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Muslim maids only for Muslim families: PAS Youth

KUALA LUMPUR, 24 June 2009: PAS Youth has called on the government to set down a regulation that Muslim maids from Indonesia or other countries be allowed to work only for Muslim families, and non-Muslim families be allowed only non-Muslim maids.

The movement’s chief, Nasrudin Hassan, in a statement today said the matter had been suggested several times by PAS Youth as well as by several non-governmental organisations, so that the issues of the prayer, fasting, halal food, comfortable and clean dwelling, and fair wages could be addressed.

Nasrudin said if these issues were not resolved, it would sour ties between the peoples of Malaysia and Indonesia.

He cited recent cases of abuse of Indonesian maids that led the Indonesian Minister for Human Resources and Transmigation Erman Suparno to suggest temporarily halting Indonesian maids coming to Malaysia

PAS Youth also urged the government to mete out heavy punishment on employers who were negligent or purposely hurt their maids physically, mentally and spiritually. — Bernama

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3 Responses to “Muslim maids only for Muslim families: PAS Youth”

  1. watthef says:

    The maids are people. They make the choice whether to work for Muslim or non-Muslim employers. These people just sit and talk with no idea what it is like to be a poor Indonesian looking for a job.

  2. Mohd Azlan Ayub says:

    It is comments like this that give Muslims a bad name.

  3. Sabahan says:

    Abuse of maids cuts across religious lines and is unrelated to the issues of prayer, fasting etc.

    The Indonesian Minister is just trying to get political mileage when he suggested a temporary halt in allowing Indonesian maids to Malaysia.

    If the alleged abuse of the Indonesian model by the Kelantan prince cannot sour ties between Malaysia and Indonesia, do PAS Youth really think abuse of Indonesian maids by some employers will?

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