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In defence of diversity

In defence of diversity

WHAT comes to mind when Malaysia‘s political leaders declare that Malaysia’s strength lies in its diversity? Do we believe the claim that is being made? And if yes, do we believe that they too, believe in these pronouncements they make and that they will do anything to defend Malaysia’s diversity? There is ample evidence that […]

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Not just Chinese culture vs unity

Not just Chinese culture vs unity

Are vernacular schools standing in the way of national unity? (© Sigurd Decroos / sxc.hu) AGAIN, the issue of abolishing vernacular schools in favour of a single stream system has been raised. As before, the argument is that this will inculcate national unity. Single stream advocates say the only way the different races can learn […]

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Overriding the religious state

Overriding the religious state

Zalman Kastel leading a multi-faith prayer A POPULAR former state mufti has just been arrested by the Islamic religious authorities. A Muslim woman who drank alcohol must be whipped. Those who question the sentence on her must be silenced. The proposed relocation of a Hindu temple was met by a Muslim-led protest threatening bloodshed. Christians […]

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Upholding what is sacred in Islam

Upholding what is sacred in Islam

A real dialogue (All pics courtesy of Mas Hamzah) AS a Muslim foreigner coming to Malaysia from the Arab world, I was filled with curiosity and excitement at the chance to witness Islam in a country like Malaysia which we look up to as a developed, thriving Muslim country rich in cultural and religious diversity. […]

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Muslims must be voice of understanding: Raja Nazrin

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 Jan 2009: Muslims must continue to engage in the voice of understanding, respect and acceptance in order to counter the misconceptions the world has of them, said the Raja Muda of Perak, Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. “This voice must be empowered and emboldened,” he said at the launching of The Art of […]

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