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The cost of having air-cond

Ong Tou is a creative consultant who uses his art for the environment. He welcomes collaboration opportunities and enquiries about the use of his artwork. He can be contacted at [email protected]

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6 Responses to “The cost of having air-cond”

  1. Wu Ling says:

    I believe it is very unhealthy to turn on an air conditioner frequently for long hours. I myself have been affected with flu whenever I stayed in air-conditioned areas for a long time, especially during night time.

  2. KK Aw says:

    I think cartoons like this are negative. Are the penguins preoccupied with playing ball? Do they actually play on top of an iceberg? What message is the author trying to convey with this false and misleading information?

    It is hard enough trying to understand what is going on and what we should do. Please stop!

  3. N Lee says:

    Sadly the heat has become so high that it is difficult to sleep. I use aircon to bring down the temperature in my bed room to 27 Celsius. That is hardly cold!

    And yes, I am already sleeping on the floor.

  4. Alan TAN says:

    I think cartoons are not negative. In fact, cartoons like this are snippets of life, discernible at a glance and perceptible by the faculty of vision or the intellect. The cartoon can be about negative ideas, which this one is.

    Maybe KK Aw will understand better if the artist portrayed drowning polar bears.

    • KK Aw says:

      There a UN organized climate change summit going on in Cancun, Mexico right now. Wonder what all these people have so much to talk about. Perhaps you should go there and tell them that your penguins are so sad they cannot play ball on floating iceberg anymore. Also, please don’t turn on the air-con, even when you are up in the air in the aircraft cabin.

    • Wan Zainuddin says:

      I actually would prefer the drowning bears – clearly the penguin’s going to leave the ball in the water when the iceberg topples him into the ocean and what’s the ball made of?


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