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Umno contradictions

“Umno must never practise discrimination to the extent that non-Malays view it as a racist party. The rights of every citizen must always be protected, guaranteed and respected, as provided by the constitution and encapsulated in the Rukun Negara.”

Outgoing Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when delivering his final policy address at the 59th Umno general assembly on 26 March 2009 at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur. (Source: Avoid extremism, Abdullah says, The Nut Graph, 26 March 2009)

“Malay rights have been questioned. We don’t want our own children to beg in the land that rightfully belongs to them. The special rights of the Malays have been enshrined in the constitution.”

Umno Puteri representative Mazlina Lazim. According to Mazlina, “ketuanan Melayu” did not mean “Malay supremacy” but “Malay sovereignty”. (Source: Umno delegates train guns on Anwar, Malaysiakini, 27 March 2009)

“Other races now dare to act rudely towards the Malays because of people like Anwar Ibrahim, who lies and says that we are just like other races. We have special rights in this country but even then, we are still backward
compared to other races.”

Selangor Umno delegate Datuk Ismail Kijo. (Source: Umno delegates train guns on Anwar, Malaysiakini, 27 March 2009)

“Umno is a party for all the Malays. As such, it must be an inclusive party so that we can draw strength from its diverse membership.”

Muhyiddin Yassin, in his address at the close of the Umno general assembly. He said Umno needed to move with the times to remain relevant, and urged delegates to ensure that Umno would remain a party for all Malay Malaysians, and not become a party of elites. (Source: Muhyiddin pledges to be a good and loyal deputy, The Star, 28 March 2009)

“If Umno doesn’t help Umno members, who else would do that[?]”

Mazlina Lazim again. She said that the party, being in control of the government, should ensure Umno loyalists are given positions in government linked companies. (Source: Delegates push Umno to go far right, not wide, The Malaysian Insider, 27 March 2009)

“Please make sure the faculty members are all Umno men, and the same goes for other civil servants.”

Malacca Umno delegate, Datuk Hasnoor Husin, who wanted the government to ensure that only Umno loyalists are given senior positions in public universities and the civil service. He cited UiTM vice-chancellor Datuk Seri Ibrahim Abu Shah as an example. (Source: Change, as Umno understands it, The Malaysian Insider, 26 March 2009)

“Umno will be truly great if the culture of humility and readiness to serve is embraced by all its members.”

New Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak, in his address that jointly opened the Umno Wanita, Youth and Puteri wing assemblies. He asserted that Umno would be more resilient if its members stopped asking what they can get from the party, and embraced a sense of service towards Islam, Malaysia, and the Malay race. (Source: Umno must transform or collapse: Najib, Bernama, as reported in The Nut Graph, 24 March 2009)

“Use our power while we still have it.”

Bukit Mertajam Umno chief Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir. In a speech debating a motion of thanks for Abdullah’s final policy address, Musa urged Umno to dismantle its disciplinary committee. (Source: Change, as Umno understands it, The Malaysian Insider, 26 March 2009)

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8 Responses to “Umno contradictions”

  1. Najah says:

    The contradiction of quotations signifies Umno is having problems of synchronising its principles in the process of changing itself for society. It is a conflict between the conservatives and the liberals of Umno. Umno members must be educated to accept that they are not the only ethnic group in this country. Also BN should work into integrating the groups that they represent and not function as mere “sleeping partners”.

  2. Eric says:

    Let’s face it, Umno (just like MCA and MIC) is a racist party. Let’s cut the [euphemisms] calling these race-based or racialist. Open the Webster’s English dictionary and find out for yourselves ( racism = racial prejudice or discrimination.

    We all know what they do to racist parties in actual democracies: they simply ban them! Think of Germany, for instance.

    Looking forward to the day Malaysian racist parties are history. This will be the day of Malaysian unity.

  3. PM says:

    How can we trust a party where the head says right, while the tail wags in the wrong direction?

  4. abubaker says:

    Umno leaders are now in a lunatical state.

    Unno now starts creating confusion, uncertainty, fear, excitement and general tension by shouting [their] slogans.

    They will shout slogans in the name of God or culture or race.Then, fanatics take over.

  5. Tulan Tong says:

    A Malay [Malaysian] born on 31.8.07 is already a grandfather today.Yet Umno is still talking of the poor Malay [Malaysian] when they are taken care of from cradle to grave. What happened? Are the Malay Malaysians that hopeless?

    If they are not, who messed up? Umno has a lot to answer for, it has created a mob of super-rich Malay [Malaysians] to show to the world and left the rest to salivate and yearn for the good life that they are unlikely to get.

    Umno, you need to take a good hard look at your past policies. You don’t need policies that encourage and reward and grow Malay [Malaysians] to be handicapped beggers waiting for more and more in life with less and less work.

    Be a proud Malay [Malaysian], not a shameless Malay [Malaysian]. Let people associate your ethnicity with that of a proud hard working race and not one that waits for hand-outs. Good luck, you will need it.

  6. lastik says:

    It’s just like in a film. Abdullah Badawi, Najib Razak and Muhyiddin Yassin play the role of Mr Good because they are ministers while all Ismail Kijo and Hasnoor Husin and Musa Sheikh Fadzir play the role of Mr Ugly and Mazlina Lazim…lazimnya wants to attract attention. All these floor speakers have one common interest i.e. vested interest.

  7. Ah Kau says:

    Hahah, Umno is funny. Tenaga Nasional, Bekalan Air, Petronas, Telekom, civil servants, government ministry, army, police, CIMB, Maybank, MAS, local universities are all Malay Malaysian-controlled. When Chinese and Indian [Malaysians] get their salary or make big profits from business, who do they pay taxes to? Malay Malaysian! When Chinese Malaysians buy a big Toyota, they pay 50 percent tax to whom? Malay Malaysian! Hahah, I wonder how the rights of Malay Malaysians have been taken away?

  8. Aquarius says:

    Sorry Najah but your statement that “Umno is having problems synchronising its principles” assumes that they have principles. For that matter, does MCA or MIC or BN have any principles? When a person can become PM inspite of making racially-charged statements in 1987, being linked to activities which are contrary to the penal laws, then it says that the only principle that exists and which they believe in is self-preservation at all costs (like Mugabe in Zimbabwe).
    They have committed the first modern sin as stated by Mahatma Gandhi – politics without principles and also the second modern sin – business without morality.

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