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Syed Hamid denies trade in Myanmar nationals

KANGAR, 19 Jan 2009: While acknowledging that many Myanmar nationals have entered this country via the Malaysia-Thai border, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar today denied that there is human trafficking involving Myanmar immigrants.

Certain quarters had alleged that human trafficking activities involving Myanmar nationals were going on in this country although they could not prove that they existed, he told reporters after visiting the state police headquarters, here today.

“Where did these foreigners get their information? They assume that they know more than we do. If there is proof, action can be taken. Don’t make wild accusations,” he said.

The minister said the authorities in this country must always cooperate with their counterparts in the neighbouring country to ensure that that was no incursion by foreigners into this country while illegal immigrants should be repatriated.

“We have to see how they enter the country. If there is a jetty at Bukit Batu Puteh (in Perlis), we can solve a lot of problems. Some people smuggle in goods while some smuggle in human beings,” he said.

Syed Hamid said a jetty was needed to enable the Malaysian security forces to carry out more effective patrols in Bukit Batu Puteh, a coastal area near the border. — Bernama


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One Response to “Syed Hamid denies trade in Myanmar nationals”

  1. Bob K says:

    The evidence is well documented and has been submitted to the authorities many times. SHA is so frequently denying matters that have later been shown to be otherwise that one has to wonder if one of the criteria of his office is to be in a constant state of denial.

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