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Foreigners threaten our country!

SINCE February, I have been on the mailing list for Malaysia Untuk Malaysia (MUM), an anti-immigration and community safety non-governmental organisation. From their email exchanges, however, you’d think they were more of a social club. Not surprising, since their membership base is largely Klang Valley-centered, and seems comprised of white-collar professionals with families. As the latest MUM newsletter touches on recent events, I thought it’d be relevant to post it here:

MUM December newsletter

Cruel and unusual

It is sometimes difficult to comprehend the thinking of our fellow man.

Ms Yim, in full battlegear

Ms Yim Pek Ha, the recently convicted housewife, is a case in point. In fact, she seems to have trouble understanding what she did herself. She was heard to be asking, in court, “Why was this happening to me?”

To many observers, the ability to hurt another human being as Ms Yim did to her Indonesian maid only appears to be possible with severe emotional disability. Only someone psychologically disturbed — or just empathetically impaired — could do such a thing.

We should allow her the benefit of doubt — everyone is familiar with unruly domestic help. But it cannot be denied that severe beatings and hot irons are an overreaction.

One would think that someone who used to work in the service industry (air stewardess), with her own family and children, would not be capable of such monstrous acts. In short, Ms Yim needs psychiatric help.

We care. Our thoughts are with Ms Yim’s family in this difficult time. As she appeals her case, I would urge that our esteemed judiciary once again evaluate the defendant’s disturbed mental state, and adjust their judgement accordingly.

Donald Lum, Secretary

New ad campaign!

John Lam and Mohd Zul, our friendly neighbourhood public relations professionals, have done it again!

Following the success of this year’s awareness campaign, “MALAYSIANS FOR MALAYSIA”, the planning committee have come up with a new, cool series of adverts for 2009. It has been an exciting time for us, with a more hopeful political climate since 803. The new theme, “We care,” reflects our new-found inclusiveness. It also means that tackling the problems of the real pendatang comes from common Malaysians like you and I.

We have two previews!

Text ad 1: Domestic help issue

“Kakak. Kakak who?

“They clean our homes and feed our children. But do you really know who your domestic help is?

“The social disturbances in our Southeast Asian neighbours have resulted in all sorts of extremism, and instilled envy at the relative comfort and peacefulness of our country. While we are often their cover, terrorist groups rumoured to be operating in Malaysia are always trained abroad. The person in your kitchen may very well be associating with such undesirable elements — if she isn’t seducing your husband!

“What is her name? Where does she come from? Who does she see on her day off? Ask your agency for a full background profile today.

“We are Malaysians. We care.”

MUM’s weekly tip: “Di antara orang Filipina,
jangan tertidur!” (source:

Text ad 2: Foreign construction worker issue

“Long hair. Black clothes.

“You see them, even on weekdays, in the very heart of Kuala Lumpur — young men who have come to this country for better work and pay. Yet they seem to spend most of their time in gambling dens and karaoke lounges. On weekends, they take to the streets en masse, getting drunk and brawling.

“How long before this ‘social nuisance’ becomes more than a nuisance? Most home invasions and kidnappings are perpetrated by foreigners. They already take away jobs from skilled working-class citizens, but these foreigners are also a threat to our personal safety!

“Don’t give them so much free time. Confine them to construction sites. This will prevent idle hands from becoming agents of evil. Write to your local representative and demand for tougher enforcement today.

“We are Malaysians. We care.”

Any more ideas? Discuss them in our online forum!

East Malaysia recruitment drive

With two million illegal immigrants in Sabah, it is clear that our East Malaysian brothers and sisters are in dire need of an MUM chapter of their own.  And so, the MUM Sabah chapter opened last September, symbolically on Malaysia day, and is now looking for members. Tell your Sabahan friends! The office address is:

2 Jalan Kemajuan,
Taman Herring Merah,
88200 Kota Kinabalu
Tel: +60 (0)88 263-222
Email: [email protected]

Participants for MUM-Rela attachment

The joint action task force is back by popular demand! Spaces for January’s team are limited (30 places) and going fast. Apply now! Please submit your forms (attached) before 18 Dec 2008 so the Home Ministry can approve them speedily.

Standard equipment and uniforms will be provided. Remember to read the Rela handbook. Also, bear in mind these additional guidelines for your own comfort and maximum performance:

1. Pack a water bottle and a towel. Raids can be very physical, and it is important to keep hydrated. Expect to get down and dirty, as squatter areas are filthy.

