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A Ramadan reflection: Who do we fast for?

A Ramadan reflection: Who do we fast for?

IT so happened that this Ramadan I had to take an 18-hour flight to Vancouver to attend the wedding of a close friend’s only daughter. I wouldn’t normally choose to travel during Ramadan but it was a rare opportunity to see my friend’s happiness as she saw her daughter married off. I did tell a […]

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Upholding diversity in Islam

Upholding diversity in Islam

Dr Hamidah Marican SISTERS in Islam (SIS) has a new executive director, Dr Hamidah Marican, who took over the helm from Zainah Anwar on 6 July 2009. Over the past 21 years, the outspoken organisation which promotes justice and fairness in the name of Islam, has often been targeted for attacks by those who deem […]

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Islamic state

Islamic state

AH, the Islamic state. What is the Islamic state, actually? Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said Malaysia was one already. PAS disagrees and wants to turn Malaysia into a real Islamic state. The DAP staunchly does not want an Islamic state. And Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) … well, the PKR jury on […]

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Representing Israelis and Palestinians

Representing Israelis and Palestinians

FEW believe that peace will break out in Gaza anytime soon, with Israel and Hamas adding demands to their hostage exchange negotiations. In the meantime, the dominant discourse on Israel in Malaysia is still that the Jews and the West are out to disempower and even destroy Islam and Muslims. But exactly what sorts of […]

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King and PM congratulate Obama

WASHINGTON, DC, 22 Jan 2009: Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin and Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah congratulated Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th US president. “We are confident that the warm and mutually beneficial relations that happily exist between our two countries will develop further and flourish under your new administration,” said […]

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