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The art of disrespect

“Saya minta Presiden MIC (Datuk Seri S Samy Vellu) ambil tindakan yang wajar kepada mereka yang buat pandangan dan keyataan yang tidak hormat pemimpin, lebih cepat tindakan diambil, itu lebih baik.”

Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin calling for action against the MIC delegate at the party’s assembly who proposed for Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s portrait to be garlanded with slippers. (Source: Elak, isu keruh hubungan, Utusan Malaysia, 15 Sept 2009)

“Tentulah satu perkara yang biadab, tidak menghormati pemimpin, ini yang telah diulas oleh beberapa rakan yang lain, saya setuju sangat dengan pandangan mereka.”

Muhiyiddin, who is also Umno deputy president, added that the MIC delegate’s statement was rude and showed disrespect for leaders. (Source: Elak, isu keruh hubungan, Utusan Melayu, 15 Sept 2009)

“I’m being very frank and open because I have no qualms about saying what I think is correct: 2010 is too long. Because of the shift in the support that we have been getting from many sections of the voters…there are some who say maybe the PM might have to rethink whether the deadline is tenable.”

Muhyiddin, one year earlier, calling for former Prime Minister (PM) Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down earlier than the 2010 date which had been agreed upon.  (Source: Muhiyiddin wants PM to quit earlier, Malaysiakini, 10 Sept 2008)

Muhyiddin also said that he had asked Datuk Seri Najib Razak whether he wanted to wait that long as Najib would have little time to manage and regain the people’s confidence for Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN). (Source: Muhyiddin: PM should step down before 2010, The Star, 10 Sept 2008)

“That is his opinion. I am very surprised he came out with such an opinion, he already agreed on that (to the transition plan) before. I am surprised that a member of my cabinet came out with that kind of statement going against what has already been agreed.”

Abdullah, expressing his surprise at Muhyiddin’s call for him to speed up his departure as prime minister. The former PM was reported to have been “visibly upset” when reporters asked him about Muhyiddin’s comments for him to step down earlier than planned, and changed the subject abruptly. (Source: PM ‘surprised’ by Muhyiddin’s U-turn, Malaysiakini, 11 Sept 2008)

“If he wants to leave the party, we won’t stop him. If he remains in the party, he is acting like the opposition. It’s better for him to be a jantan (real man) and leave the party, become the opposition. Then it’s also easier for me to attack him.”

“What for an 81-year-old man quarreling with a 31-year-old deputy Umno Youth chief? Ridiculous, he has stooped so low. He should pick someone his own size.”

“He breached all his promises. He lied. He promised us not to interfere (in government affairs) unconditionally.”

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz after Dr Mahathir attacked Abdullah’s government and in particular, Abdullah’s son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin.  (Source: Be a ‘jantan’, leave Umno, Mahathir told, Malaysiakini, 26 June 2006) Favicon

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One Response to “The art of disrespect”

  1. Eric says:

    This is the caliber and integrity of BN leaders. It is high time to change!

    1Black Malaysia.

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