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Ways to go organic

Ways to go organic

WE are what we eat. But how often do we think about where our food comes from and how is it processed? I started taking an interest in organic food due to health and ethical concerns. It is encouraging to observe growing consumer interest in organic products and the mushrooming of retail outlets such as […]

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Living responsibly: What can you give up for the planet?

Living responsibly: What can you give up for the planet?

ONE problem with the environmental movement is the caricaturing of messages. Save the planet. Save the rainforests. Stop global warming. Green the earth. Recycle, reuse, reduce. Live organic. As useful as these slogans are in environmental education and in persuasion, it’s doubtful how successful they have been in affecting real change. There may even be […]

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Talking about living sustainably

Talking about living sustainably

TITLED Creativity and Innovation in Eco-friendly Living, The Nut Graph‘s fourth Found in Conversation forum discussed a variety of issues including consumerism, going organic, changing culture, and sustainability. The panelists were Wild Asia advisor Toh Su Mei, Justlife Shop chief executive officer Callie Tai and Green Drinks Kuala Lumpur initiator and consultant Steve McCoy. Held […]

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Sexually-transmitted HIV in Kelantan worrisome

KOTA BARU, 26 Oct 2009: The Kelantan state assembly was today told that the sexual transmission of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in the state was worrisome among teenagers and adults. Women, Family and Health state committee chairperson, Wan Ubaidah Omar, said Kelantan now has 749 HIV cases, an increase from previously. She said for […]

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