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Boycott products by Jewish companies: PPIM

KUALA LUMPUR, 6 Jan 2009: The Muslim Consumers Association Malaysia (PPIM) will launch a nationwide campaign urging Malaysians to boycott products made by Jewish companies following Israel’s military invasion of Gaza.

Its secretary-general Datuk Dr Ma’mor Osman said the campaign would kick off at the National Mosque on 9 Jan.

He said the boycott campaign would be carried out with several other non-governmental organisations such as the Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association, Ummah Consultative Council (Pewaris), Muslim Restaurant Operators Association Malaysia (Presma) and Interactive Muslimah Association (Iman).

“This campaign is organised to protest against the injustice and atrocities committed by Israel and supported by its allies. Malaysians, especially Muslim consumers, should support this campaign,” he told reporters, here, today.

He said Israel must be told that its action was abhorred as its military assault on Gaza had killed more than 500 Palestinians and injured hundreds more.

Ma’mor said in the campaign, PPIM would also urge the Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) to withdraw the halal certificates issued to Jewish-owned companies.

“This is because the revenue earned from these products is used to make bombs and other weapons to attack Muslim states.”

He said by using their power, consumers could weaken the economy of these companies and send a clear message to Israel and its ally, the United States, not to victimise the Palestinians.

“This way, we can also increase the production and consumption of local products,” he added. — Bernama


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41 Responses to “Boycott products by Jewish companies: PPIM”

  1. Bob K says:

    Why target one whole religious community? Shouldn’t it suffice to boycott the products of Israel?

    The absurdity of attempting to fight bigotry with bigotry shows here.

  2. sleme says:

    Oooh, so brave of PPIM. Of course Malaysia is awash with Israeli-made consumer goods in the market place. This is an empty and irrelevant statement. Of course it is endorsed by PPIM’s masters who fund them. Why not boycott all American companies for a week? No Esso, Caltex, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Apple, etc., for one whole week. After all it is the US that is vetoing all the resolutions against Isreal. Why?

  3. Lee says:

    Good idea. Malaysians can start by removing many of the life-saving equipment from its hospitals that were developed in Israel. Then, they can destroy their PC laptops, as the Intel chips are most likely made in Israel. I can go on and on. Hopefully Malaysians aren’t ignorant enough to know that Israel is a country and Judaism is a religion. This boycott is equivalent to countries boycotting Muslim products because of the atrocious genocide taking place in Darfur.

  4. Brian Fong says:

    Every time there is a Muslim-US-Israel conflict, certain quarters of the Malaysian population will call for the boycott of US or Israel goods.

    Do they know the implications if such calls are really heeded by all Malaysians?

    Such a move will not even be noticed by MNCs of both countries, on the other hand, our importers, license manufacturers and factory workers will find themselves with no income and no jobs by the end of the day!

    You are not punishing others but our fellow Malaysians especially during the current economic crisis facing the world.

  5. WH says:

    I used to work for a US MNC that is 49% owned by PNB. Let’s say we boycott the products of this company, which by the way, employs over 700 Malaysian (primarily Muslim) workers and pays handsome dividends to PNB (and is passed through to ASN) annually. I don’t even want to get into the new biotech project that is heading for Penang right now or the other MNCs all over Malaysia. See the absurdity of the so-called boycott. It’s like cutting your nose to spite your face!

  6. Atticus Yap says:

    Honestly, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. The economy is already so bad. And now you’re boycotting US products owned by Jews? Do you know how many products in our daily life are owned by the Jewish people? You’ve no idea! It’s not just Starbucks, Colgate, McDonald’s, Gucci and so on, it can be anything from a Mars bar to your Levis jeans. Just too many to list them here. Not to mention technology products. What about telling Jewish Michael Dell not to manufacture Dell computers here? Or to tell the proud Jewish Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft that we don’t need Microsoft. Even better, we don’t need Google, Facebook, Oracle, etc. These owners are Jewish, and what can we do about it? The economy is already so bad and you are making it worse. As “listen” and “silent” have the same letters, we all should think, analyze, and question, see the bigger and deeper picture before we make ourselves look like fools, and more people will suffer in Malaysia.

  7. rerbush says:

    When we say boycott just don’t go berserk and starve yourself/the nation to death. Use your brain la.

