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The world according to Musa

“We had no choice but to use tear gas to disperse the crowd…I assure the public that stern action will be taken against those involved in organising the demonstrations. They are not fighting for democracy but are demo crazy.”

INSPECTOR General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, on the release of tear gas against hundreds who demonstrated on 7 Mar 2009 against the English for Teaching Mathematics and Science (ETeMS) policy.

The police say they also detained 124 individuals for questioning. (Source: Cops foil march to Istana, The Star, 8 Mar 2009)

“We advised them…and even appealed to them on TV and radio and in newspapers not to come in such large numbers to lodge the same report because we will investigate the matter as a single report. They did not want to listen, and wanted to mock the police and create unnecessary problems for others.”

Musa, when commenting the use of water canons by the police to disperse a crowd of 300 at the Brickfields police station on 28 Feb 2009.

The gathering was to lodge a police report against the alleged mistreatment of Internal Security Act (ISA) detainee and Hindraf leader P Uthayakumar. (Source: Cops use water cannons to disperse 300-strong crowd, The Star, 1 Mar 2009)

“Let the due process of law take its course. We will not allow any form of illegal gatherings or demonstrations to be held anywhere in Perak or any part of the country.”

Musa again, this time training his gaze on Perak. This was his warning to Pakatan Rakyat supporters not to hold any public assemblies protesting the takeover of the Perak government by the Barisan Nasional in February. (Source: IGP urges Pakatan supporters not to hold illegal gatherings, The Star, 5 Feb 2009)

“The police have been alleged to be harassing these people who do not follow the procedures of the law which is an act of blatant disregard for the law. If this situation were to continue, we would be directly or indirectly promoting and breeding lawlessness. Their actions are clearly not to uphold democracy but is an act of ‘demo crazy’.”

Musa, this time focusing on cyclists. The police arrested 111 individuals — adults and children — involved in the Jaringan Rakyat Tertindas (Jerit) Cycling for Change campaign in December 2008.

The campaign called for the abolition of the ISA, passage of a Minimum Wage Act, and the restoration of local government elections, among other things. It culminated in the handover of a memorandum to Parliament on 18 Dec 2008.  (Source: Police have duty to protect children, The Star, 25 Dec 2008)

“I’m warning them and will take stern action as it involves national security…This proves that they have no respect for other religions because the fatwa was issued for Muslims. Why do they have to be the one to demonstrate?”

Musa, last but not least, defending Islam. This time he was referring to public protests against the National Fatwa Council’s fatwa banning tomboys, or pengkid, in November 2008. The protests were organised by youth collectives Katagender and Food Not Bombs, which consist of Muslim and non-Muslim Malaysian men and women. (Source: IGP warns NGOs against challenging fatwa, The Nut Graph, 13 Nov 2008)

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3 Responses to “The world according to Musa”

  1. Pratamad says:

    “I assure the public that stern action will be taken … They are not fighting for democracy but are demo crazy” – IGP

    What he meant to say is:
    “I assure our vested interests that stern action will be taken … We are fighting to protect our powers and we are power-crazy.”

  2. Maozi says:

    Musa’s teargas shells are highly accurate auto-targetting shells. They only hit targets that are against BN policies, never missing the cue. Example, on demo-crazies that went supporting the ISA or went against the Penang government, these shells were intelligent enough to stay put.

    Never knew that our country possessed such hi-tech weaponry. Bravo Bolehland! Bravo Musa si Anti-Democrazy!

  3. delCapo says:

    He probably thinks everyone still lives in a well.

    All the scandals, double-standard policing (handling of rallies depending on the organisers, speed of investigation on selected cases).

    He is in denial or just blatantly does not care about the image of his force.

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