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“‘Third force’ trying to split MCA”

PETALING JAYA, 23 Sept 2009: An unseen “third force” intent on destroying the MCA’s image and dignity is behind the reemergence of the sex video involving Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek.

MCA central committee member Datuk Ti Lian Ker said in a statement today that the recent circulation of the DVD was aimed at harming not just Chua but also MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat.

“The circulation was calculated to instill maximum damage to the party, and to arouse the anger of Chua’s sympathisers against Ong,” he said.

“The DVD’s re-emergence is another move by unseen hands to incite emotions, anger and hatred among the members to embarrass Chua … and damage him permanently,” he added.

Ti claimed this third force was out to destabilise the MCA’s leadership for their own personal gain, and added that the disagreements within the party had provided the perfect opportunity to “kill two big birds with one stone”.

“This third force wants to control the  MCA’s leadership for their personal motive and agenda. They want to dictate to the MCA leadership as in the past. The ultimate effect of an angry MCA will result in the party being shattered permanently, and whoever leads the party subsequently will be a lame duck,” Ti said.

Ti, who is also the MCA’s non-governmental organisation (NGO) liaison bureau chairperson, pleaded with its members not to be distracted by the circulation of the DVD. He urged members to remain calm and focused on building a revitalised party. He also warned members to be vigilant against further attacks ahead of the upcoming Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on 10 Oct.

“We need to move forward … with the larger picture instead of being stuck in the muddy waters,” Ti said.

“All we need now is a fresh mandate and added strength to enable the present party leadership to continue with the course that we have taken.”

As for the DVD, MCA members were told to leave the past behind them.

When the video first circulated in Johor in January 2008, Chua admitted he was the man in the DVD who was caught having sex with a woman who was not his wife. He subsequently resigned as health minister, MCA vice-president, Johor MCA chief, and from his parliamentary seat.

However, in October 2008, MCA delegates voted him in as MCA deputy president, only for Chua to be sacked from the party by MCA’s disciplinary board in August 2009. This decision was subsequently overturned on 19 Sept by the  MCA’s central committee, and commuted to a four-year suspension.

“The central committee had recognised that Chua had discharged his duty well in the past, and there [was] no necessity to embarrass him any further,” Ti said.

MCA members will be voting on five resolutions at the EGM, including on whether to reinstate Chua to his deputy president post, and on a motion of no confidence against Ong.

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8 Responses to ““‘Third force’ trying to split MCA””

  1. malaysain says:

    Third party or fourth party… [everything] is happening for the good of all…The truth keeps marching on…

  2. Andrew I says:

    As we can all see, nothing is black or white in politics. Nothing is permanent and all can be forgiven. Isn’t that just wonderful?

    Maybe it’s the doing of that fellow who left the party for a last hurrah. The plot thickens.

    Meanwhile, others are turning to the forties television comedy Father Knows Best for some inspiration.

    After all, Who’s The Boss?

  3. jenk says:

    Gosh…I say leave the man alone already! I personally do not think everyone is 100% righteous! Yes, the man was wrong, he has apologised, therefore, there’s no need for further humiliation for him and his family! Let us start focusing on more pressing issues within our community, and not some minister’s morality!

  4. Dass says:

    Malaysia has a long way to go. Any minister who is found wanting in the eyes of the public must resign.This shameless minister still crazes for power. Worse still are the supporters, as if there [are] no better leaders at hand […]

  5. max says:

    Could Umno be trying to destabilise the MCA behind the scenes, as the MCA has become irrelevant after 8 March 2008 election? Maybe Umno’s main intention is to court another Chinese party and kick aside the MCA, i.e. no more cabinet seats, like what it has done to the PPP, and soon the MIC??

  6. elaine says:

    Whether third, fourth or fifth party, it’s not worth commenting on this kind of issue. There are more important things to be dealt with; they are mere distractions.

  7. eng boon says:

    AND who is the third force?

  8. moon says:

    Looks like the MCA has no capable leaders available. How can they lead if [the people can only depend] on has-beens or [inexperienced] leaders?

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