    Some stupid American products can be avoided. Why waste RM10 for a cup of coffee that tastes like longkang water in hard times like this? Because you were bred in the good USA, not Kepong ?

    I say if you have an alternative then we should support our own homegrown companies instead of blindly being slaves to American pop culture.

  8. Dr Chan says:

    Why don’t we take all the Intel chips out from our computers and we smash our Compaq and Dell computers. Even better, we don’t use Microsoft windows. We don’t watch movies and tv programs from Warner Brothers/Fox, MTV,ABC, Paramount studios, CBS, Bloomberg, or read Newsweek, we don’t wear Banana Republic, Benetton & Kappa, Calvin Klein, Caterpillar, Chanel, Donna Karan, Estee Lauder, Gap, GUESS, Hugo Boss, Kenneth Cole, L’Oreal, Neiman-Marcus, Old Navy, Ralph Lauren, Revlon, Timberland, haha, and we don’t eat Nestle, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King, and we don’t buy the best toys from Hasbro, Mattel, Toys R Us for our kids, many other products like Johnson&Johnson. I can go on and on. PPIM, you must be kidding me!

  9. I heart Natalie says:

    I could live without Starbucks but I’ll never denounce my undying love for Natalie Portman.

  10. Mr. Wong says:

    rerbush said: “Use your brain la” – what kinda comment is that? Go back to the roots of what you’ve learned in school – mathematics, physics, chemistry, music, economics, medicine, and so on. Only then would you be grateful to one of the great sources of learning and thank the Jewish. Without them, we wouldn’t be here talking – we would be 20 years behind.

    When the media hits you with another message, don’t take the idea for granted. Listen for the message behind the message. Analyse and question. What do you know about the actual events? Do you know about the hundreds of suicide bombings, and more than 6,500 rockets and missiles fired at Israel by Hamas since Israel withdrew its troops from Gaza in 2005? Of course, most were taken down by Israel’s Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) system. And from 19 to 25 December, more than 400 rained down on the southern part of Israel.

  11. cl says:

    Who are u referring to, Mr/Ms rerbush? Are you telling us, non-Muslims, to use our brains more? I was born and bred in Kepong but I do understand the big picture. It’s not just Starbucks – I don’t drink it anyway. And I also don’t watch movies from Hollywood, which are mainly owned by the Jews. But have you thought of it “long term?” Who doesn’t need their products? Japan or China? Do you know what’s the quality of life? If we’ve an alternative like what you suggest, we might as well live in the kampung forever, and Kepong wouldn’t be developed this way. If you want to do this, then plan – short-term, mid-term, long-term. Don’t simply do it without thinking of the consequences.

    Just look at what’s really going on in the world in terms of peace and quality of life. Look at UAE and Saudi Arabia, they choose to be silent because they use their brains.

    And if your plan works in the long run, what are you going to do with thousands of people being unemployed in the short term, and waiting to be recruited back by our “Malaysia boleh” companies? You will see how are we going to suffer even more when the high employment rate is met with the high inflation rate. We’re not going backward.

  12. Noor Azlin says:

    Hey guys. Don’t get offended by the initiative okay. As Muslims, we are much concerned about our future and of course this is one of the ways to show to the Uncle Sam and his associate – Israel – that the Muslim people will continue to defend our religion and other Muslim countries, especially Palestine..

    Please read the history before commenting okay. If you feel it is irrelevant and a ridiculous idea, that’s your choice.

  13. May says:

    Again? When I read this…argh…it’s so stupid, so shallow. C’mon, do your calculations!

  14. K.K. says:

    Don’t eat McDonalds, eat Ramly urger! Don’t watch Batman and Spiderman, watch Cicakman! Don’t watch “American Idol,” watch “One in a Million!” Don’t drink Starbucks, drink Old Town’s or Kopi kaw-kaw! Don’t wear Nike shoes, wear Bata shoes! Don’t wear Levis Jeans, wear Camel Jeans! Don’t watch Man United vs Liverpool live on ESPN, watch Kedah vs My-Team live on RTM! Malaysia Boleh!

  15. Daniel C says:

    We can at least try! 😀

    Both sides may err but its so obvious who has more power and more responsibility to seek peace. Iraq, Afghanistan and Gaza are examples of how the threat of “terror” is manipulated by the West for their own geo-political and economic interests.

