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What will Kamalanathan do?

BN leaders have been saying plenty about the PR, with hardly
any mention of their own candidate, P Kamalanathan

KUALA KUBU BARU, 20 Apr 2010: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a “liar and ingrate”, Datuk Nik Aziz Nik Mat “bends over backwards” to compliment Lim Guan Eng, and Datuk Zaid Ibrahim is a “reject and outsider”.

Senior Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders have joined the Hulu Selangor campaign with an apparent strategy of condemning the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) while saying as little possible about their own candidate from the MIC.

“Anwar shot up like a bullet within the BN to become deputy prime minister in just 11 years. But he is the sort that does not remember good deeds. If he cannot remember the government’s good deeds, you think he will remember yours? It’s all lies,” said Bagan Pinang state assemblyperson Tan Sri Isa Samad to the approximately 450 present at a rally in Sungai Buaya.

Isa, from Umno, who won big in the October 2009 Bagan Pinang by-election, had the crowd in stitches. He bantered and joked while criticising the PR, all in the same breath. He told the crowd that Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) was set up to help Anwar in 1999, not to help the people of Hulu Selangor.

“Baru sekarang nak fikir nasib orang. Nasib sendiri belum tentu!” he said to laughter.

Targeting Anwar

Isa spent quite some time attacking the opposition leader and PKR in his speech. “Anwar is the best tukang karut in Malaysia … He will do anything just so he can win,” said Isa.

The allegations of sodomy against Anwar were also a frequent topic in the BN leaders’ campaign speeches.

“Between a man and another man, if you want to give presents to each other, best not to give trousers. You can give an axe or maybe a keris, but not trousers,” said Works Minister Datuk Seri Shaziman Abu Mansor.

Shaziman was alluding to Mohamad Saiful Bukhari Azlan‘s testimony during Anwar’s sodomy trial.  

Zaid (File pic)
Rural and Regional Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal took a swipe at Anwar’s wife, PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, saying: “Wan Azizah supports Zaid. Whether it’s right or not right, she will still support. Like she supports her husband.”

PKR defector Dr Halili Rahmat was introduced as Anwar’s personal physician, whose heart and soul had been moved to join Umno, due to the deficiencies within PKR.

…and Kamalanathan?

While references to Anwar and PR candidate Zaid were aplenty, there was, however, hardly any mention of the BN’s own candidate, P Kamalanathan. The BN speakers did not seem too familiar with Kamalanathan’s principles, or what he could achieve as Hulu Selangor’s Member of Parliament (MP).

“[Kamalanathan] can do the job. I’ve seen him, the way he meets people,” said Isa, before launching into another diatribe against the PR.

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4 Responses to “What will Kamalanathan do?”

  1. double standard says:

    TNG practices double standards…One for Zaid Ibrahim by asking him the “5 Questions for MP” and another one standard for not bothering to ask Kamalanathan anything…Kudos to The Nut Graph.


    Actually, we do candidate profiles for all possible candidates during any by-election. What you read was a news story on Kamalanathan, not a candidate profile. Zaid’s was a candidate profile. Kamalanathan’s candidate profile will be tomorrow’s lead story. In any case, our editor Jacqueline Ann Surin has already explained on Twitter the delay in publishing Kamalanathan’s profile, which is due to a technical error in processing the report.

    Shanon Shah
    Columns and Comments Editor
    The Nut Graph

  2. VOTER's VIEW says:

    It is a matter of principle – we should understand the selection of the candidate for P94- Hulu Selangor was to be decided in the best interest for serving the constituents. Just two days down the road we saw Dr Halili “jumping over Umno”. This only shows the ppl of Hulu Selangor, as such act in the eyes of ordinary ppl they are betrayers – brave but with the least concern for the feelings of Hulu Selangor’s people. The PKR adviser is right in not having chosen him. I can only say it is a blessing in disguise that he is not chosen or else he will not be the representative of his voters. He announced his resignation just to be appreciated for his “highest values” for Umno’s agenda. Always choose one that can bring your message across in Parliament.

    I have this simple advice – focus on the candidate and their party mission to bring issues to light such as the RM77million to Apco, the Port Klang fiasco, the unhealthy selection of the Chief Justice and judges – the Lingam Case and many sensitive issues which had been swept under the carpet. May the people of Hulu Selangor come to realise that these are fundamental issues which have to be decided by them and this is the time to speak up their minds. We need a strong opposition to check this abusive arrogant government. Or else who would know we paid Apco RM77 million and that is also our taxpayers money too! This money can be utilised in upgrading our country’s utilities. Remember to see the Big Picture again. We need a stronger opposition to check on these “Umno warlords”.

  3. double standard says:


    Wonder whose names were announced first as election candidates, yet TNG is not prepared at all…Kudos to The Nut Graph for not being prepared.

  4. s.s.seelan says:

    What an irony. This chap Isa was found guilty of corruption and yet he has the audacity to talk about morals. Isn’t this sheer hypocrisy? Just like the manner the DPM proudly claimed that he is a Malay first and then a Malaysian. Hypocrisy or sheer denial syndrome or both?

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