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What made Zaid change his mind?

May 2010: No intention of becoming Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy president

“As I said last year, my political mission is to strengthen Pakatan Rakyat and help the opposition to form their central policies.”

“The issues of leadership are in the hands of the leaders of Pakatan Rakyat and not a personal matter for me to determine.”

PKR supreme council member Datuk Zaid Ibrahim, responding to reports that claimed he was vying for the deputy president post against current vice-president Azmin Ali.

The former minister in the prime minister’s department, who was then an Umno member, joined PKR in June 2009. He resigned as a minister in protest over the use of the Internal Security Act in September 2008, and was sacked from Umno in December that year after attending several Pakatan Rakyat events. (Source: Zaid does not intend to be PKR deputy president, Malaysiakini, 3 May 2010)

August 2010: Not contesting deputy presidency post

“I wish to respond to media speculation that I will be contesting for the post of deputy president of Keadilan in the forthcoming party election.”

“These reports are untrue as I have no plans or interest to fight for any party position. I will serve the party in whatever party position chosen[,] supported and endorsed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.”

“My priorities are strengthening Keadilan and Pakatan Rakyat in ensuring victory in the next general election.”

Zaid, responding to speculation that he would contest the deputy presidency as incumbent Dr Syed Husin Ali had previously hinted he would not defend his post.

PKR’s party elections are scheduled for between 17 Sept and 21 Nov. It is the first time PKR members are voting directly for divisional leaders and the 25 members of the central leadership council, following amendments to the party’s constitution in 2009. (Source: Zaid says not contesting PKR’s No 2, The Malaysian Insider, 11 Aug 2010)

“As an old man, I would like to see young, able and honest people play a big role in the party. I will campaign on their behalf.”

Zaid, who also criticised PKR for drafting a party election code of ethics which he said was similar to Umno’s. He stressed again that he would not contest any post in the upcoming party elections. (Source: Don’t be Umno mimic, Zaid tells PKR, The Malaysian Insider, 12 Aug 2010)

September 2010: New decision

“Jadi, saya telah membuat keputusan baru. Kalau dah kena serang bertubi-tubi, baik saja masuk gelanggang. Kata orang, kalau nak kena tempeleng biar berbaloi. Tapi itu pun kalau Tan Sri Khalid tak mahu jawatan tersebut.

“Kalau dia mahu, saya lebih selesa memberi laluan kepada beliau kerana dia banyak pengalaman yang boleh membantu parti. Tan Sri tak suka hentam dan burukkan orang lain, dia lebih minat berkerja. Sebenarnya, itulah pemimpin yang boleh membantu orang Melayu dan parti kita.”

Zaid, on his blog, in a post innocuously titled Ibrahim Ali patut Berdialog. In light of the “relentless attacks” on him, Zaid said he had made a new decision to enter the fray. Zaid said his detractors claimed he would betray Malay Malaysians, liked “cheap publicity” from non-Malay Malaysians, and was out to sabotage PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s goals.

Zaid also indicated that he would make way for Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim if Khalid was interested in running for the same position. (Source: Ibrahim Ali patut Berdialog, Zaid Untuk Rakyat, 1 Sept 2010)

September 2010: Supports an Anwar Ibrahim-Zaid Ibrahim combo

“Saya masuk Keadilan kerana saya mahukan parti ini berganding dengan Pakatan untuk mengubah budaya dan kuasa politik di negara ini supaya rakyat Malaysia mempunyai kerajaan yang berlaku lebih adil dan saksama kepada rakyat jelata.

“Dalam perjuangan ini, kesetiaan saya tidak berganjak seinci pun. Malah semangat saya lebih kuat. Sebab itu saya ingin menawarkan diri untuk bertanding; manalah tahu kalau ahli-ahli Keadilan terpanggil untuk melihat perubahan dalam parti ini dan menyokong gandingan Anwar Ibrahim-Zaid Ibrahim.”

Zaid, on his blog, confirming his intentions to run for a leadership position in PKR. He said he had been under attack since announcing his decision, and was warned he could be “buried” like Tun Ghafar Baba when Ghafar contested the Umno deputy presidency in 1993 against Anwar. Zaid said he was willing to face the same fate as Ghafar, and added that he would support what was right and oppose what was wrong. (Source: Saya Akan Menerima Nasib Seperti Pak Ghafar Baba?, Zaid Untuk Rakyat, 6 Sept 2010) 

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2 Responses to “What made Zaid change his mind?”

  1. Andrew I says:

    Nice compilation of quotes as usual.

    Before someone starts screaming partisan…lah.

  2. Sang Kancil Pundit says:

    I think it is fine that Zaid changes his mind to decide to contest. Better we have a dynamic and democratic contest for the PKR Deputy President position than the UMNO-style of unopposed proclamation!

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