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Stern action, ISA on demonstrators: Home Min

JOHOR BARU, 6 Jan 2009: Stern action, including detention under the Internal Security Act, could be taken against anyone who incites or creates trouble that could affect security in Perak, Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said.

He issued the warning with reference to the action by Pakatan Rakyat supporters who were unhappy after it lost the majority support in the state assembly and failed to retain the government leadership in Perak.

“Pakatan Rakyat can take the matter to court if they are dissatisfied but don’t take their dissatisfaction to the streets to the extent of jeopardising security,” he said.

He said this to the media after the function to officially rename the marine police, which is now known as the Royal Malaysia Police Marine Operations Force at the Marine Police Training Centre, Tampoi, here today.

Syed Hamid, who received feedback from Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, said nine people had been detained for sedition and involvement in demonstrating against the swearing-in of Pangkor assemblyperson Datuk Dr Zambry

Abdul Kadir as the new Barisan Nasional Perak Menteri Besar at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar today.

The demonstration was held at the Ubudiah Mosque, 300m from the palace, where the demonstrators hurled pieces of wood, stones and bottles at police personnel and vehicles passing through Jalan Istana.

He said police would take whatever action, including bringing police personnel from outside Perak, to ensure security was maintained in the state. — Bernama

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15 Responses to “Stern action, ISA on demonstrators: Home Min”

  1. felix says:

    As usual the the home minister is intimidating the rakyat. Bully! Bully!

  2. Maozi says:

    Albar is at it again, way to go! He never seems to miss any chance to wield his ISA branded scorpion whip at rakyat.

  3. Kip says:

    Wow, ISA again. Is that all you can think of? Go and do something about the drug trafficking and loan sharks in the country. They are a bigger threat than these people who are supporting democracy.

  4. Bob K says:

    The only security that’s being threatened is Umno’s tenuous hold on the Perak state government.

  5. PM says:

    He should the use the ISA upon himself so as to protect himself from uttering stupidities of the highest level, and making Malaysians look stupid in the eyes of the international community.

  6. Eric says:

    Syed Albar, for once be honest. Assume your stand. The ISA is solely meant to stifle political dissent. End of story.

    Since you are pengecut to go to the voters, admit at least this one.

  7. rocky says:

    Let the people demonstrate. What’s wrong with that? Once they are tired they will go back. They just want to show their rights as citizens and voter. Their trust was destroyed by the three elected assemblypersons. When you send police to confront the demonstrators things get out of hand. So, leave them alone, meanwhile police should concentrate on crowd control so that no untoward incidents happen that could break peace. Long live Malaysia.

  8. ahmad ismail says:

    Come on lah, can you be a bit more creative? ISA again?

  9. Antares says:

    Ooooh … we’re so scared 25 million of us just soiled our underpants.

  10. Mr Smith says:

    In other words DEMOCRACY is to be arrested under the ISA.

  11. Edward Loo says:

    The amazing Syed Hamid should also remember to provide ISA “protection” for the three jumpers, in view of the current hostile sentiments against them.

  12. He eats and sleeps the ISA. Nothing else can save him from these remarks. He is a worthy successor to our previous Information Minister.

  13. Courageous Heart says:

    The use of ISA in this situation only proves that the minister does know what other laws or options are available.

    The crime rate in JB is high. We could use the police force to protect law abiding citizens.

  14. marls says:

    Hang on? Aren’t these folks simply unelected Independents who are are “friendlier” to one of two parties?

    Perhaps we should give them a few months (to choose again), no – days … Who knows? They might just succumb to the contagious “hopping” virus which has recently resurfaced.

    Come on, Home Minister, a little more patience would save sackloads of our tax-payers’ precious hard-earned dough. After all, you managed to wait this long for Perak to fall into BN’s grasp. Why the rush to use ISA so quickly? Is there something we should know?

  15. Lainie says:

    Based on the first paragraph, I thought he was threatening to detain BN people.

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