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Sex, honestly

WAS it wrong for award-winning school teacher Alias Ismail to be so upfront about his sex life? When asked for the secret of his career success, he credited reading a book with his wife, having a good conversation, and then having sex before going to sleep. Every night, apparently. Was it shameful for the 42-year-old […]

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Sifat PAS

Sifat PAS

Katak dan kala jengking (oleh Lainie Yeoh) INI kisah kala jengking dan katak. Si kala jengking perlu merentas sungai tetapi tidak mampu, jadi terpaksa meminta untuk menumpang atas belakang si katak. Si katak mula-mulanya enggan dan takut. “Nanti kau mesti sengat aku punya,” keluh si katak. Si kala jengking dengan ikhlas berjanji, “Aku tak akan […]

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Tracking Rais

Tracking Rais

I THOUGHT of Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim the other day and reflected on the impact that man has in my life. He affects my work since I rely heavily on the internet. He affects my entertainment choices since I almost would not have been able to attend the Arthur’s […]

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