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Duelling astrologers!

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MALAYSIANS will know popular astrological guru Matthew Chan from his column Planets of the Rich and Famous in a popular but short-lived, local, lifestyle magazine. Chan now commands quite an online following. I found this recent post on his blog, where he takes the other popular astrological guru, Thomas Chin, to task. Read and tremble.

Matthew Chan speaks!

Normally I would not bother myself with responding to crackpot predictions. This is an exception.

Amid the widespread clairvoyance now ringing ‘cross the Internets (sic) by all and sundry, I found the following post on so-called mystic Thomas Chin’s blog. Mr Chin, it bears recounting, was the founder and former director of the FutureHere Foundation, an organisation dedicated to peddling a discipline called “economic astrology”. This pseudo-science claims that “in times of disturbance, the ability to see beyond will enable policy makers and industry leaders to prepare for inevitable social upheaval.” Read from that what you will.

Now Chin is a freelance mystic, offering advice to the general public on how to deal with calamities he is spotting just below the horizon. This charlatan could be easily dismissed, but for the fact that he has had the ear of the ruling elite on several occasions in the past. So I find it is my civic duty to rebut.

Warnings for 2009

Chin says: “What’s in a Name: 2009 (2+0+0+9) is a No 11 year in numerology — a Master Number that, through its high vibrational capacity, means a volatile year ahead. The fragile state of the world economy can hardly take more shaking up; it needs stable circumstances to recover. This does not bode well. Expect the predicted recession to continue.”

We begin to see just how much Chin is a fraud. Everyone knows that (11) signifies great change and potential disaster — but only if people make bad decisions. (11) indicates we have reached a fork in the road, and may choose change for the worse, or the better.

The energy of the number (11) means that it will be a challenge for humanity to choose positively (fiscal responsibility, social justice, etc.), but it is by no means inevitable. I think that, following the heartening developments in politics since the 2007 Bersih march and March 2008, we should give Malaysians more credit for making good decisions.

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Car trouble

Chin continues: “Before the second quarter of 2009, the world automobile industry will go into a downward spiral of massive loss. Due to the Mercury retrograde in early January, Malaysian carmakers such as Proton will not be spared. This is due to the debate about the national car in opposition states, which has become a touchstone issue. In turn, this will reduce consumer confidence, as what Malaysian car you drive becomes a badge of national allegiance. Foreign brands will not carry this sociopolitical baggage.”

Chin is clearly shortsighted. Mercury going retrograde means good things.

As the automotive industry braces for slowdown and recession, it has given several clear indications to a renewed commitment to fuel-efficient technologies. The advancement and implementation of green tech will mean a net gain for the future.

Also, only Proton will go bust. Other manufacturers, such as Perodua, which offer affordable, efficient alternatives, will flourish. The Malaysian polity is not so politicised as to resist a good, cheap car.

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No-fly zone

Chin claims the airline industry will crash by the third fiscal quarter.

He says: “Malaysian Airlines (sic) will fall prey to global trends, as it is not adept enough to adapt. Strongman Air Asia (sic) will also not survive.”

Chin gives no explanation to this Nostradamus-like prediction, and reveals himself for what he is: a depressed doomsayer. The vigorous magnetic activity promised by the influence of Jupiter means a good year for flight: companies will recover. This is also a literal advantage, as pilots will find themselves more alert on the wing, and their craft buoyed up by the Earth’s uplifting fields.

No jobs

Chin continues to demonstrate his lack of understanding by saying that Malaysia will face a huge immigration problem when the migrant workforce is retrenched.

He says: “These groups will have to compete with the growing ranks of unemployed Malaysian citizens. Due to the presence of the Mercury/Mars combination, Pisces individuals will lead clashes of violence.”

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Here Chin betrays his ignorance in basic Eastern-Western interdisciplinary interpretation. While the planetary combo does point towards increased aggression on the part of Pisceans, the Ox Yin-Earth nature of 2009 will mean a suppressed tendency towards violent behaviour. Thus, these allegedly timebomb-like Fishies would be more inclined towards constructive industriousness instead.

New general election

Chin demonstrates that he has lost all his celestial marbles with the following nonsense:

“The Barisan Nasional government, after the Umno party elections, will dissolve Parliament and call for an election, so that the new prime minister may begin his administration with a renewed mandate. Pluto is traditionally linked to the continuation of existing regimes; its ascendancy in 2009, alongside improved campaign strategies, will mean a bigger victory than in March 2008. However, the opposition will retain their five states. 

“This has far-reaching implications. Continuing recession will mean swift cynicism with the new government. The opportunist opposition cults-of-personality will step up their agitation on various issues, only increasing tension.

“Negeri Sembilan will devolve into succession war. There will be a nationwide schism between pro-yoga and anti-yoga Muslims. Civil war between the North Peninsula and South Peninsula may result. Sabah and Sarawak will secede to become a timber oligarchy and personal fief, respectively. There will be blood on the streets.”

Blatant scare tactics. With his demonisation of our opposition and its Glorious Leaders, and the vote-government-or-society-will-descend-into-chaos tone of his predictions, Chin discredits himself. He is exposed as the ruling government lackey we have long suspected him to be.

And in the off-chance that it is conscionable to take Chin’s “warnings” seriously, any sane person who has lived in the 21st century can see that it is total bollocks. Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

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Zedeck Siew is a semi-industrious Piscean.

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