    Don’t you find it disturbing how the death of 1 American or Isreali life is alway made to be 1000 times more tragic than those from the rest of the world?

    Mahatma Ghandi was super awesome at boycotting the British, as powerful as they were back then. Few could imagine back then that locals could ever govern their own country without all the wealth and ‘wisdom’ of the West.

    Imagine how different China would be if it had been successful in boycotting opium? Why sell our soul for the luxury of watching some bad American sitcom? Sure I can’t avoid my American internet but certain things can still be avoided or [the use] lessened.

    Besides, lowering consumption and avoiding the “buy and throw” mentality of American consumerist society would really give Nature more time to heal and greater things to share with the future generation.


  16. James Wong says:

    Stop acting like you know everything about economics, especially Ms/Mr Atticus Yap. It’s as simple as this. Since you are so good with numbers or economics then, please take a look at the numbers of Palestinian civilians who are dying due to the Israeli bombing.

    Imagine for a moment that what is happening there is actually happening now here in Malaysia. Your house is bombed and collapses, killing your mother and your daughter, and your hands are wet with their blood. Please imagine that for like 10 seconds.

    The Palestinians have been living with it everyday since 1948, way before our independence. It’s been more than 60 years, for your information. And here you are, complaining about doing without products from Dell, Starbucks, etc. and “oh how can we live without McD’s and stuff”.

    If you don’t want to be part of this, just shut up and stop giving your “thoughtful comments”. OK just go to your nearest Starbucks and get your Frappucino or whatever they have there and live your happy life with all of the “great Jewish” products.

    That is at least you can do to help the suffering of the Palestinians and to ease their burdens. Thank you.

  17. Yap says:

    To Noor Azlin, please check you history. Are you trying to teach us that the Palestine State has been stolen by the Jews? You should do your research before commenting. Study the actual event and the map of the area from the Babylonian period to World War II, and to the Six-Day War (which led to the creation of Gaza today).

    You should study what happened in the Six-Day War. Just who attacked whom, and how many Arab countries tried to destroy Israel. Who were making all these “sure-victory” noises?? And then what happened? Surrender in 6 days?

    And you don’t need to go to Harvard to be able to understand that Israel was defending herself since day 1… and for centuries, those Jews outside Israel have been running in fear as to avoid being killed just because of their race/identity. Don’t forget the anti-semitism that led to the Jews being targetted by the Nazis in World War II. Since the days of Abraham, the Jews have survived and become even stronger.

    And let’s drill into the Nazi’s topic a bit…not only killing the Jews…as part of Holocaust, they also killed people and children who were mentally and physically handicapped, homosexuals and others … don’t you see the “pattern/sequence” of evil here? There’s already something wrong there.

    In other words, a person wouldn’t do evil things suddenly after being a good person for all his life. It grows from stage to stage…from phase to phase…you don’t see a housewife happily cooking at home and next day, going out to shoot up with drug addicts or killing herself for no reason … don’t you get it?

    Look at what the Jews have contributed instead? Get what I mean??? Anger/Frustration is not a solution.

    Because, with anger and frustration, you’d never see the truth. Think, analyse and question … see the big picture. And what do you know about the Hamas terrorists? They are terrorists!!! Even some Palestinians are afraid of them. Watch these two videos: and

  18. Sofiah says:

    I agree with Noor Azlin… it’s anyone’s choice to buy or not to buy whatever they want to… the reason why American products are targetted as well is because they fully support this cruel act. As for me, I can live without McDonalds, Starbucks, etc… The act of boycott is just an initiative from the Muslim community…it is not a constraint..

  19. David says:

    Wow…Malaysians can write so well!!! The world needs more educated and informed people to drain out the ignorance and shine the light on hope while banishing the fear. I also have many friends who are Muslims and luckily, some of them can think and understand the picture as a whole. Otherwise, Malaysia wouldn’t be so developed as today.

