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Why the kid gloves with Branson, Muhyiddin?

Aug 2010: Gore and Wolfowitz

“While Anwar Ibrahim is on trial before the state, the state is on trial before its people and the world. If he were to be convicted, the whole of Malaysia’s political life and its standing in the world would be damaged. And for what gain?”

Former US Vice-President Al Gore and former US Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz in a joint press statement published by The Wall Street Journal. Gore and Wolfowitz criticised opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s second sodomy trial as politically motivated and damaging to Malaysia’s international reputation. (Source: Malaysia on trial, says Al Gore and Wolfowitz, The Wall Street Journal as quoted by The Malaysian Insider, 4 Aug 2010)

Muhyiddin: Malaysia will not bow to pressure

“It’s a futile attempt, as no quarters in Malaysia will bow to the calls (for Anwar to be freed from the sodomy charge).

“As a former deputy prime minister, Anwar should know better but the question is, is he so desperate as to ask for help from his American friends? The answer is clear now.”

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin when asked to comment on Gore and Wolfowitz’s remarks. Muhyiddin said the remarks showed how desperate Anwar was that he had to resort to a “lifeline” of collaborating with his foreign friends to serve his own interests. (Source: Malaysia won’t bow to any pressure over Anwar sodomy trial: Muhyiddin, The Star, 5 Aug 2010)

Sept 2010: Richard Branson

“[The Anwar sodomy trial] has gone on for a long, long time. It looks bad overseas. If you are a bold leader, you should get rid of things like that which damage your reputation.”

Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson at an investment conference in Kuala Lumpur. Branson said Malaysia had a relatively good reputation overseas but the Anwar sodomy trial was damaging that reputation. (Source: Branson warns Malaysia over Sodomy II, Agencies as quoted in Malaysiakini, 27 Sept 2010)

Muhyiddin: “He didn’t mean to interfere”

“If you ask me, of course, I wouldn’t want the [Anwar] case to be in our courts. Without such a high-profile case, Malaysia would do better (with foreign investments). It is best that the case is over as soon as possible.”

“I don’t think that [Richard Branson’s] remark was meant to interfere.”

Muhyiddin‘s response to Branson’s remarks on the Anwar sodomy trial. He admitted that the trial was a blot on Malaysia’s investment radar that should be wiped clean as soon as possible.

Muhyiddin’s remarks contrasted with those of other government leaders such as Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, who dismissed Branson’s remarks, saying Branson obviously did not understand the country’s legal system. (Source: Sodomy trial a blot on investment radar: DPM, Malaysiakini, 28 Sept 2010)

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3 Responses to “Why the kid gloves with Branson, Muhyiddin?”

  1. Tan says:

    It’s expected from unprincipled Malaysian ministers. [They flip-flop so frequently] that I have lost count [on how many times this has occurred]. Everybody knows this.

  2. azmo says:

    Well Branson is bringing in money. Gore and Wolfowitz are not. They are talking from a nationalistic viewpoint. Branson came with a check. You listen to the person with the money.

  3. Gopal Raj Kumar says:

    Branson is a hypocrite and paid lobbyist. Why is he investing in Malaysia if, as he says, its reputation overseas is bad because of the Anwar sodomy trial? Is he suggesting it is bad in the eyes of gay travellers who would love to see a gay prime minister or gay Malay basher on the loose? Ask Branson to take his business elsewhere then. He was silent on Apartheid and on the British and Australians making racist references to Indians at the commonwealth games. Why should he interfere in Malaysia’s legal system just because Margaret Thatcher’s son’s offences were quashed by his government? It does not mean Malaysia has to follow suit.

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