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Boon for upholding Islam

“I hope there will be no more issues arising from the caning sentence which can be imposed by the syariah court on Muslim women to protect the sanctity of Islam.”

HOME Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein, anticipating the public’s questions about the feasibility and fairness of the caning of three Muslim women for “illicit sex”, an offence under Malaysian syariah laws. (Source: 3 women caned for having illicit sex, The Star, 18 Feb 2010)

“Allah menjanjikan kelebihan, kurniaan, pahala dan syurga serta kebahagiaan di dunia dan akhirat kepada sesiapa yang beriman dan beramal soleh. Antaranya mereka yang menegakkan hukum Allah.”

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang, on the divine rewards awaiting those who “uphold Allah’s laws”. (Source: Hilang keyakinan kepada hukum Allah, Hadi’s official website)

“Kami reda disebat kerana di akhirat, hukuman sebenar nanti lebih berat dari hukuman di dunia.”

The three Muslim women caned for “illicit sex” appeared to welcome their syariah punishments, according to an Utusan Malaysia report. It said their male partners were also caned on the same date as they were, 9 Feb 2010. According to the paper, one of the women, Ayu, voluntarily came forward to share her story. (Source: Reda, hukuman di akhirat lagi berat, Utusan Malaysia, 19 Feb 2010) favicon

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