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<em>Uncommon Sense</em> with Wong Chin Huat: Merdeka and the rise of citizens

Uncommon Sense with Wong Chin Huat: Merdeka and the rise of citizens

MALAYSIANS are no longer content to watch the official government-organised Merdeka parade on their televisions. Instead, they have been taking to the streets to celebrate Merdeka in their own way. What’s behind these different celebrations and do they make Malaysians unpatriotic?

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A challenge to university students

A challenge to university students

AFTER a series of cancellations and rebuffs by the university administration, documentary filmmaker Fahmi Reza is challenging Universiti Malaya students to organise his Student Power lecture on campus on Tuesday, 24 Aug 2010. The Fairly Current Show host Fahmi Fadzil speaks with his namesake about his ongoing research into the Malaysian student movement of the […]

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“Mahasiswa jurubicara rakyat”

“Mahasiswa jurubicara rakyat”

ON 11 Aug 2010, the cabinet reiterated its decision that students are not allowed to be involved in political parties. However, Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the education minister, said this should not prevent students from discussing politics and current affairs. Citing the speaker’s corner in some universities, Muhyiddin said […]

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