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NGOs support DPM’s “traitor” statement on Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Aug 2009: About 200 people from 70 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) gathered outside Menara Dato Onn here today, supporting Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin’s statement that labelled Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim a traitor.

The Peninsula Malay Students Federation (GPMS) and Umno Youth carried banners displaying the words “Anwar a traitor”, before the Barisan Nasional Supreme Council meeting was convened at the building.

Wanita Umno chief Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil declared her support to the NGOs upon arrival for the meeting.

“As a representative of Wanita Umno, I support the deputy prime minister’s statement that Anwar is a leader who turned traitor, who cares only for his personal agenda, and we have to challenge Anwar’s leadership,” she said.

In his speech when opening the Sri Gading Umno division delegates meeting in Batu Pahat recently, Muhyiddin had labelled Anwar as a traitor to Malay Malaysians. Umno Youth exco member Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir then came out to support the deputy prime minister.

Following this, Anwar demanded an apology from Muhyiddin or face a RM100 million legal suit. Muhyiddin has refused to apologise.

GPMS vice-president Jais Abdul Karim said Anwar was not only a traitor to [Malay Malaysians], but also a national traitor.

“Anwar had masterminded the [anti-ISA rally] on 1 Aug, which damaged the economy, caused losses to the traders and created problems to foreign tourists in the country,” he said.

A memorandum was handed to Muhyiddin on his arrival for the supreme council meeting. It said, among others, said Anwar had “cultured” the illegal demonstration to tarnish Malaysia.

In ALOR STAR, Kedah Umno said it would continue to support Muhyiddin.

Its liaison deputy chairperson, Datuk Paduka Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah, said Muhyiddin’s statement on Anwar was accurate.

“Many of the actions by the PKR adviser since its establishment and before the general election last year denied the aspirations of [Malay Malaysians].

“Anwar was alleged to have degraded the New Economic Policy simply to lure support from Chinese and Indian [Malaysian] voters, and in fact, backed the idea of opening the Institute Technology Mara University to non-Malay [Malaysians],” he told reporters in Alor Star.

“The Chinese and Indian [Malaysians] in the Barisan Nasional recognise the special privileges of the Malays as documented in the constitution. Why [is it that] Anwar, who was previously a deputy prime minister, could not understand that?” Ahmad Bashah said. — Bernama

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11 Responses to “NGOs support DPM’s “traitor” statement on Anwar”

  1. kanna says:

    All said and done we can clearly see what Najib’s 1Malaysia is all about … it’s 1Malaysia the Umno Malaysia and everybody else is alien.

  2. raguel says:

    Only cards Umno have is race, religious cards nothing else. Political agenda before Anwar’s trial.

  3. SpeakUp says:

    It’s true that BN has been milking this nation of ours for the longest of time. But let’s look at it rationally. What has DSAI really done for the nation? He is bent on being PM. That is all.

    He uses FREEDOM as a rally cry. He says EQUALITY for all. BUT … he has rewarded his racist [MP] from Kulim with a cabinet committee post, he has stated that English will not be the medium in schools and much more.

    Most of all DSAI has shut his mouth each time when there are real pressing issued within PR. Example … PKR members who allege that Selangor State Government is ‘dirty’ … PKR members who can happily boycott LGE … PKR members who demand that LGE give what the Kg Buah Pala villagers want … is this the sign of a leader?

    DSAI is now collecting rubbish … rubbish from BN. Yes … he is a traitor in that sense. Traitor to those who have voted him and are still under his spell.

  4. fslam says:

    This is a sad day for Malaysia.

    The top leaders of the country are labeling another Muslim leader as a traitor. What is the basis?

    Muhyiddin mentioned that Anwar worked hand in glove with the Chinese-dominated multiracial DAP for his own political ends.

    Then what is Najib and Umno doing when they are sleeping with the 100% pure Chinese [Malaysian] party MCA; dancing with the predominantly Chinese [Malaysian]-based Gerakan and SUPP from Sarawak. Are they not the real traitors of Umno’s Malay [Malaysians]?

    How do we reconcile the 1Malaysia concept when the races are not supposed to work together with each other? Compartmentalise them into Malaysian Umno Malays, Chinese Malaysians, Indian Malaysians and PKR and PAS Malay [Malaysians]?

    Perhaps Umno hopes that this is so in order for them to manipulate and bully the other races for their own benefit.

    This is what Muhyiddin will mean by his 1Malaysia concept for Umno’s Malays.The other races are there just to make up the numbers.

  5. NGO's? says:

    I’m wondering how they can [be] NGOs with most of their members being government related, Umno members? Doesn’t NGO stand for non-governmental organisation? Maybe we should call them FNGO for Fake NGOs or GSNGO for Government Supported Non-Government Organisations.

  6. Rakyat says:

    Racism at its best.

    This all out campaign to demonise Anwar shows how desperate Umno has become. It also shows the true face of Umno – a party that is shaped by racism and feeds on racism.

  7. vp says:

    If you are Malay [Malaysian] and you take care of non-Malay [Malaysians], then Umno will mark you as “traitor”!

    If you are non-Malay [Malaysian] and you take care of non-Malay [Malaysians], then Umno will mark you as “racist”!

    But, if you are Malay [Malaysian] and you take care of Malay [Malaysians], then Umno will mark you as “Hero”!

    But, if you are non-Malay [Malaysian] and you take care of Malay [Malaysians], then Umno will mark you as “Penipu” who uses Malay [Malaysians] for special motives.

    Anyhow, if you are Umno, then whether you take care of Malay or non-Malay [Malaysians], you are a hero.

    [Umno is racist]. Malaysia will only become a true multiracial country if Umno, MCA, MIC and other race-based parties are eliminated. So, vote for PR to solve the problem.

  8. vp says:

    According to star, the NGOs include business[people] & contractors?

    Why? Because of $$$, they support Umno because of businesses and projects. Again, money, money, money is the only way Umno can attract the people. Umno today got nothing but MONEY.

  9. roastpork says:



  10. james au says:

    “The Mahathir Dilemma” continues. Now it’s Najib’s turn to give opposition leaders a bad name which simply reflects Umno/BN’s political immaturity. Branding DSAI a “traitor” is very unprofessional and unforgivable! It’s childish! Why don’t Umno/BN take a closer look at its own setup which includes MCA and MIC as well? Muhyiddin should apologise to DSAI immediately! If Umno/BN continues to drum up issues of this nature, they are actually insulting Malay [Malaysians’] intelligence! OK with me if they enjoy hitting the nail in their own head. People said, “Birds of a feather flock together.” How true! So it takes a fool to believe another fool to make another bigger fool and so on. So Umno/BN created a herd syndrome of fools!

  11. crap says:

    I feel lucky for being a NON-registered voter. Political parties in Malaysia are full of crap, self-centered, and good for nothing. Just waiting for their graveyard call … so are the rest of us.

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