke18 says:

    This is again another testimony of abuse of public funds and accountability happening in Malaysia, which coupled with injustices, inhumanity, corruption, and unfairnesses, is worth condemnation and rejection by all rakyat. People, remember this, we are the [boss], not politicians.

  72. Ming says:

    LOL. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when I saw the photo of Obama and JJ. […]

  73. Mizan says:

    As a student who’s in need of a scholarship, I find this idiocy truly distasteful.


  74. Rani E says:

    Positive comments are more beneficial…Don’t blow your own country out…It’s a self-destructive and negative strategy.

  75. angel says:

    He shouldn’t have worn an ethnic Malay costume. By doing so, he is only representing the Malays and not all Malaysians. He should have worn a batik attire which the late Datin Seri Endon worked so hard to promote as the Malaysian identity. Batik design is universal enough to represent a multicultural Malaysia as many ethnic groups share [this] familiar design heritage. Why didn’t our Prime Minister intervene, as this clearly does not reflect the [1Malaysia] campaign he is working so hard to promote.

  76. ekompute says:

    Why is Jamaluddin Jarjis feeling so small when talking to [Obama]? His body language is telling!

  77. fitri says:


  78. linus chung says:

    The thing is even with a keris, [Jamaluddin] Jarjis doesn’t look like a warrior but someone who simply sits and applies politics. Our ministers should work out more…. […]

  79. Sunsunlit says:

    I have decided to stop listening [to] anything about Najib/Rosmah, so there is no point in making any comment. I dah MUAK le!

  80. the reader says:

    Tak malu ke?? Memang tak tau malu??

  81. mabel says:

    Why all this secrecy on who paid for it if it was not the taxpayer’s money???

  82. Andrew I says:


  83. brij jayaram kathiravelu says:

    Now, that’s the “real” prime minister of Malaysia. […]

    I wonder what JJ’s telling BO…BO looks like he’s facing his school master!

  84. edosmera says:

    What’s wrong with the advertisement? It is good for the country. At lease the New Yorkers and rural Americans know Malaysia. About the cost, our PM has every right to spend it. He gave the churches and Chinese schools millions at the recent by-election. That’s tax payers money too. You guys have no sense of patronage. Rosmah is promoting Malaysia. And another thing: what’s wrong with the traditional dress of Malaysia worn by Jamaluddin Jarjis? At least there is a dress. You want him to wear the […] [native] dress of Sarawak to see the US president?

    • emerald says:

      Is it good for the country? She deserves it, if it is. But do you truly think she does? […]

      On the statement,”[PM] gave the churches and Chinese schools millions at the recent by-election”. This statement is self-explanatory. “At the recent by-election”. He only starts benefiting the people when he needs the votes. He is buying the people’s hearts. Don’t you see? It is not even sincere!

      [Is] Rosmah promoting Malaysia? […or is] she promoting herself. […]. Remember the Penan women rape cases? She never lifted a finger to help. She ignored every cry for help and support. See, who are you sticking up for now?

  85. raguel says:

    Do our leaders serve the rakyat or spend to promote their interests?

  86. malaysia says:

    I think wearing the full Malay attire with the keris was an awesome move! It’s so Malaysian despite what you all think. Kudos JJ!

  87. Gurubhai says:

    Wonderful guys…Let Malaysians know how our hard earned RM is spent without our knowledge and also make ’em realise that their every step is being watched. Keep up the good work guys. Adios.

  88. Nadia Ali says:

    Ini kes syok sendiri atas duit rakyat.

  89. Antares says:

    Congrats, Nut Graph, on scooping all the other online journals on this depressing and despicable debacle. As some wit recently quipped: “You can take some people out of the kampong, but you can’t take the kampong out of some people.” Not that there’s anything terrible about living in a kampong. But there is absolutely no call for such a grotesque exercise in extravagant bad taste!

    What also makes me cringe is having to put up with Jamaluddin Jarjis as Malaysia’s official representative in the US – and with typically Malaysian booboos like calling America, USA (“Best wishes from family and friends in USA and Malaysia.”) when it ought to read: “… friends in the US and Malaysia.”

  90. CakapTakSerupaBikin says:

    Tak suka US tapi suka [bodek] US. Bangsa bodoh.

  91. Angeline Lesslar says:

    I think the advertising agency has got its facts wrong. Isn’t the First lady of Malaysia the Permaisuri Agong? The President or PM’s wife is considered ‘First Lady’ when there is no monarchy ruling the country like in the USA.

  92. patnet says:

    Our Rosmah look like a film star, la.

  93. hang says:

    Look like US president is meeting a […].

  94. abby says:

    Aside from the her own personal public relations machinery, I wonder how much taxpayers also have to pay for Rosmah’s […] …

  95. Subliminal says:

    [Are] our taxes and good money all going into an advert […?] Great!

  96. Jasmine sarawak says:

    Half a year ago, three Sarawakian women presented a memorandum on the plight of the Penan girls and women who live in the interior of Sarawak to Rosmah.

    She has not done anything yet about that.

    Her girls and women in her own country had been raped by the timber loggers, and [this] has been proven true by [the Women, Family and Community Development] Ministry’s taskforce !

    Why has the issue been swept under the carpet?

    Are the Penan girls and women and children alright now?

  97. ConcernCitizen says:

    Mayb this is what the ‘Rakyat’ get for voting BN..- for wasting tax payers money when it could be use to do much better things than putting her face in the spot light

  98. WakeUpRoject32 says:

    “I shall turn away from My revelations those who show pride in the world wrongfully.” (7.146)

    Allah has said in another place in the Quran:

    “And in this way Allah does put a seal on every arrogant disdainful heart.” (40.35)

    2. The wrath and punishment of Allah fall on the jealous person. Allah has said:

    “Certainly He does not love the proud ones.” (16:23)

  99. WakeUpRoject33 says:

    “Give me the power of the money and it will not matter
    any more who is commanding”.

  100. linhh096 says:

    I think Obama should dress like a cowboy with his pistols by the sides so that they can become a well-matched pair …ha..ha..

  101. Good work in following this up! Yes, your estimates on how much the ad must have cost is pretty much what I had calculated it to be, based on the NY Times ad rate card, not counting design work, mock-ups, etc.

    Let’s see what the official responses to this are…

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