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Port Klang adun resigns, becomes independent (Updated 7:48pm)

Updated 7:48pm, 29 Oct 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 Oct 2009: Port Klang assemblyperson Badrul Hisham Abdullah today declared that he is quitting Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) with immediate effect.

At a news conference to announce his decision, Badrul Hisham, 49, said he would remain an independent assemblyperson and would support the Barisan Nasional (BN).

He said he made the decision as he had lost his confidence in PKR’s leadership.

“I made this decision on my own free will without any force or threat or benefit to myself.

“In fact, this decision is based on my moral and religious principles as a Muslim,” he told the news conference, which was also attended by his wife, Ramiza Mazlan.

Earlier, Menteri Besar Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said he could not care less if Badrul Hisham wanted to become an independent assemblyperson or jump to any party.

“He is a people’s representative; he must serve the people … he can become an independent assembly[person] or join Umno or MCA for all I care,” Khalid, who is Selangor PKR chairperson, told reporters after chairing the Selangor Economic Action Council meeting here today.

Khalid had previously asked Badrul Hisham to quit as an assemblyperson, saying he had failed to discharge his duties effectively.

In a statement, Khalid’s political secretary Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said the menteri besar would ask Badrul Hisham to relinquish his post.

Asked on this, Badrul Hisham said he would not do so as he was elected by the people and not by the Selangor menteri besar.

Asked whether he would join any party, he said he had not thought about it.

“I want to serve the people, especially those who voted for me as Port Klang assembly[person].

“I am confident that I can serve the people better as an independent without any disturbance arising from the Pakatan government’s political play-acting,” he said.

He also took to task the Selangor government, saying that his constituency was being sidelined in the distribution of funds.

He said the move by the state government to set up a people’s service coordination centre in the Port Klang constituency and get other aduns to manage it was an act of ignoring the assemblyperson for the area.

Asked on Khalid’s suggestion that he seek psychiatric treatment as he was once involved in an accident, Badrul Hisham said, “This is an insult to my person and to my family.”

Badrul Hisham also refuted Khalid’s statement that he had not provided an answer to a show-cause letter issued to him.

He said that copies of the reply letter, dated 28 Aug 2009, had been received by the offices of the menteri besar and PKR secretary-general on 2 Sept 2009. — Bernama

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5 Responses to “Port Klang adun resigns, becomes independent (Updated 7:48pm)”

  1. Nicholas Aw says:

    Mr. Badrul Hisham, the people did not elect you [as an individual] to be an assemblyperson. You are where you are now because you were elected on a PKR ticket.

    Trust me, if you were to vacate the post and re-contest in a by-election as an independent or even as a BN candidate, I’m pretty sure that you would be trounced!

  2. Zack says:

    Work for money or work for people. No money or funds is the only ultimate reason for not working. This is kind of Adun is cancerous to the nation. “No money, no job,” to rakyat. What a blunder…

  3. davis says:

    It would be honourable for Badrul Hisham to resign as assemblyperson and to seek re-election.He would then be a true representative of the people of Port Klang.

  4. JayCkat says:

    If Badrul Hisham truly desires to represent the people of Port Klang, he should resign and seek re-election. The people voted for PKR, not Badrul Hisham. I wonder how much he will be selling his seat to BN for? The going price I heard was a cool RM20 million.


    This Badrul must have been bought by Umno’s ill-gotten money to defect.

    No need to ask him to resign as Adun because he has no honour.


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