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Holistic approach needed for mat rempits

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 May 2009: A holistic approach is needed to curb the mat rempit (illegal motorcycle racers) menace and overcome the social problems caused by them said Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

“We must take a holistic approach when looking at the whole problem to ascertain whether it involves aspects like education or outside the scope of education which falls under the purview of parents and their families.

“We need a long term solution to combat or solve the anti-social menace caused by them (Mat Rempit). I have yet to be briefed by the relevant authorities,” he told reporters after visiting the Education Ministry’s Educational Technology Division at Bukit Kiara today.

Muhyiddin said there are no statistics yet to show that most of the mat rempits were students, but if they are, it sure is a grave situation and concern.

“We must re-look at the problems faced by the younger generation, not only of those who are in school but also those who have left school.  

“We must find out if they been given opportunities to be involved in worthwhile activities instead of speeding on motorcycles and creating problems that are detrimental to the safety of others,” added Muhyiddin.

Meanwhile, Muhyiddin who is also the Education Minister said he held a meeting with representatives of Union’s in the education sector last week.

“It was a cordial meeting. They submitted various ideas and views on how to improve the levels of teaching in the country. They also raised the issue of improving the welfare and standard of the profession.

“I am very open about it and suggested that they submit their ideas and views formally and we will from time to time look into matters raised. The teaching profession is not only honourable … those involved in it must also be happy with the proper boost,” he added.

He said the issue of heavy workload put on teachers was also raised and: “I am keen to have a look at the present situation and see what can be done to improve their spirit and commitment to teach.”      

Speaking of his visit to the Ministry’s Educational Technology Division, Muhyiddin said the division had trained more than 200,000 teachers to use Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products to develop and enhance their teaching profession.

He added that the division needed an additional allocation to effectively provide such services and the government would look into it. — Bernama

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5 Responses to “Holistic approach needed for mat rempits”

  1. Rosdi says:

    “Holistic approach!”

    These Mat Rempit are already attacking and robbing people. The news is filled with botched robberies which turn to murder. They have crossed the line of budak nakal sekolah, and started to move into criminal gangs.

    Real action must be taken. Not sending them to ceramah, sky diving or organizing motorcycle trips for them which go out of control (damaging mosques, leading to the police being called).

  2. shamsul says:

    Just get those police who are wasting their time to run errands for BN to get to work ,do what they are paid to do. I pay my taxes and expect the police to keep this country safe for our families, instead you will see truckloads of FRU every time there is a by-election, for what? To intimidate the voters. If they can show the same amount of effort going after mat rempits, I think that problem would have been greatly reduced by now.

  3. sarina says:

    Is this guy kidding?

    How many people were killed, injured, mugged over the years, even the police were almost run down, I believe there was a case of a policeman being injured by them.

    Are such suggestion i.e. a “holistic” approach being recommended because they are Malays? The DPM is out of touch with reality – tell it to the families and victims.

  4. StolenHandbag says:

    I agree that a holistic approach is needed. Collect all the Mat Rempits and throw them down a big hole. Problem solved.

  5. Ritchie says:

    Holistic and full of holes. Yes, I must admit the scenario would be a lot different if the Mat Rempits were non-Malays. Citizens have been killed and even members of the Police force attacked and all we hear is this pussyfoot rhetoric both from Barisan politicians and the Police force. It is time to act against these thugs and killers on wheels or the Police force need to apologise to Malaysians for its double standards to those who break the law and are brutally tortured in prisons. Stop the “ketuanan” approach to Mat Rempits before more innocent civilians are killed by them.

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