2. Get some sleep. Participants will be informed of a raid several days in advance. Use the early notice to prepare yourself for the night ahead. A tired body is less capable of tackling wily, slippery aliens.

3. Do not bring any valuables. Several people lost their iPods last week. The Rela centre is not secure. Please remember that, while your fellow volunteers are fine citizens, most come from less privileged backgrounds, and can be unscrupulous.

4. Improvised enforcement instruments are not allowed. This is more for you own safety, as well as the other members of your team. A raid scenario is very chaotic, and using your kendo shinai will just make things worse. You are not Bruce Willis! Also, golf drivers will get damaged, even if they are titanium shafts. Stick to the standard-issue truncheon. It isn’t glamourous, but it is easy to use and effective.

5. Don’t go for supper at a nearby food stall or mamak. It should be readily apparent that the neighbourhoods surrounding raid locations are not safe. Participants relaxing in their Rela uniforms are just targets for reprisal by illegals. Return directly to headquarters after a raid and change. Then you can have your teh tarik.

6. Most importantly, have fun! Don’t take things too seriously. Remember: raids are not work.

Year-end barbecue and dance

This year’s MUM annual barbecue and dance is on 28 Dec 2008, at the Selangor National Golf Club. Do remember to RSVP your attendance. The party starts at 8pm, but if you’d like to help in preparations, do feel free to come early! If you would like to bring food or drink, please confirm with FNB co-ordinator Marian (01*-**** ***) by 10 Dec latest, so that she can organise things.

Following last year’s fiasco surrounding our “special guest”, the committee has scrapped the bring-your-own firewood gimmick. We are pleased to announce that an ample supply of fuel, and a permit for open burning, has already been secured!

Bring your white cloaks and dancing shoes, and be ready to have fun!!!


Zedeck Siew trips on his white cloak when he dances.

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7 Responses to “Foreigners threaten our country!”

  1. t says:

    I’ve always acknowledged that xenophobia was rife in our societies but this is beyond what I thought and expected. This is appalling…

  2. Vikraman says:

    I am truly appalled by this article. This article truly reflects all that is wrong with Malaysia and for it to be written by a non-malay is even more hurting. My heart weeps for your callous behaviour.

    Dear Zedeck Siew,

    Were your grandparents not one migrants too to this land of opportunity? How would you feel if such a xenophobic group like the one you condone in this article were to take truncheons to their heads?

    It is absolute hypocrisy in EVERY WAY for any sane minded person to demand that the government abolish their racist ways (like Zedeck Siew surely does in his spare time) and then condone this.

    My disappointment cannot be expressed in just words sir. Appalling. Completely, utterly appalling.

  3. muhibbah says:

    Typo here:

    “…you’d think they were more of social club.”

    Apa nak jadi ni, Shanon?

    Editor’s note: Amir, you’re seeing things. Anyway, it’s been corrected.

    You sound so smug that our “New Yorker”-zero typo aspirations have been compromised and left terdedah di depan biji mata para pembaca. You, one of our very own columnists! Oh the humiliation.

    Shanon Shah
    Columns and Comments Editor
    The Nut Graph

  4. Bob K says:

    For a moment there I was shocked to see that there actually might be such an organisation out there. I think the Taman Herring Merah clued me in a bit.

    Unfortunately, satire sometimes merely reflects what already is in living colour in society.

  5. Donald Lum says:

    Editor: The Nut Graph cannot verify the contents or the source of the following comment, but in the interest of budding Malaysian satire, we will allow it.

    Shanon Shah
    Columns and Comments Editor
    The Nut Graph


    Mr Zedeck Siew,

    Thank you for featuring our organisation and struggle for a more caring Malaysia for Malaysians. I would like to invite keen parties to an event that did not make the December newsletter:

    Little Dragon Ladies Forum
    Date: Saturday 20th December 2008
    Venue: Malaysian National Space Agency Auditorium

    Guest panelists:
    1. Mdm Yong Hock Wah, homemaker
    2. Mr Spartacus Tan, foreign maid agent.
    3. Dr Aloysius Gunapalan, marriage guidance counsellor.
    4. TBC – Representative from the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

    I apologize if details are sketchy at the moment as a lot hinges on the attendance of a certain cabinet minister. Please email me if you are keen on attending.

    All are welcome as we will also be registering new members on the day.

    Donald Lum
    [email protected]
    Secretary & Grand Cicak

  6. Hwa Shi-Hsia says:

    Argh! Deck, I started freaking out before I realized this was satire.

  7. ilann says:

    Hats off Zedeck! They share a secret handshake with the folks at The Supremacy Club.

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