    Life has no problems, only opportunities. As we’re on the right track to achieve our Vision 2020, why spoil it? Yeah, I know, with all these “Malaysia Boleh”…we still have to think about our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats from all angles! We can’t just believe we “boleh” all the time without calculating the risks and consequences. It’s not like everyone of us must read Sun Tzu’s Art of War in order to see the picture wisely. It’s not like we’ve to be in such situations as what the Jews had in the past (being discriminated against and having to hide their identity), and would still succeed.

    We must all learn to think wisely. Not only Jews, we must learn from those who can succeed in such conditions, who keep promoting education and Peace (and others like WWF, Unicef, Save the Children, etc.)!!!

    The Best is yet to come! & Peace!!!

  20. May says:

    Sofiah, so who supports rockets and missiles to the Hamas terrorists? Don’t you know Hamas are the terrorists? They have been blacklisted by most countries including Jordan, Japan, and others who are not friends of the US. They even kill their own people. When you study the actual events in history, you don’t see Jews attacking others first. They only fight in self defence. Do some research and find out what happened in 1967. How they were surrounded by the Arab countries? And then? Today, who have proven themselves to the world? And who have made contributions to the world? Have we forgotten about that?

    Don’t keep saying religion this or religion that. I’m not even Christian or Muslim. But I do know that Jews believe if God is forever, then Israel will be forever. Who has succeeded in destroying them? I can understand if you could avoid watching Stephen Spielberg’s movies, things like that. But can you avoid using Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc?

    Saying and making all these noises is easy. And telling people “we don’t use, use home-grown only if we have alternatives”. If you hate them so much, why still use their products?What kind of people are we? Why do we have to wait for our home-grown “experts” to come up with something like those proud Jews – Sergey Brin (Google), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), and so on? Do you think Jews will ban you from using their products? No, they maybe Jewish, but they are people of integrity and wisdom. They are people who always like to ask questions, analyse, and learn. Look at what Bill Gates has done. Even though he has donated so much money to Israel. But where did most of his fortune go? Africa, children, education, medicine.

    What have we done? I’m a Buddhist. And I think what they’ve done is really impressive. We need more people like them.

  21. ray says:

    Don’t be such a hypocrite, lah. Hamas, the terrorists, can fire thousands of missiles and rockets into Israel, so why can’t the Israelis return fire? Even if the Hamas terrorists use their people as shields in residential areas or schools, Israel still has every right to defend herself by destroying their rockets. Defence is defence.

    Don’t tell me I have to wait for the opponent to do everything first, and only then return fire? Don’t tell me if you use children as shields all the time, I’ll back off forever and wait for you to shoot me everyday. DON’T YOU GET IT??? And now you’re asking us to use our brain???? Is this being hypocrite part of “Malaysia Boleh”???

    When Muslims kill Muslims, you guys have no problems with that. When Hamas trains their kids to be like terrorists using real guns, you guys just keep quiet. When Hamas attacks Israel and kills innocent people and children in Israel, you guys are ok with that. When Israel returns fire, you guys would cry for help. Don’t be such a hypocrite. You don’t have to be an adult to be able to understand what I’m trying to say. If you continue doing that, you’ll be behind others forever.

    Truth is truth. Accept it and grow from it.

  22. Eskay says:

    Every time there is conflict in Palestine, there will be loud calls for a boycott of this and that. But as usual, these calls will be forgotten in a short time.

    But the recent call for a boycott of American goods like Coca-Cola, KFC, Colgate, McDonald’s. etc. in Malaysia lack rational thinking, because the above businesses are franchised and majority-owned by Malaysians.

    Do we want to see more Malaysian-workers being made jobless to joined the already tens of thousands of unemployed?

    Calling workers not to work in such businesses is even more stupid, especially during this present recessionary trend in our economy.

  23. Daniel C says:

    For good (from the non-muslim perspective) arguments for the boycott, see

  24. Veron says:

    Since you keep saying “don’t use”, then don’t use Jewish products at all. Why do you want to wait to do so only if you’ve an alternative not to use their products? No choice? Even better, don’t use the telephone, which was invented by the Jewish Alexander Graham Bell. Go do some research about what really led to Gaza today. In 1967, how many of these countries tried to destroy Israel together and ended up surrendering in six days? Why six days?

  25. A.N. says:

    I agree with eskay. I think such an irrational decision can only kill my confidence in working hard for my company, which is a Malaysian company that has good relations with its American counterparts.

