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Wanita Umno proposes formula for Msian race

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 March 2009: Wanita Umno has proposed a formula to realise the formation of a Malaysian race as enshrined under Clause 3 of the Umno Constitution by outlining six thrusts.

Its vice-chief, Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim said the thrusts included defending the country’s independence and sovereignty; and upholding and defending the Federal Constitution, the state constitutions and the constitutional monarchy.

Others thrusts include upholding, defending and spreading Islam, respecting the principle of religious freedom; upholding the sovereignty of the race and social justice by practicing parliamentary democracy and improving the economy of the Malay Malaysians and bumiputeras, and the people.

Kamilia said the government should also ensure that the national language remain as the sole official language and the Malay culture as the thrust of the national culture; and forge cooperation among races to produce a strong and united Malaysian race based on humanitarian rights, and protecting the Malay and Bumiputera special rights.

Kamilia proposed ways on how the thrusts could be carried out by Umno and the government.

Umno should appoint bloggers to counter slander and allegations on the internet and set up a strategic cyber research division, she said when debating the presidential policy speech at the Umno general assembly 2008, here today.

She said the federal and state constitutions should be made a compulsory subject in school and in training programmes in the civil service and the private sector while history should be a subject in Umno cadre training.

She said Wanita Umno also proposed the setting up of a secretariat on the rulers institution and to promulgate a law to protect the sovereignty of the institution.

On economy, she said the movement proposed the implementation of the Wanita Umno economic plan in the second economic stimulus to provide more opportunities to enable more women to go into business.

Kamilia said Wanita Umno also proposed a plan to enable the people to earn extra income to be launched while the social ills among the younger generation could be addressed by turning the social code into a law. — Bernama


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3 Responses to “Wanita Umno proposes formula for Msian race”

  1. Singam says:

    I am befuddled.

    I took another look at the headline as well as the first paragraph to make sure that Kamilia was indeed talking about the formation of a Malaysian race.

    But every action she mentioned targets Malays and Muslims. Nothing about non-Malays and non-Muslims. They don’t factor in her vision of a Malaysian race?

    Why am I not surprised!

  2. DurianGuy says:

    Read “Saya pun Melayu” by Zaid. Great stuff. It is people like Zaid and RPK (not sure of Anwar, definitely not the new Unmo team) who have the right thinking and perspective that will bring Malaysians (esp Malays) to the next level and compete with other countries. Otherwise, we will fall downward fast & furious just like our pathetic football team!

    Wake up! Please talk, think, eat, shit, sleep, breath – about Malaysians, not my race or your race! We are all Malaysians!

  3. roastpork says:

    There cannot be any hope of a “Malaysian race” so long as Umno harps on the agenda of prioritising the interests of one group of Malaysians over others (and often, at the expense of others).

    This is largely the fundamental reason for our mutual distrust, polarisation and disunity. It might sound radical, but I think if everyone was treated equally, more non-Malays would actually make the current “Malay agenda” their own. Upholding the status of the Malay rulers, the national language, Islam as the official religion – these things make Malaysia what it is, and if everyone would call themselves proud Malaysians and felt they belonged, this could be everyone’s struggle, not just the Malays.

    The problem is, seeing how a largely Malay-led government with its preferential policies has brought the country to near ruin, many Malaysians, not just non-Malays, are left increasingly disillusioned and even embarrassed, and are unable to proudly associate and uphold the symbols that have gives Malaysia its identity.

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