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Bukit Selambau by-election results (Updated 11.04pm)

Updated 11.04pm, 7 April 2009

PKR’s Manikumar Subramaniam (left) and the Barisan Nasional (BN)’s Datuk Ganesan Subramaniam

6.50pm First ballot box from Petani Para voting district has arrived at the tallying centre at Dewan Sekolah Menengah Teknik Sungai Petani 1.

7.07pm Unconfirmed reports say PKR has won the Petani Para stream.

7.21pm The Election Commission (EC) confirms that voter turnout in this state seat in Kedah was 70.28%.

7.40pm More ballot boxes arrive at the tallying centre but no official results have been annoucned.

7.44pm Unconfirmed reports say PKR has won the Taman Bandar Baru stream with a 111-vote majority.

8.01pm After tabulating nine streams, PKR candidate S Manikumar has 1,599 votes to BN’s Datuk S Ganesan who only has 979 votes. The 13 contesting independents are trailing far behind.

8.10pm Including postal votes, PKR’s Manikumar has 1,612 votes and BN’s Ganesan 1,013 votes. The 13 independents have a total of 135 votes, with Major (Rtd) Anuar Abdul Hamid leading with 45 votes.

8.21pm PKR’s Manikumar officially leads with 1,712 votes while BN’s Ganesan only has 1,142 votes from 11 polling streams. Independent Anuar has 51 votes while the 12 other independent candidates have a total of 72 votes.

Unofficially, PKR estimates that from 30 out of 64 streams, exlcuding the postal vote stream, PKR is leading by 1,476 votes.

8.42pm Out of 16 streams, PKR’s Manikumar has 2,621 votes and BN’s Ganesan 2,034 votes — a difference of 587 votes. BN’s lead is closing in on PKR. Independents Major Anuar has 89 votes, Husaini Yaacob 45 votes.

8.43pm PKR’s Manikumar arrives looking confident. He is accompanied by party vice-president Azmin Ali. PKR unofficially claims victory of 2,300-plus majority.

9.13pm From 28 out of a total of 65 streams, including the postal vote stream, PKR’s Manikumar has 4,882 votes while BN’s Ganesan has 3,940 votes. Manikumar’s majority is 942 votes. Major Anuar has 199 votes. Husaini 106 votes.

9.25pm Out of 33 streams, Manikumar has 5,880 votes, Ganesan 4,708. PKR leads over BN with 1,172 votes. Major Anuar has 232 votes and Husaini 124 votes.

PKR Members of Parliament (MPs) for Kapar S Manikavasagam and for Balik Pulau Yusmadi Yusoff arrive. Also present is PAS’s information chief Mahfuz Omar.

9.44pm Out of 38 voting streams, Manikumar has 6,767 votes, Ganesan 5,554. Manikumar is now leading with 1,213 votes. Major Anuar has 288 votes, Husaini 135.

9.50pm Out of 40 voting streams, Manikumar has 7,127 votes, Ganesan 5,927. Manikumar is leading with 1,200 votes. Major Anuar has 310 votes, Husaini 139.

9.55pm Out of 41 voting streams, Manikumar has 7,398 votes, Ganesan 6,228. Manikumar is leading with 1,170 votes. Major Anuar has 314 votes, Husaini 140.

10.12pm Out of 50 voting streams, Manikumar has 9,422 votes, Ganesan 7,606. Manikumar is leading with 1,816 votes. Major Anuar has 358 votes, Husaini 176.

10.17pm Out of 57 voting streams, Manikumar has 10,950 votes, Ganesan 9,001. Manikumar is leading with 1,949 votes.

10.21pm Out of 59 voting streams, Manikumar has 11,565 votes, Ganesan 9,391. Manikumar is leading with 2,174 votes. Major Anuar has 484 votes, Husaini 235.

10.27pm Out of 61 voting streams, Manikumar has 11,856 votes, Ganesan 9,708. Manikumar is leading with 2,148 votes. Major Anuar has 501 votes, Husaini 236.

10.35pm The 13 independents contesting in Bukit Selambau seem destined to lose their deposits.

10.47pm Final tally from 65 streams. Manikumar is victorious with 12,632 votes. BN’s Ganesan only secures 10,229 votes. Margin of victory is 2,403 votes. The 13 independents in total garnered 1,326 votes and have all lost their deposits. There were 415 spoilt votes.

Azmin Ali said Pakatan Rakyat’s victory in Bukit Selambau was a referendum against the country’s new administration. Manikumar announced that he would set up a service centre within 48 hours.

 Bukit Selambau
  Manikumar Subramanian   PKR  12,632
  Datuk Ganesan Subramaniam   BN  10,229
  R Loganathan   Independent    31
  Tan Hock Huat   Independent  78
  Mohd Radhi Mat Lazim   Independent  25
  Mohd Fadzli Wahab   Independent  83
  Abdul Rahim Abu   Independent  60
  L Sarala   Independent  49
  A Jayagopal   Independent  35
  S Moganakumar   Independent  46
  Khamis Awang   Independent 29
  Husaini Yaacob   Independent  257
  Venason Michael   Independent  32
  Major (Rtd) Anuar Abdul Hamid      Independent  528
  T Chandrarajan   Independent  73

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6 Responses to “Bukit Selambau by-election results (Updated 11.04pm)”

  1. D Lim says:

    Oh dear me! I didn’t know there were so many independants in the Bukit Selambu by-elections. It’s hilarious but nevertheless, it’s good for democracy.

  2. cedee says:

    It’s indeed funny – perhaps the perception that both parties were losing the confidence of the people.

  3. alcmy says:

    I am a voter in Bukit Selambau. Since nomination day, the voters in this by-election have wanted to kick BN’s ass. No way BN was going to win. S Manikumar would garner more votes and show that the rakyat really rejects BN. A point to ponder, Mr Mongolia.

  4. Shaharuddin Mohamed says:

    Syabas and congratulations YB Manikumar.

    No time to rest from now onwards. Looking forward to reading about your good deeds for the rakyat from now onwards. Keep your focus and listen only to the advise of the people you trust.

    God speed brother.

  5. chinamy says:

    I support any party which practises a clean and just administration. May the winner keep his [or her] promises to the people and work hard to fight for the rights of all.

  6. thanaraj says:

    Pakatan Rakyat boleh.

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