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<em>The Nut Graph</em> stops publication

The Nut Graph stops publication

After six years, The Nut Graph will cease publication from tomorrow onwards, making this column the last one to be published. Editor and co-founder Jacqueline Ann Surin explains why and highlights some achievements.

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<em>Uncommon Sense</em> with Wong Chin Huat: The threat of foreign funding

Uncommon Sense with Wong Chin Huat: The threat of foreign funding

Why don’t civil society organisations register as societies in Malaysia, resorting instead to being listed as companies? And don’t Malaysians deserve to be suspicious of groups which are highly critical of the government and which are propped up by foreign funding? The Nut Graph speaks to political scientist Wong Chin Huat on the still-unfolding issue of Malaysian groups and their foreign funding, and the threats they potentially pose to the nation.

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First phase of MP Watch completed

First phase of MP Watch completed

PETALING JAYA, 16 July 2010: All 222 Members of Parliament (MPs) have been contacted for the MP Watch: Eye on Parliament project, and have responded with either full answers or a non-reply. As of 15 July, 113 MPs answered in full all six questions on key democracy issues that were posed to them. The other […]

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<em>The Nut Graph</em>’s future

The Nut Graph’s future

Letters from our readers TIS the season for celebrating so here’s the good news. The Nut Graph is going to be able to keep going until June 2010 for sure, potentially even to September 2010. And if some other funding we’ve applied for, and will be applying for, is approved in the months to come, […]

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Are we coordinated over green?

Are we coordinated over green?

THEY say green is the new black. The buzzword of all buzzwords. The new philanthropy favoured by supermodels, Hollywood actors, politicians and that irritating friend living down your road.   I’ve heard that it’s “in” to label anything green these days, and that the tendency to join the bandwagon is but a disingenuous public relations-centred […]

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Malaysian musicals rock

Malaysian musicals rock

WHATEVER anyone wants to say about the Malaysian theatre scene, when it comes to musical theatre, I think we are getting somewhere. PGL the Musical promotional picture (source: pglthemusical.com.my) I have seen three different musicals at Istana Budaya — P Ramlee the Musical, Puteri Gunung Ledang (PGL) the Musical and lately, Cuci the Musical — […]

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