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Educating Americans about Muslim voices

Educating Americans about Muslim voices

A panoramic view of Cairo (© JasmineElias / Wiki Commons) PRESIDENT Barack Obama has extended an open hand of friendship in his landmark Cairo speech to the Muslim world — seeking to engage Muslims with a commitment of mutual respect. No one can doubt his sincerity. From his first days in office, he has emphasised […]

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Najib: M’sia welcomes Obama’s plan

PUTRAJAYA, 11 June 2009: Although United States President Barack Obama is keen on forging closer relations with the Islamic world, what is important now is to take concrete actions to realise the plan, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. “I think his speech was good, but it is important to back it with concrete […]

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“Obama will still back Israel”

“Obama will still back Israel”

THERE’s a new American president in the Oval Office. And while hope for a new America, and perhaps a new world order, is understandable, the truth is that US foreign policy on militarism is long and entrenched. That’s why despite the goodwill and rhetoric emanating from Washington, DC since President Barack Obama took office, American […]

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US-M’sia FTA talks to resume

US-M’sia FTA talks to resume

US ambadassor to Malaysia, James R Keith, at the Obama Inauguration Day Party, 21 Jan 2009  (all pics by Cindy Tham) KUALA LUMPUR, 21 Jan 2009: The US will prioritise continuing free trade agreement (FTA) talks with Malaysia now that President Barack Obama has taken office, said its ambassador to Malaysia James R Keith. He […]

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The Malaysian media showed up at the election watch in force, most probably wishing they could interview Obama himself.

Obama wins twice

EVERY year that Americans go to the polls, the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur throws an election watch party — typically in the morning, local time, due to time differences. With widespread dissatisfaction of the Bush administration, a gutted global economy, and the possibility of an African-American president, it was no surprise that the 2008 […]

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