    For this group of people out there, you just don’t see the impact on others. You may not be the victim. But I may become one soon if that continues. Of course, I believe our leaders can see the picture and consequence.

    We work so hard even though the economy has been so bad. I’m a single mother of two. I’m a hard worker and I don’t want to lose my job just because of this boycott thing. This is really getting on my nerves. To my Muslim friends, let’s work hard together to turn our economy around. Focus. Many of my colleagues are also Muslims. And I have loved them as my friends for years. We can do it together. Put that issue aside, at least not now – not at this “tough”moment. Thank you.

  26. utopia says:

    You said – “Imagine…China…and imagine…ten seconds.” Should I imagine I can read you? If we can imagine so much, why don’t we imagine there was no World War II? And why don’t you imagine you’re actually taking ACTION by flying there to really help those casualties? Or should I imagine I’m as rich as Bill Gate and could donate 95% of my fortune to the charities?

    If I can imagine so well, I wouldn’t be living in Malaysia talking to you now. I can’t imagine and that’s the reality. I can only face the reality. Yet I cannot just lie to myself that this boycott thing won’t affect the country, myself, and others economically today/tomorrow.

    It’s no point arguing if we don’t know what we are arguing about here. I try my best to understand how you feel. Think about it again and try to see the whole picture. Have you thought of those being made jobless? They’ve children and families to feed also. Don’t just think of one angle to achieve your “objective” without thinking of the consequences to the country as a whole.

    You may have sent your message to them. But do they really need us? Definitely not the US and most of the European countries. Japan, South Korea, and China? I don’t think they care much. Who suffers more in the end? It would backfire on us Peace.

    Listen to what others have to say:

  27. Arissa76 says:

    If you don’t want to boycott those products, then don’t boycott. But make sure you understand how bad the situation is now. Almost 1,000 Palestinian people have been killed by Israel. Can you count how many Israelis have died due to the war?

    Sympathise with the kids and babies who lost their parents from the war. What would you do if it happens to your family? Actually Israel wants to bomb Muslims but accidentally they bomb your parents – how would you feel? Put yourself in the Palestinians’ shoes.
    Don’t think about Muslims or non-Muslims – think about those innocent kids or babies who died before they could grow up.

    It’s fine if you don’t want to boycott those Israeli or US products. But please give some sympathy to those people who are innocent.

  28. KarenD says:

    We have come to a phase where common sense and the application of it is far from common.

    Boycott all American products? Fat chance.

  29. Karcy says:

    This is even assuming that the products actually contribute to Israel at all. The Starbucks Zionist thing is an extremely slim link, and all the others are pretty much equally slim and vague. Remember, this boycott project thing is launched by the same group with believes that Hinduism came from the Jews (

    The article in The Guardian calls for a boycott of *products from Israel*. In the first place Malaysia does not import any product from Israel.

  30. Eskay says:

    Dear Noor Azlin,

    As fellow humans, we should all be concerned about the lives of those innocent people living along the both sides of the Gaza-Israeli border.

    The current conflict is not about religion. It is about the hate and extremist attitudes of the leaders of the both parties concerned.

    As far as Israel is concerned, it is about the fight for survival of the Jewish people, or total extinction if they fail.

  31. J7 says:

    Arissa76, I do understand how you feel. If you want to compare numbers, you should take into account how many Jews have been killed by the Arabs even long before 1967. Of course, we sympathize with the innocent Palestinians being killed as “human shields” in Gaza. We must also sympathize with those innocent Israelis being killed by Hamas. So when Hamas or other Muslim terrorists kill innocent people, should we be okay with that? Are you telling us to encourage Hamas to keep firing missiles into Israel?

    What would you do if *this* happens to your family – the terrorists want to bomb an American /Jewish hotel, but accidentally they bomb your parents who stay in the hotel. Do you think they care how many Muslims are staying at the hotel anyway?

  32. AY says:

    This is a must-see presentation if you want to know what really happened in the Middle East.

  33. AY says:

    Don’t get fooled by “the CNN strategy” of Hamas. Watch this and see how they plant explosives in a school and zoo as an attempt to use the Palestinian people and animals as human Shields.

