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Criticising the monarchy

“Because the Rajas so easily handed over Singapore, Penang and Pangkor to the colonialists and then the Malay states, the People (“rakyat”) could no longer accept a system that only gives power to the Rajas and the People are not given any role in the country’s politics.”

FORMER Umno president and Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, during his historic speech to Parliament in February 1993 before he successfully moved to amend the Federal Constitution to remove royal immunities. (Source: Criticising Malaysia’s royals, Asia Sentinel, 16 Feb 2009)

“Political leaders, including Government leaders, definitely [hear] and [realise] the views and anger of a number of people that [know] about the Rajas’ doings. Such is their anger till there are, mostly among the young generation, [those] that consider the Raja system to be behind times.

“But because of the Sedition Act and prohibitions on criticising the Rajas, Rajas do not listen and do not believe their advisors when such information is conveyed about the people’s anxiety. The Rajas and the royal families seem to opine that all of these are inventions of the advisors to the Rajas to scare them or snatch the Rajas’ rights.

“In this situation, the Rajas not only continue their habits that the people dislike and are uneasy with but also matters that are hated by the people. If this trend is not stopped, the feelings of the people towards the Raja will boil over and become so bad that at a point of time in the future, the people may no longer be able to control their feelings.”

Mahathir, in his 1993 speech to Parliament. (Source: Criticising Malaysia’s royals, Asia Sentinel, 16 Feb 2009)

“Sultan Selangor telah bertitah bahawa masjid tidak boleh digunakan untuk tujuan politik …

“Titah itu adalah pendapat peribadi baginda. Ia bukan arahan, perintah atau ‘decree’. Dalam sistem raja berpelembagaan, sultan tidak boleh mengeluarkan arahan atau perintah seperti zaman raja-raja Melaka dahulu … Pendapat sultan hanyalah pandangan peribadi. Sekurang-kurangnya ia boleh dianggap sebagai nasihat yang baik – untuk semua pihak, bukan bagi mana-mana individu atau kumpulan sahaja.”

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR)’s Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, also a former Umno veteran and cabinet minister, on the Selangor sultan’s “decree” for mosques not to be politicised. The sultan made this decree during the campaigning period of the Hulu Selangor by-election, in which Zaid, as PKR’s candidate, was defeated by the Barisan Nasional’s P Kamalanathan. (Source: Beza arahan dan pandangan peribadi, Zaid Ibrahim’s blog, 5 May 2010)

“Ia merupakan sesuatu yang biadap serta tidak menghormati Sultan Selangor sebagai Ketua Agama Islam negeri.”

Former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo, characterising Zaid’s views as “rude”. Meanwhile, Subang Umno lodged a police report against Zaid, while Cheras Umno called for his datukship to be stripped. Several Selangor-based right-wing Malay groups also demanded that Zaid apologise openly to the sultan within 24 hours from 6 May. (Source: “Kata-kata Zaid Ibrahim sangat biadap terhadap tuanku” – Bekas MB, mStar Online, 6 May 2010)

“There are parties that opine that the Malay Rajas are needed to protect Malay [Malaysians]. The MacMichael Agreement and the Malayan Union incidents clearly prove that those who are willing and able to protect the Malays are the Malays themselves. If not because they rose up and opposed the Malayan Union, today, the Malays would have been beggars in their own country.

“The attempts by some parties to scare Malay [Malaysians] towards the amendment are caused by those who wish to use racial sentiments for the interests of their own parties. Their history does not assure us that they are sincere. They are the ones who try to weaken Malay [Malaysians] by breaking up Umno and working with certain parties that are viewed with suspicion by Malay [Malaysians].”

Mahathir, in his 1993 speech to Parliament. (Source: Criticising Malaysia’s royals, Asia Sentinel, 16 Feb 2009) favicon

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2 Responses to “Criticising the monarchy”

  1. Typical Umno mentality of being two-faced. If the situation does not suit them they condemn it, but if they can take advantage of the situation they do an about turn and embrace what they have condemned earlier.

    Sadly we still find gullible rakyat who fall for the rhetorics of Umno.

  2. How many times we must retract these for them to realized! Shanon, together we unite. No more ‘sembah-menyembah’ except for the Al-Mighty God!

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