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BN not contesting in Penanti (Updated 7.57pm)

Updated 7.57pm, 18 May 2009

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 May 2009: Barisan Nasional will not contest the Penanti by-election which it deems a “political game” by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the BN supreme council had unanimously decided against contesting the 31 May by-election today on the grounds that the vacancy caused by former Penanti assemblyperson Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin was not provided for in the Federal Constitution.

“The vacancy is not provided for in the constitution but is just PKR wanting to solve its internal problem. BN places more importance on serving the people and managing the economy. As such, we will not field a candidate,” Najib said at a press conference after the BN meeting.

Najib had earlier indicated that the BN would likely not contest in Penanti, calling it a waste of funds. BN’s position is that by-elections should only be held according to reasons provided in the constitution, which included death or resignation due to bankruptcy.

Other BN politicians have accused PKR of creating by-elections to shore up support for Pakatan Rakyat.

To a question on whether the boycott would signal a fear of losing, Najib said it was untrue as BN would still face voters there in the next general election.

“We will continue to serve the people there,” he added.

He also said it was not the first time BN had sat out of a by-election. In 1975, BN did not contest the Menglembu by-election.

Fairus had quit his Penanti seat on 16 April after stepping down as Penang Deputy Chief Minister 1. His resignation was initially believed to be due to impending corruption charges, but he was subsequently cleared.

On 28 April, PKR announced that it was fielding its Penang deputy liaison committee chairperson, Dr Mansor Othman, 56, as the party’s candidate in the by-election.

It is widely speculated that Mansor will be appointed the new DCM1 if he wins the by-election. He is said to be favoured by PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim over two other existing PKR Malay Malaysian assemblypersons — state executive councillor Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim, who holds the Batu Maung seat, and Sungai Bakap assemblyperson Maktar Shapee.

Mansor is likely to face former Penang PKR Wanita chief Aminah Abdullah, who has announced plans to stand as an independent.

Meanwhile in PENANG, the Election Commission (EC) has sold four nomination forms for the Penanti by-election, said its director, Morat Pora.

“The forms are sold for RM20 each. However, we don’t know who these forms are for because anyone can buy them,” he told Bernama here today.

He said one of the forms was bought by Aminah Abdullah.

He was unsure if PKR’s Mansor Othman was among those who had bought the forms.

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10 Responses to “BN not contesting in Penanti (Updated 7.57pm)”

  1. andrew says:


  2. oracle says:

    It’s is just another ploy by BN which will fail miserably.

    BN “won’t” be contesting. Directly but will do so indirectly. They will support a certain independent candidate and should the candidate win, they will then join BN.

    The likely group may be Makkal Sakthi … effectively Indian and Indian fight and of course MIC is useless.

    Article in Malaysian Insider:

    BN hand in new Makkal Sakthi party?
    By Baradan Kuppusamy

    extract from the article:

    “The party, insiders say, has the financial support of several Indian tycoons, one of whom is said to be close to top Umno leaders.

    These connections and the speed of the registration for the Makkal Sakthi party also suggest the new party enjoys some form of official blessing, political observers said.

    “It is rare to get registration for new political parties at this speed,” they said, citing the 15-year struggle of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia to get official registration, which was only given in 2008.”

    Very clear Umno is behind this.

  3. PM says:

    Officially BN is not contesting but needless to say, unofficially they will be behind one of the independents. Najib’s rationale is simple. He knows BN is going to lose big if they were to contest which means his standing in Umno will be impacted. However he has nothing to lose by having BN support an independent.

  4. mike says:

    BN created history by not contesting … but whatever the reason they chose not to contest I feel it is wrong of them to call this by-election undemocratic or against the constitution. BN has no right to talk about democracy and the constitution after what they have done in Perak. We the people of Perak bleed so that BN akan claim to be victors. Tepuk dada tanya selera. Kalau berani, bubar DUN.

  5. matrasad says:

    Wait, if it is unconstitutional, why is it happening?

    Should an unconstitutional election occur?

    Should BN get the police to drag Fairus back into the assembly?

  6. stk says:

    Now, Najib is talking about Federal Constitution. Where was the constituition when he “bought”over Perak? Is the RM25 million spent on buying the three frogs legal? BN is unforgivable now and forever. 1BigBNChickenMalaysia.

  7. ambrose says:

    Er … unconstitutional? It *is* in the constitution that all that’s needed is a resignation letter, handed to the Speaker.

    Najib all hot air again.

  8. PM says:

    Whether BN stands or not, they will be perceived as the losers either way.

    If they stand, they are going to lose big time, and will only confirm what the rakyat already knows – they will be history come the next GE.

    If they do not stand, they will be seen by the rakyat as “chicken” or “kia-su” and there will be internal strife within the party as well. As we all know, a “chicken” party, and one with internal conflicts, will certainly not win the next GE.

  9. fed up says:

    Najib, whatever you say about not contesting i.e. unconstitutional, you are really insulting the public’s intelligence!

    Maybe Umno is trying to suggest to the people that all elections are unconstitutional and thereby not have any more GE or by-elections or state elections?

    You crazy Umno? Do you think we the public will allow that to happen!

    Contest and accept defeat gracefully, maybe you will win a little respect from the people instead of hiding behind some independent’s skirt! Just like a spoiled child hiding behind mummy’s skirt whenever things don’t go their way!

  10. oracle says:

    Makkal Sakti versus Hindraf
    Athi Veeranggan | May 20, 09 12:59pm Malaysiakini

    The formation of a new Indian-based political party by a breakaway disgruntled group from the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) did not come as a shocker.

    As expected, in an earlier comment in here “It’s just another ploy by BN which will fail miserably.” above…

    BN has become so predictable nowadays, their tactic to divide and conquer is so stale.

    So now it’s Hindraf versus splinter Hindraf. BN has clearly got its finger in Makkal Sakthi’s pie.

    Have they not learnt anything? For whatever reasons Makkal Sakthi may say they are doing this, it is likely that the true reasons are along the lines of the 3 frogs in Perak.

    Expect more Makkal Sakthi participation in Indian-strong constituencies ‘in place’ of MIC, to make it look like opposition fighting opposition thereby suggesting lacking unity in the opposition camp!

    Hey, Makkal Sakthi is not Pakatan Rakyat and neither is Hindraf! They may even get a so-called ‘splinter MIC’ to join Pakatan Rakyat and thereby fight Makkal Sakthi! Joke!

    They want to split the Indian votes don’t they … making Hindraf as a group weaker! Typical. Like the poor attempt to split the Dayaks yet again in Sarawak via comments from Entulu recently. Joke!

    Makkal Sakthi to Hindraf is like Ezam is to Anwar! They may create some wave for a bit but the public will soon lose interest.

    The public can see through this ploy lah, again an insult to the people’s intelligence.

    Hindraf has fully exposed the injustice against the Indians and clearly showed that BN is the oppressor … do you think the public’s memory is short?

    Will supporters of Manchester United support a splinter MU? Some may follow but ultimately, Man. Utd is still Man. Utd!

    Maybe, BN is doing all sorts of things knowing that bloggers and public will comment on it … getting ideas from the public perhaps?

    Anyway, it’s simple, BN you are screwed if you do, you are screwed if you don’t! Why? Your bloody track record lah!

    We, the public just want you out!

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