  34. WisdomTooth says:

    Israel has been holding itself back for three years while Hamas has launched thousands of rockets into southern Israel aimed at civilian and not military targets. Israel has tried to go through diplomatic channels for the past three years. Israel stood by its promise to allow Gaza the opportunity to go forth with its five year plan of autonomy. It evacuated its Jewish settlements in the Gaza strip, causing a huge schism in Israeli and Jewish society, all so that Gaza could have a chance. It withdrew its troops, allowed Gaza to hold democratic elections to provide for autonomous leaders.

    Israel continued to support Gaza with electricity and water, of which Gaza lacks the infrastructure to sustain itself. Israel has allowed the international community to aid Gaza in any humanitarian way they saw fit. And Gaza returned the favour by launching continuous rockets at Sderot and Ashekelon. The daily routine of the citizens of Sderot are constantly interrupted by a 10 second warning that a rocket is coming and they must run to a shelter.

    Israel gave Gaza ample opportunity to success, to use their international aid money to build themselves infrastructure and a society, just like Israel did for itself 60 years ago. When Israel went to the UN about the continuous bombings the UN turned aside and did virtually nothing. Israel has exhausted its diplomatic methods of dealing with this single track nation and now they must attack the root of the problem – not Palestinian citizens, but the militants that are terrorising Israel. If you have ever been to Israel you would know that Israelis hate going to the army and going to war. They also hate living in fear that they will be attacked by some extremist as they sit on the bus or go to the mall. Israel’s response is very proportionate to their situation and anyone who thinks otherwise should do more research into the subject.

  35. james says:

    Who cares about economy and some lousy computer stuff? World War III is just around the corner!

  36. ron says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Hamas democratically elected into power?

    Doesn’t this mean the majority of Palestinian civillian voters endorsed the agenda of a paramilitary government hellbent on the destruction of Israel?

    So how can we say that the Palestinian civillians are completely blameless in their current predicament?

  37. Daniel C says:

    Regardless of who is the aggressor or the victim in Gaza, I find it really sad to read so many commentators here and around the blogosphere who consider the proposal of a boycott as stupid or crazy for fear of economic consequences – hey don’t rock the boat, or you might drop a cent into the ocean.

    Our government actually uses the same economic argument to pacify the people too when troubles brew at home – don’t demonstrate! It’s bad for business.

    I understand the need to be responsible and pay the bills, especially when you have a family to support, but really, do we have to silence ourselves and sacrifice our sense of morality just to make good business? Wouldn’t a loaf of stale bread bought with honest work taste much better than a piece of steak paid with blood?

    This is the golden age of consumerism, the consumer is KING but we let our purses be guided by lofty advertisers, greedy investors and governments who beg us to spend our way out from the many crises caused by corruption.


    The US has a long history of suppressing legitimate governments and funding dictators who could give it a “good” deal.

    As such, I am always wary of any country or war it supports.

    Such a pity that Malaysia seems to be on track towards doing the same thing in Sudan, with regard to the crisis in Darfur.

    I hope that we as individual citizen-consumers will be able to make better moral and financial choices in our daily lives.

    Please remember Gandhi and how the boycott that he led contributed to India’s independence. Imagine the other kinds of humanitarian and environmental battles we can win just with the wisdom of our wallets alone.

  38. B.Kee says:

    Watch this video for a different perspective:

  39. Lina says:

    If any of you don’t agree with that campaign, it’s your choice. But as Muslims, we feel obliged to do so. It’s the least we can do now besides praying for them. But before you make comments on the Palestinian people or Hamas being the terrorists, I’d like to suggest an article for you to read: How Israel Promotes Anti-Semitism by Steven Argue (

  40. zabs says:

    Read “By Way of Deception” for reference on this issue.

  41. Janji Johnny says:

    Bad, bad idea and very racist in nature. What if the West started a boycott on every product produced by Muslim companies after 9-11?

    There are Jews who are against the Gaza aggression and many have risked their own lives for peace and for an independent Palestinian state.

    It’s sad to see racists and fundamentalists exploiting the Gaza issue for thier own political agenda.

    The problem in Gaza is beyond race and religion. It’s a human rights issue.

    Question: Saudi is the biggest buddy of the US and plays a balancing role for the Israeli and US in Middle East. Why don’t you boycott Saudi products, too?

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