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Jawi Adun cleared of power abuse charges

PENANG, 29 July 2009: Jawi assemblyperson Tan Beng Huat has been cleared of allegations of power abuse as Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigations found that there was no evidence to implicate him.

Tan said he had received a letter from Penang MACC director Latifah Mad Yatim dated 23 July, stating that the case had been closed.

“I will apply to Chief Minister (Lim Guan Eng) to retrieve the undated resignation letter that I had submitted recently,” he told reporters here today.

On 15 July, Nibong Tebal DAP division chief Teh Hock Yong lodged four reports with the MACC against Jawi assemblyperson Tan for alleged abuse of power, misappropriation of allocation, and using the state logo on a letter to raise RM5,000 for a Chinese temple.

Tan said according to the MACC letter, the commission would prepare an inspection report on the procurement and supply system, and would address the need for effective prevention of fraud, irregularities and abuse of power.

“I want Teh to apologise to me openly in three days’ time or else I will take legal action against him,” Tan added. — Bernama

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4 Responses to “Jawi Adun cleared of power abuse charges”

  1. chinaman says:

    That’s the way DAP reps work. Long live YB Tan Beng Huat. Keep it up. You will surely be the Adun for Jawi for many, many years to come. Yes, sue the Teh guy. I think he’s a BN agent.

  2. anakdesa says:

    Why wait three days? Teh Hock Yong did not give a minute [for the allegations to be answered] but went straight to MACC. Sue him now, don’t wait for three days. To the DAP, what are you all waiting for? No disciplinary action on this guy Teh, ah? This is the kind of people that will eventually bring down DAP. Better to get rid of one black sheep then to bring down one 1 million peoples’ hope for changes!

  3. hong chun jen says:

    Congratulations to the MACC for a job well done. Obviously, high standards must have been applied because of the time taken in relation to the small amount involved.

    Now, let us see the same standard of investigation applied to all the allegations made against Dr Khir Toyo on the very large sums involved and remove all uncertainties.

  4. Lenaloe says:

    It’s high time Malaysian politicians stop taking allegations against them as personal — both the left and the right. It’s a waste of time for everyone if they were to lodge a defamation case. Some things are just not worth fighting for. Not that redeeming your dignity is wrong, but in this case, is there a significant point to be made that hasn’t already been said?

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