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PAS scrapes through in Manik Urai (Updated 9.40pm)

Updated 9.40pm on 14 July 2009

 Manik Urai
  Mohd Fauzi Abdullah       PAS 5,348
  Tuan Aziz Tuan Mat       BN 5,283

KUALA KRAI, 14 July 2009: Voting for the Manik Urai by-election officially ended at 5pm today. Counting is now underway at the tallying centre in SMK Sultan Yahya Petra 1.

9.40pm EC results: BN won five out of the nine polling districts namely, Manik Urai Baru, Manik Urai Lama, Temalir, Manjor and Laloh. PAS won the remaining four: Chuchuh Puteri, Sg Sok, Lata Rek and Sg Perial.

9.35pm Newly elected state assemblyperson for Manik Urai, PAS’s Mohd Fauzi Abdullah, addresses gathered supporters of about 200 people, thanking them for their support.

9.30pm In order to calm down a rowdy crown of supporters outside the tallying centre, PAS central working committee member Husam Musa tells them that despite the millions spent by the BN, PAS won, “thanks to you”.

9pm PAS scrapes through with a 65-vote majority. The Election Commission announces that PAS garnered 5,348 votes while BN secured 5,283.

8.15pm PAS has garnered 4,335 votes and BN 4,299 votes from 23 ballot boxes. PAS is only leading with a 36-vote majority at this point. Five more ballot boxes have not been accounted for.

8.00pm PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat leads prayers in the PAS markas.

7.45pm All ballot boxes from nine polling centres have arrived at the tallying centre. Rumours are rife about the results while official results are still pending.

7.30pm 16 ballot boxes are on stage at the moment.

N.41 Manik Urai general election results

  2008 2004
Ismail Yaacob (PAS)
 5,746 Mohamed Zulfipli Omar (Umno)
Zulkepli Omar (Umno)
 4,394 Mohd Zamzuri Mat Lazim
Total votes

Total registered voters

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5 Responses to “PAS scrapes through in Manik Urai (Updated 9.40pm)”

  1. dominik says:

    Pakatan Rayat state assembly[persons] and MPs, I hope this is a wake-up call for your coalition and don’t be [complacent] about your duty as our representatives. As you can see, the BN is really pulling every trick out to win back the rayat’s confidence and they nearly did it.

    If your continuous bickering does not stop, then the states of Kedah, Perak and Selangor will fall back to the ruling party.

  2. Lainie Yeoh says:

    By-elections don’t usually surprise me, but “scrapes through” really does.

  3. pakatanman says:

    Buck up, Pakatan. Enough of complacency and dreaming. Wake up!

  4. armstrong says:

    Pakatan Rakyat, you have to:

    1. Stop intra-party and inter-party fighting
    2. Those who like to fight for the sake of fighting and trojan horses planted by the BN, just remove them. Talents are everywhere, so are trojan horses.
    3. PAS, especially to Hadi and Nasha and their gang, please abide by the spirit of PR and what you have agreed to before the GE, to work together, not to go to bed with Umno to sodomise and be sodomised. Stop acting and behaving like a little Umno.
    4. Throw PAS’s Umno faction to Umno since they like Umno so much.
    5. DAP, have more respect for Malay [Malaysians]. And you must work towards to being accepted by all races.
    6. PKR, to those who are formerly from Umno, please stop carrying the baggage and mindset of Umno. If you’re still thinking about your good old days in Umno, please go and join them too.

    If Paham and Hindraf parties still want to continue to behave like another MIC and racist groups, just let them be. Reach out to Indian [Malaysians] with a genuine heart. Talk to the Sabahans and Sarawakians like your own fellow comrades. If Pakatan Rakyat continues to behave badly and can’t govern the states well, my vote for you is not going to make a difference.

    Got it?

  5. Half Truth says:

    Pakatan leaders – a lesson to learn. Your popularity is diminishing day by day. GE13, don’t dream you will take over the federal government. Why?

    Because, you guys are trying to show your individualist power i.e. to backstab each other as shown in Kedah, Penang and lately in Selangor. Don’t be individualist leaders but team leaders.

    Why can’t you all have PR monthly meetings to address all these issues rather than going through the media and issues are always being blown out of proportion when they reach the rakyat. Frighten the rakyat for what? When are you going to learn? History is repeating itself i.e. from Penang to Kedah to Selangor. Low mentality individualist PR leaders which are not fit to represent PR governments.

    PR leaders are fond showing their stupidity in public. A fool who thinks he is a wise man is really a fool indeed. Don’t be a dead hero but be a living god for the rakyat to follow your example.

    Back up or else PR leaders will be wiped out completely in GE13.

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