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Cops to record statement from Wong’s boyfriend

SHAH ALAM, 18 Feb 2009: Police will record a statement from Bukit Lanjan assemblyperson Elizabeth Wong’s boyfriend over her nude pictures scandal today, Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said.

He said police had received two nude photographs, as well as a compact disc, of the 37-year-old politician from a Malay Mail journalist.

So far, police had recorded statements from two Malay Mail journalists and two other journalists from theSun in connection with the case, he told reporters at a function here.

He said police were now monitoring websites which posted the pictures.

He advised those in possession of the politician’s nude pictures to either destroy or hand them over to the police, adding that stern action would be taken against those found distributing the pictures.

Yesterday, Wong offered to resign as an assemblyperson and also Selangor executive councillor over the case. — Bernama


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3 Responses to “Cops to record statement from Wong’s boyfriend”

  1. Alibaba says:

    “Police had recorded statements from two Malay Mail journalists and two other journalists from theSun in connection with the case.”

    It’s probably Barisan Nasional behind the nude photos.

  2. abubaker says:

    Maybe the culprit and his journalist friends just had a chitchat and a cup of coffee with the police. This is normal practice.

  3. HRZ says:

    This episode so far, has left a really bad taste in my mouth. It has been alleged that the person who took the pictures of Elizabeth, is a Muslim and the person calling for her blood, is a Muslim, too. Where the “sex video” is concerned, it would not surprise me at all, if it comes about that she was not aware of it.

    I am a Chinese and a Muslim. So, it saddens me that the Muslims involved are showing no respect for a person’s privacy and have forgotten that Islam forbids this kind of behavior. This is not what Islam is about.

    In fact, this “taking down a person” by attacking her reputation by “showing all” is like killing a fellow human being.

    Elizabeth’s action, of not going public with the suspected person’s name (so far),and submitting her resignation of her public posts, is what a Muslim should do.

    Imagine,right now, we have a situation where a non-Muslim’s action is more “Islamic” than the behavior of these two Muslims.

    What is our country coming to? I see our politicians proclaiming they are the “true Muslims” and their actions are contrary to the religion. Do they think they will not be answerable for their actions and deeds in this world and the hereafter?

    Do they believe that all their sins shall be forgiven by going to Friday prayers and just to be sure, going for umrah?

    Pray for our country.

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