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Development? Really? For whom?

Development? Really? For whom?

MOST of us living in Peninsular Malaysia take electricity for granted as we have hardly experienced a blackout since the 1990s. But how many of us have stopped for a moment to think where the electricity, that allows us to turn on our TVs and computers, comes from? What are the impacts of the power […]

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<em>The Nut Graph</em>‘s 2010 Merdeka Awards

The Nut Graph‘s 2010 Merdeka Awards

THIS month has been a particularly significant one for The Nut Graph team. It is not only Ramadan and the month of Merdeka. It also marks our two-year anniversary and the month when we transform our operations into Plan B. While there’s constantly new beginnings to look forward to, these moments give us pause to […]

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