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Umno = Perkasa?

On Malay Malaysian privileges and their position

“Don’t try to test the patience of the Malays of Penang, because it has a limit … Do not play with fire.”

PENANG Umno information chief Musa Syed Fadhil at the annual general meeting (AGM) of Umno’s Bukit Bendera division, where its former chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail was given a hero’s welcome. As part of this welcome, Musa declared that Penang Malays “were not weak and will rise again”.

Ahmad had been suspended for three years from the party and all his posts for calling Chinese Malaysians “pendatang” and inciting tensions during the Permatang Pauh by-election in 2008. However, his suspension was lifted in 2009, before the three years were up, and he was expected to re-contest the division chief post.

But in a shock announcement on 5 Aug 2010, he said he would not stand for elections so as not to jeopardise the Barisan Nasional (BN)’s efforts to win back Chinese Malaysian votes. At the division meeting, he was received with bungga manggar, kompang and a silat performance. He was also bestowed titles like “Bintang Perkasa Melayu Jati” and “Wira Bangsa”. (Source: Ahmad Ismail showered with heroic titles at AGM, Malaysiakini, 8 Aug 2010)

“So, I’m asking YB Tony Pua not to play with fire … Don’t even light a match.” 

Umno information chief, Datuk Ahmad Maslan, warning Petaling Jaya Utara parliamentarian Tony Pua, from the DAP, to be considerate towards Malay Malaysians and bumiputera. Pua had earlier suggested to the Selangor government to remove the 7% bumiputera discount for residential and commercial properties worth more than RM500,000. Maslan said Pua’s suggestion was one among the DAP’s long list of proposals that questioned Malay Malaysian privileges.

Along the same line, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the federal government had no current plans to review the discount, which was under the purview of state governments. Najib also warned the DAP against pressuring bumiputra as it could cause anger and dissatisfaction. (Source: Ahmad Maslan to Tony Pua: Don’t play with fire, Bernama as quoted in Malaysiakini, 1 Aug 2010)

On the right to use “Allah” and talk about Islam

“I would consider the demand a rude one as it is disrespectful towards the country’s Malay Muslims. It is kurang ajar (extremely rude).”

“MCA just wants political mileage. They shouldn’t play with fire because this issue is very sensitive to Muslims. Although Christians in other Islamic nations like Indonesia use Allah, the situation is different here.”

Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali, responding to the MCA’s call for the government to repeal its ban on the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims. The MCA’s publicity bureau deputy chaiperson, Loh Seng Kok, had urged the government to do this after Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein said he regretted that his predecessor had imposed the ban and admitted that the issue would continue to haunt the BN. (Source: ‘Allah’ row: Ibrahim calls MCA ‘biadap’ , Free Malaysia Today, 4 Aug 2010)

“I don’t understand why the DAP and MCA are taking a common stand on such matters.”

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Seri Muhyiddin Yassin, commenting on the MCA‘s and DAP‘s stand on “Allah”, where both parties had asked the government to rescind its ban on the use of the word by non-Muslims. Muhyiddin said the subject should not be talked about as it was still pending in court.

The government has filed an appeal against the High Court‘s decision to let the Catholic Church use the word in its Bahasa Malaysia newsletter. The MCA later denied having the same stand as the DAP, and said it was only voicing the concerns of Christian citizens.  (Source: DPM: Let court handle the ‘kalimah Allah’ issue, Bernama as quoted in Free Malaysia Today, 3 Aug 2010)

“He can continue to speak but he will face the consequence in the next general elections … It is MCA and DAP that are standing in the way of national integration by bringing up controversial issues.”

Perkasa’s Ibrahim, commenting on MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek‘s remark that “some of the most corrupt nations are Muslim-majority countries”. Ibrahim said Perkasa would work to ensure the MCA’s defeat in the next general election if the party’s leadership continued to “insult Islam”.

He also accused the MCA of behaving like the opposition DAP by questioning Malay Malaysian special privileges under the Federal Constitution, and by deliberately making controversial statements to attract Chinese Malaysian support. (Source: Perkasa to punish MCA in polls over Islam ‘insult’, The Malaysian Insider, 8 Aug 2010)

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4 Responses to “Umno = Perkasa?”

  1. m.k. says:

    The government wants all Malaysians to accept the 1Malaysia concept when their policies are clearly intended to divide and rule, using all kinds of threats. BN is in self-destruct mode and will meet their Waterloo at GE13! The rest will be history!

  2. Kong Kek Kuat says:

    Dear Editor,

    I think there is a mistake in the title.

    The question mark shouldn´t be there in the equation.

    Thank you.

  3. Farouq Omaro says:

    Standing in the way of national integration? You prevent non-Muslims from using the national language in worship and that is not preventing national integration? And DAP and MCA cannot take a common stand? But UMNO and DAP can take a common stand in condemning Israeli aggression? Kurang ajar? You question people who have had more than a 100 years of religious tradition using certain terms, so you try to stop them from using it anymore and that is not “kurang ajar”?

  4. Pen Datang says:

    […] We simply do not have capable people in the government, just look at all the statements which are spewed out of their mouths [whether] government or even NGOs.

    Bolehland is rich in resources and yet we are a 3rd class country…..this is a reflection of “ketuanan melayu”…..God help me if I want these Umno-putras to lead me!!!!!!!

    Someone please tell me which government minister has the capability, son of the land and not son of the land included!!! Because I’m lost.

    Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, I will take your words and leave when this government of the day is able to provide us enough opportunity to work, we will save and then leave it to people like you and Ibrahim Ali.

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