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Chow Kon Yeow (Tanjong)

TANJONG Member of Parliament (MP) Chow Kon Yeow responds to the MP Watch: Eye on Parliament project, which asks all 222 MPs six questions.


Name: Chow Kon Yeow

Party: DAP (Opposition)

Years as MP: Since 1999
Government position: 

Party position: 
Penang DAP chairperson

Membership in parliamentary committees or caucuses: None



Would you support the abolition/review of the Internal Security Act (ISA), in particular the provision that allows for detention without trial? Why or why not?

The ISA has deviated from its original purposes. Detention without trial goes against the basic tenets of human rights. It should be reviewed with the ultimate objective of abolishing it. There are already many laws in place which can deal with security issues.

2Do you think Malaysia should be a secular or an Islamic state? Why?

Malaysia should continue to embrace and strengthen our nation’s founding principles.

3How do you define your role as an elected MP? Does Parliament provide you with the necessary infrastructure and support to fulfill your role?

This is my third term as MP. I served the first two terms (1999 to 2008) during the time when Malaysia was under great challenges, from the reformasi era to the political tsunami of 2008. I did my best to bring much-needed change to the country.

This term, as I am also a state executive councillor for the Pakatan Rakyat Penang government, I try to focus on state-federal relationship, and to ensure that good governance is emphasised whoever forms the government.

4Would you support a Freedom of Information Act? Why or why not?

A Freedom of Information Act would definitely bring about accountability, transparency and good governance.

5If there was one thing you could do to strengthen parliamentary democracy in Malaysia, what would it be?

Educating young Malaysians on parliamentary democracy.

6Do you believe in separation of powers between the government, Parliament and judiciary? Why or why not?

Separation of powers among the government, Parliament and judiciary is an ideal principle in ensuring check and balance, which we do not see in Malaysia. We do not know how best it will work, but we can definitely work towards this objective.
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