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Allah debate #2

*Everything under control, says Hishammuddin, The Edge, 11 Jan 2010
** Hisham defends cow-head protestors, The Malaysian Insider, 2 Sept 2009

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18 Responses to “Allah debate #2”

  1. Ellese says:

    Why is The Nut Graph taking sides? Why do you treat the concerns of Muslims as rubbish? You think this is only Umno’s [view]? See PAS’ Harun Din’s view. You are pushing the Muslims to the wall. How come you don’t cover the Muslim perspective? The editors should be reprimanded for inflaming the issue.

  2. anak malaysia says:


  3. chinhuatw says:


    The objection to the non-Muslim use of Allah, which may not be agreed by many, is as legitimate as any other opinion.

    The cartoons here are not about the position. They are poking fun at Hishamuddin’s double standards.

    You are either barking up the wrong tree or condoning the church arson and cow-head protest. Mind you mainstream Muslim groups have come out to condemn both these and some even call them “unIslamic”.

    As far as we can see, Muslims are not pushed to wall here. If any, it’s those who want to stir trouble in Malaysia.

    While we may have differences in opinion, we can deal with it civilly. The mainstream voices of all communities are condemning violence. If you want to defend violence, could you please not to do it in the name of Muslims? My Muslim friends are all peace-loving and law-abiding. Don’t split Malaysians on this matter please.

    And your last line – reprimanding the editors – is this an intimidation to journalists?

  4. Eric says:

    @ Ellese,

    Err, is TNG the one really “inflaming” the issue here? If you think so, perhaps you should fly over to Malaysia and see what’s going on there.

  5. faith04 says:

    The Nut Graph is not taking sides! The home minister is a public post, he should be seen above race and religion affiliation when dealing with national issues. He must be seen willing to stand up for justice, instead of be seen making decisions favouring his racial/religious affiliation. He should be a minister of all Malaysians, not a particular political organisation.

  6. suresh says:

    Dear all readers,

    Nobody siding nobody. Just think about it.

    Mainstream media is rubbish.

    Hishamuddin Hussein is not qualified to became a minister. He should quit his post. […]

    My friend called from California and told me that the Malaysia […] is in the top stories in AFP.

    Double standard will kill Umno, surely.

    Why [does] no [one] listen to Nik Aziz?

    [Don’t be] fanatics with no reason. Please use your brain not ***.

    TamilVoice Suresh.

  7. Azizi Khan says:

    Honestly Ellese, why should Malaysian Muslims be so threatened by these things ? Isn’t your faith strong enough? Nine Christian churches have been burnt or vandalized. Do you see them running to the streets and retaliating ?

    Why do some Malay Muslims have this […] mentality? What exactly are you afraid of ? I don’t buy this “Muslims will be confused” excuse any longer. As far as I know, my friends and I are not confused in this issue at all!

    It is every right of every citizen in Malaysia to worship in their way in peace. This is guaranteed. The fact that Muslims groups go out of their way to trample this fundamental right speaks volumes about the mentality of some Malays and UMNO politicians.

    Grow up!

  8. money says:

    There are more churches attacked in Indonesia than combined attacks together in Pakistan and Malaysia…

  9. @Ellese

    Firstly, I agree — they are PAS leaders who also believe non-Muslims should be barred from using “Allah”. But PAS is not the one in the federal government making laws and policies which affect non-Muslim rights. If they were, TNG would hold them accountable, too on this matter.

    And of course, we are taking sides. The side we are on is the side of legitimate public interest. When the rights of minority groups can be stripped away without basis by the state, don’t you think an independent media should take sides? Would you rather the media kept silent on abuses of power or took the side of a goverment that is acting unconstitutionally?

    And thirdly, is it so easy to push Muslims to the wall? Which Muslims are you referring to? I know many Muslims who are not so easily provoked by reasoned debate and logical arguments. And what makes you think only Muslims are being pushed to the wall??

    Jacqueline Ann Surin
    The Nut Graph

  10. pilocarpine says:

    @money: Maybe you didn’t do them. But you definitely condone such behaviour and have the intention to do so. Probably your religion speaks loudly of violence as a way of life.

  11. somethingStirring says:

    It’s Hishamuddin that’s taking sides.

    What’s your point?

  12. Muslim says:

    If he had said that “the police is looking seriously into these crimes now”, would you believe him?
    What would you want him to say then?

  13. ah ha says:

    Talk is cheap, [actions are] different. Malaysia boleh? This is it, make the change!

  14. M.O.T.U says:

    @money: So this means that the church-burning incidents in Malaysia are okay? […]

  15. Tan says:

    It is the fault of the home minister, who failed to make good decisions at that critical [time]. As a senior minister holding such an important portfolio, he should have thought before he acted and spoke …

  16. phtan10 says:

    @Ellese, who is pushing the Muslims to the wall? Don’t be fooled by MSM; this cartoon is to poke fun at the stupid home minister, not Islam lah.

  17. sad malaysian says:

    I agree with Azizi Khan and Suresh, but my question is, what can we ALL do? Is there some change that could be remedied, or would it take another 52 years before we can change the way we are living in now?

    As far as I am concern this matter is as hot as it gets — and all gas stoves will eventually run out gas.

    It is difficult to make a change when society here is not ready for it and we are still comfortable because we can all still cari makan. The confusion will not really set in until all has gone and we are laid to bake in the sun. Then we can see what Umno and its people have done.

  18. s.s.seelan says:

    Dear Ellese,

    Can you imagine the scenario if nine mosques were burnt? It is not a question of taking sides because religions do not condone violence of any form, although I agree with your right to say your peace in a civil manner. It is the blatant insensitivities of our politicians that rile up the emotions of the non-Malay [Malaysians]. So let us all come together as one race — the human race — and condemn the violators for what they are!

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