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Film photography at The Print Room

A NEW photography studio and gallery is opening at 6.30pm on Sunday, 10 July 2011, and it promises to build awareness and enhance appreciation for film photography. Photographer Paul Gadd says The Print Room aims to reclaim and revive the techniques and rigours of classical film photography and the hand-printing process at a time when [...]

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A subject for a National Geographic story, Hollywood actress, martial artist, and stunt woman Datuk Michelle Yeoh dangles on wires from a helicopter hovering 500 feet over the Hollywood sign. The picture symbolises the enormous impact Asian actors have had on mainstream, big budget Hollywood movies.

Let there be light (Updated 4 Feb 2010)

Updated with fresh captions 12.57pm, 4 Feb 2010 LET There Be Light, the largest photography seminar in Malaysia, will be held this Saturday, 6 Feb 2010. The seminar will focus on lighting techniques, and will be conducted by internationally renowned photographer Joe McNally. Apart from sharing photography techniques, McNally will also be auctioning off five [...]

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Images of Malaysians

Images of Malaysians

Yee I-Lann (Images courtesy of Galeri Petronas) ALMOST immediately, I was struck by two observations at the Imaging Selfs: Portraits by Soraya Yusof Talismail exhibition, currently on at the Galeri Petronas until 18 Jan 2009. One was the diversity of textures, colours, and looks of each and every one of the 78 prominent Malaysian artists [...]

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